Bristi! – Rain !

Bristi mane –
sheola makha ichche
smritir soNda gondho
na lekha kobita
bondho phoner ringtone
bus-stand-e bheja
premer dirghoswas
bheja balishe golpo
ek mutho kanna
jhilik mara asha
megher bhalobasa

Rain is –
Damp mossy wishes
Wet fragrance of memories
Unwritten poems
Dead phone’s ringtone
Soaking at a bus stand
Wanton sighs of love
Chatter over wet pillow
Fist-full of tear
Flashes of hope
Dark cloud’s love

20 responses to “Bristi! – Rain !

  1. apurba. tumi amake lobh dekhachchho ingriji alpabet use kore bangla kobita likhte 🙂

    just loved the poem, oh it brought back so many memories of lovely, rain drenched days. 🙂


  2. simply excellanto big bro


  3. hey big bro, mind it, either teach bengali, or add a google translate or whatever, I just have to read


  4. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    hmmmmm .. but still rain is beautiful , I would love to go home and get drenched in itttt


  5. Hpy rainy dy…….


  6. khua


  7. transilation kre eng poem?hahaha pocha..


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