In search of a better solution…

In recent days, which ever blog of substance I am going to – I just see how apathetic we collectively have become about females and their rights. From Law-makers to Law-enforcers to individuals, none are sensitive to the reality of female feeling. In fact a huge portion of female population too have been brainwashed and systematically turned against their own gender. hence whichever point I try to think could be a starting point seems hopeless. Because the primary fault as i keep shouting lies with each one of us.

While there is no doubt in my mind that unless each one of us as individual, both male and female start sensitizing our young ones, we have no hope for a better future; there is also need to do something drastic to tackle the issue going out of hand. Unless we want to see a civil war with females rising against males in near future – I feel we need some huge and drastic steps.

As I heard one activist pointing out on NDTV that its not the law but the enforcement that is prime need, I agreed to her. We already have enough laws ! We do not need to wait till a better law comes up. Lets enforce what we have till we can work out something new.  And lets do something drastic like – an All  Female army of police; in every state to start with, and like an emergency situation declared, hand over the entire policing of a town / city / district depending upon the maximum crime against females for the state. If our male polices are in-sensitive against the 50% of the civil society, let them not manage the Civilian policing and move them to other roles – such as fighting Terrorism and tax evaders.

As and when needed keep giving more powers to females as police, magistrates and judges. Turn cities and districts to females and lets see if they can fare better. Though I know how laws favoring females are used against a handful hapless and law-abiding males, yet I feel this is a option worth trying.

Please note, I am not talking about one all female police  station,  or one all-female court (that we have tried – and I feel are too few and far between to have any significant effect) but going all out in towns – cities and districts. We have seen how our mothers raised us, so lets see those mothers raise the nation too.

A lot of females (and some males too) have started thinking about building vigilante groups – perhaps a sign of things to come in future? Now most hush them up by saying “An eye for an eye – would make the world blind” – but does that mean that we are ready to have a nation full of one-eyed citizens? A jail term for humiliating another individual? What makes us believe that even if its a 7 year term, its going to reform the person? If its a 20+ years person committing the crime, what makes us believe that our Jails are such huge Psychological reform centers that they can undo the person’s psyche that has developed over 20 years in just 7 years of imprisonment? Are we ready to pay to turn our jails into super efficient psychological reform centers? Or should we need to revert back to shock treatments of yesteryears? My belief – if we do not want a country full of one eyed citizens need some to go blind (not one eye for an eye but both) so that others don’t lose either of their eyes !

14 responses to “In search of a better solution…

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    I agree with all you to say but the problem is not that .. the problem is that JUStice is not given faster.. I have a land case going on its been going for the last 7 years .. I mean what the hell

    we have laws , we have female officers we have the infrastructure..

    court cases should take a case and From start to end it should be finished, as it happens in uk, I was a on jury duty , a case was taken of racial murder
    it started and till the verdict it went on, for 16 days,….

    we can have as many officials, courts , laws but if i know that i rape a girl, then my Lawyer will make sure the case goes on for 10-15 years .. by that time evidence goes , the person raped disappears and many other things ..

    So i can understand the plight of the police , I get that here too, you arrest someone and a hot shot lawyer comes and get them free …

    the judgement and verdict need to be instant … and the lawyers who with the influence of their knowlege and all save the culprits need to be banned.


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  3. Dada as always to the point and straight


    • Lets see if any media person follows up with the lead from TOI and get the picture of these culprits flashed all over the world again! And then lets see how “WE” collectively respond to it !


  4. Good one. Liked the post, and liked Bikramjit’s comment, too.


  5. fantastic post indrajit. i believe in a society where men and women will live as equal human beings.

    so we need modernt laws, humane law enforcers. i have seen how cold and nonchalant FEMALE POLICE are – its a personal experience. I have too many grudges against the police of CPIM era, i dont know how much they have improved but i will never look at them for any sort of help. I will rather go to my neighbours.

    women should try to cure this tendency of enmity towards other women, thats the main root of most of the sufferings of women.


  6. you dont write much? do you! 😦


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