My opinion on “Your Opinion On: Good Deeds” – Paolo Cohelho’s Blog

My Grandmom used to say, when you give someone, your right hand should not know what your left has done. Essentially meaning, when you do good, dont remember that, or mention that to anyone, as it turns into boasting and that eventually defeats the idea of doing good.
Besides when you dont remember when you did the last good deed, you will always feel the urge to do it, as you feel you have not done enough.
On the opposite note, one act of kindness in the sea of inhumane actions… does it have any effect? Does a single rose plant in a huge garbage dump has any effect? Or do we need to clean the garbage first and plant the rose only after we have cleaned?
I always said, hope is good, expectations are not. Is it ok to hope (without expecting after every good deed!), that someday, all the good act done will be rewarded by someone somewhere? Will it be too late?
What if the deed you did with a good intention and hoping to benefit someone turns out to be something totaly unwanted by the person you did it to?
What will the "Warrior of Light" do if he keeps seeing that his good deeds are having no effect whatsoever? so much so that people have started telling him not to think of doing good to others? So many questions.. so less satisfactory answers!

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