“Three more today honey! “ Terrance screamed to his wife from the porch door.

“Where they hell they keep coming from?” Lucy said sticking her head out, “don’t even work”

“They were just two a week back, and now more than twenty”

“Seem to be coming in pieces. This one didn’t have shades yesterday.”

“Yeah and the first two that came in have got their own bulb today – not the one we tried them with”

As the night fell, Bong and Bing looked at their happily increasing family in this new planet; blip and blong sprouting their shades. They themselves had their bulb yesterday, today they start to glow – on their own!


This piece is written specifically for the “FRIDAY FICTIONEERS CHALLENGE : 7 FEBRUARY 2014“. I have read some of the entries and they are fabulous. Specially David Stewart, whom I follow regularly ! Got inspired to write a fiction after quite some time !


  1. bole toh jhakaas……bindaas

  2. Great story.🙂 It must be hard for aliens that look like lamps to stay together on Earth; no one wants that many lamps all together usually. As long as they don’t get dropped they should be okay. Thank you for the shout-out, by the way. I appreciate it.🙂

    • That’s the catch – they spread and migrate using the local inhabitants by attracting them with their light !😉

      …and the shout out was absolutely heart felt !

  3. loved the story! it was fresh!

  4. Very funny and a unique take on the photo. Welcome to the insanity that is FF!


  5. Great original interpretation on the theme!

  6. A very entertaining science fiction story. It kind of makes you want to find out the history of your second-hand lamp.

  7. Dear Horus,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Remember, once you start it’s hard to stop.

    Guess those lamp beings are a bit like rabbits, eh? Different POV indeed. Nice one.



  8. Klaatu barada nikto!! Totally fun and refreshing!

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