Mystery Lift : Friday Fictioneers : 21 March 2014

Copyright -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright -Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The staircase around lift cage seems locked in time. A calendar on its wall had just one sheet – “AgAust 1953”, the month and year his Vernian grandfather disappeared.

The calendar – at first it seemed a misspelled month – or is it?

And why just opposite to those two ornamental pieces on the lift-cage?

“Silver” and “Gold”, that’s Ag and Au on the periodic table? Ag-Au-St?

He pulled the golden amulet – didn’t budge.

A pull on the silver ring, and it folded down around the golden amulet.

A ring announced the arrival of an unseen lift– two levers inside marked “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory” & “Center of Earth”.


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 21 March 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff.

You can see the other Fictioneer’s take from the froggy link below –


49 responses to “Mystery Lift : Friday Fictioneers : 21 March 2014

  1. Great take on the prompt

  2. Dear Indrajit,

    I’m glad I kept reading before alerting you to your “typo.” Chocolate factory for me, please. Nice one.



  3. Great hook. I like that one a lot! Well done.

  4. I was ready to point out the “A”, too. What a couple of nice twists you go in there! I choose “Chocolate Factory”, too.


  5. Chocolate factory for me please! 🙂

  6. An original take on the prompt there, enjoyed it.

  7. Good and well-written story. Very creative. I would guess most will choose the Chocolate Factory as I would.

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  9. I loved your story. Center of the earth here I come, with a pit stop by the Chocolate Factory for supplies.

  10. Now that was very creative. Good job! I’ll just take the center of the earth. 😉

  11. well obviously , I’d choose the chocolate factory 🙂 great story

  12. Great idea, Indrajit. I wonder where his grandfather went.

  13. Now that’s truly weird! I’ll check out the center of the earth, I’ve been eating enough chocolate lately.

  14. Cute story and I would like to visit both please! Thanks for the great story! Nan

  15. An intelligent take on the prompt with a sweet ending -at least for me-for I do hope he will opt for Charlie’s chocolate factory ;-)Well done Indrajit:-)

  16. I need to know the colour of the centre of the earth. There’s a monkey lady that I need to compare notes with. I’ll get chocolate later if I still want it.

  17. fantastic story Indrajit. cool options! 🙂 which one did he pick?

  18. Quite an enlightening write-up.

  19. I would go for the Chocolate factory.. yes indeed I would

  20. How fascinating and elemental (pun intended :)) I’ll take the ‘centre of the earth’

  21. How very strange, darling. And wonderful!

  22. I had to read carefully a couple of times to suss out exactly what you were saying, but I think you have the first draft of an intriguing flash fiction story here. I especially love the clue on the misspelled calendar page.


  23. That’s clever. I’d go with the chocolate factory too, unless it was Jules Verne’s kind of center of the earth.

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