Male Feminism?

How many times all of us has seen – read – heard  some incident against a female and felt sickening in our stomachs? How many times have we read and heard about those incidents, showed concern and then simply forgot about them? how many times have we encountered such incident in one of the medias and passed it off as just another sensational news?

Depending upon which question we respond in affirmative determines our perspective against the other sex. Chauvinism as it was known when it all started has mutated. It has mutated in macho-ism, and that too at the expense of the fairer sex. Amazingly men today indulge in feminine practices such as beauty products and jeweleries, but shrieks away from being branded a “Feminist”. I have read a number of columns – blog and books from so-called “Feminists” and have formed my own opinion of it; which is not being just a rebellious female, but being sensitive; being ready to  accept and respect qualities that has been labelled as feminine; and for which you do not need to be a female.

Somewhere in the annuls of our history and culture we have turned from a Matriarchal society to a vehemently patriarchal one. One of the prime reason might be that deep inside we males know that we are genetically – physically and mentally much weaker than our female counterparts; and hence an urge to tweak the societal rules and norms to wield the power and suppress the females.

I agree just like all males are not pigs, all females are also not “Adi Shakti” incarnate, but the general trend is that females today are trying to break the shackles and males are afraid, hence started bearing out the fangs more and more. And those who try to object are “Branded”  – “feminist” or even worse as eunuchs.

Well though all these thoughts were always there – the outpour was triggered today because of the incident I read in a blog I presently follow – “In her own words” . I read something very similar a few months back – an incident which were followed by lots of action on Facebook too! It even resulted in a cellphone group being formed to step in and help – but has it been sustained? Why didn’t it snowballed into a mass movement? Cant we find some more “Real” men who dare to swim against the tide and stand tall?

If not anything else – are we using our own small little circle of influence and trying to bring some change? Can we see our brothers and son along with our sisters and daughters being taught the right way to behave with a female and what needs to be done if they see someone not doing so? I do try my little bit – hoping to see the change around me – and hope (as always – not “expect” but hope!) to see others I know doing the same.

9 responses to “Male Feminism?

  1. its you dada, straightly touching the heart, types of direct dil se


  2. people preach against dowry, then when comes to marry/get their son married they run for the dowry 😦


    • its always easier when its with someone else. We would debate – discuss and raise storm in the tea cup… but wont take the step needed to actually “DO” what we said needs to be done !


      • and it hurts even more when women preach about these things and at home they clearly display that they think that men are superior gender, deserve to be treated better than women. boy how i hate this psychology!


  3. Great article! If you trace back to time of creation what did God tell to Adam? I will make you a “helper”. Trace it to early cave men and hunter gatherers you would realise that men were the “fighters” and women the “home- makers”. Rules were already divided not because they wanted to suppress women but because it required physique and resilience to bring food home to feed the family. So in a way this all brings back the debate that men are dominant and stronger. Things would not change may not in our generation.


    • I am not very sure about the “Physique” part ! In all other species of animals we see the females are “physically” better built to “handle” labor and heavier work. They are usually larger and the males are given with additional features to make them attractive! Even in humans the bone structure including the pelvic area suggest that females are physically better suited for heavy duty work. That made me deduce that its not God who made us the way we exist – but the stories that we hear about what and how God has made us. Who wrote those stories? I am sure they were males ! We need to look beyond what is being “told” – and what is reality !


  4. thank you for this post indrajit. well we have quite similar wavelength on almost every thing, including this.


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