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Abode of Horus

So who is an eternal optimist? To start with, – someone who knows he cannot die. Sounds similar? Well as per my definition, a romantic cannot be anything but a die-hard optimist. An eternal optimist knows whatever happens, happens for good, you only need to find what is the ‘good’ part of it. That is why he believes there is none in this world, who is not beautiful; you only need to know how to look at. He knows come what may, there is only one option in this life, to play and win.

So where are the perils? It seems only as good as it can be. Let us all become an Eternal Romantic Optimist! Wow! Hold on. Lets take a closer look. So we know we cannot lose, right? What if we keep on getting a raw deal? What if we keep on losing? Can we still keep…

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