Friday Fictioneers 14 March 2014 : Green Pollution

copyright – Adam Ickes

“Dad, I am scared! There is so much green.”

“Don’t worry son, I am with you. Just stick to the fenced path.”

“But those creepers are climbing on the path – there see-“

“Stick to the middle sonny. Just a few more Hematite for dinner and we are done.”

“Dad, how did it get so green?”

“It’s those earthlings; since they came, they have spread these greens all over our planet. Few red pyramids are all that’s red left in our red planet. If anything goes wrong – you know where to go. We can still see the red pyramid from here.”


100 word Flash Fiction written for Friday Fictioneers challenge dated 14 March 2014. It’s a weekly challenge organized by Rochelle Wisoff. This weeks challenge posed a difficulty in understanding the image. What looked like a red pyramid when the image is small came out to be the top of the canopy when seen in full size. But I decided to stick to the image that appeared to me on first look.

You can see the other Fictioneer’s take from the froggy link –

29 responses to “Friday Fictioneers 14 March 2014 : Green Pollution

  1. Imaginative take on the prompt – nice work.


  2. i agree with Sandra, very imaginative 🙂


  3. Great story, Horus. That’s a clever turnaround to accuse us of turning everything green.


  4. We do have a tendency to ruin planets. Nice take on the prompt.


  5. One man’s red is another man’s green…or something like that. I enjoyed that, Horus. Well done.



  6. ahh only if earthlings will do it in their own earth… 🙂


  7. Dear Indrajit,

    I never thought of green as something to be feared. 😉 Nice one.




  8. Those pesky earthlings …
    Nice take – I enjoyed your story


  9. Ha!ha!Such a cute take from an alien’s pov-what is familiar to us may be fearsome to them great contrast between the two colours too-loved this original take Indrajit 🙂


  10. Good story and creepy – but if anyone could mess up a planet, it would be us! Nan


  11. Hmmmm… very interesting! You sure do some out of the box thinking 🙂


  12. Good work. Maybe these aliens are allergic to grass. You never know. Maybe the people from Earth came there because they’d ruined Earth.Well written.


  13. Cute title to match your story.


  14. That really puts terraforming into a whole new light. Suddenly, we’re the invaders from War of the Worlds.


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