Something I wrote years back – thought about sharing it again !!

Abode of Horus

It was an unusually sultry Saturday night. He went to sleep late, after spending the hours in front of the two screens – TV and his laptop. He thought he would be oblivious to the proceeding of the night. But he woke up, with perspiration dotting his forehead, the throat dry and an unusual emptiness inside. Hand went out; in the darkness of the room he searched for the bottle. With a thud it announced that it has been displaced by the seeking hand. He scampered to rescue it, salvaged the water, and tried to moisten the parched throats. The last drop dropped inside; even after emptying the entire bottle the innards were still as dry. Is it the end?


He stood up, with one half of his soul still enslaved by the sleep dragon, he moved with unsettled rhythm. Reaching the cabinet his half dead hands opened the…

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  1. any other jewels you want to share specially from old stock?


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