Friday Fictioneers : The Silent School Bell


School Bell

School Bell


It was simply chaos since morning at school that day. After school started at 7:30 in the morning, the school bell didn’t announce the end of the first period. The hapless school guard was seen standing in front of the school bell.

“What can I do sir, I am trying for last fifteen minutes, but it’s not ringing at all.”

But that’s how it remained that day. It didn’t emit a single note even when repeatedly hit by various instruments.

It was not the only one, Bells across the world refused to ring that day. It was unanimously decided not to ring for 12 hours starting 8 AM to protest against removal of the bell from Big Ben


Written for Friday Fictioneers Challenge : 21 February, 2014. Find the challenge details in the link !


34 responses to “Friday Fictioneers : The Silent School Bell

  1. the picture is beautiful, story is better.

    Loved the idea of bell revolution! 🙂


  2. Amazing pic. Love it and feel like going back to school:)


  3. Ha!ha!What a novel take on the prompt-loved it 🙂


  4. Love the idea of industrial action from the bells. Good one.


  5. Sounds like reBELLion to me. 🙂



  6. Ha! Awesome ending! The title actually made me think of what Eli Weisel wrote in his book, Night, about bells: he said something to the effect that he often dreamed of a world without bells.


  7. It’s good to see solidarity among bells. I’d say they were on strike, but I guess striking is what they’re all not doing during this time. 🙂


  8. ha! a really nice fun take on the prompt 🙂


  9. HeeHeehe! Cleaver and entertaining,


  10. Well done and humorous. We’ll know the reason next time that happens.


  11. Dear Indrajit,

    A bell revolution does have a certain ring to it. 😉 Clever story.




  12. Unique take on the prompt. I wonder how they coordinated this rebellion.



  13. Great take on the prompt, that’s team work 🙂


  14. Great Story!! That was an impressive collective effort of process of the part of the bells.. lol

    Well Written, Thanks for sharing!



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