Leading Lady : Friday Fictioneers – 4 April 2014

copyright-Kent Bonham


Getting late for awards; best actress for her blockbuster murder mystery. Amelia wonders why Stuart called her to dark “Studio 9”. This is where they shot Stuart’s murder scene. She still gets the chill. Her heart barely managed the shock that time.

Startled she turns in horror to see Stuart lurching back; as he collapses on her arms, she sees the knife. Heart pounding louder than carnival drums, she opens her mouth to scream!

The lights switches on – “April Fool”, the entire crew shouts.


It’s been one year since, the entire crew met on the studio floor to remember Amelia on her first death anniversary.


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 4 April 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

You can see the other Fictioneer’s take from the froggy link below –

18 responses to “Leading Lady : Friday Fictioneers – 4 April 2014

  1. Dear Indrajit,

    Now that’s a cruel joke. Fun story though. 😉




  2. A joke gone too far it seems.


  3. Backfiring April Fools seem like a theme for this week! I liked how you built the suspense for Amelia. The tenses seemed very muddled, which distracted me from the rest of the story.


  4. poor girl! poor poor girl!
    Fantastic piece Indrajit! a one breath reader.


  5. Oh what a pity but excellently written 🙂


  6. I could feel the tension building up and wasn’t expecting the end. Good job!


  7. I think you want “first” death rather than “fist.” 🙂 Their idea of humor is not mine!



  8. Great change of mood from light to dark. Very good.


  9. Well done. That story had two surprise endings. Poor, poor Amelia. They probably didn’t realize she had a weak heart. 😦


  10. She has frenimies too. Funny and good April’s Fool joke but she will probably have heart attack and die, and then the Keystone Cops will come to do an investigation, meanwhile, all the guests will conveniently disappear and she will be left holding the bloody knife. Or, not. Thanks for the very clever entertainment! Nan 🙂


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