Shubha Sharadiya

Happy Durga Puja

10 responses to “Shubha Sharadiya

  1. shubho durgapuja! 🙂


  2. shubho bijayadashami. asha kori pujo anande ketechhe. sara bachhartao jeno anande kate 🙂


  3. amar pujo sobsomoy bhalo kate, there is something in the environment jeta kharap katar scope i dayna 🙂

    blog-gulo dekhe bujhte parchhona praan bhore anando korechhi.


  4. kee hochchhe? kono post nei, tiki dekha jachchhe na? bishal byasto naki kalipujo niye?


  5. long time no see where are you?

    shubho kalipuja and happy dipawali. pranbhore patka phatano hayechhe nishchoi 🙂


  6. ei phirlum.. was pretty hectic!


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