Twists and Turns


When Newton came out with its theory of gravitation people
first didn’t believe; and then were mesmerized. So happened with Einstein’s
theory of relativity. Then the theories and mysteries of science kept on
coming. Weather it quantum mechanics, string theory or the now coming of age –
Chaos theory, all of them had the classical content to mesmerize people. Amaze
them and make them sit and think at awe. But they are still not the match.


Chemistry has its own set of puzzles. Materials reacting
with each other, some taking in energy, while some throwing them out with fury.
While some chemicals present you with most valuable of gifts, some others
simply corrodes them off. And we even use their corrosive power to our use. But
still can they match the reactions happening elsewhere?


Freud, Maslow, Pavlov, Adler and others kept on raking their
brain to get a glimpse of what is happening on most of the human (and not so
human) brains. Theories, and hypothesis kept flowing. People kept on debating and
discussing possibilities and realities. From dreams to conscious, sub-conscious
and unconscious all were dissected, and the followers kept on gazing
mesmerized. They still are – as still lot is left in this fathomless pit. Yet
it can only become a second best in terms of ability to amaze.


When I was thinking about it, I tried comparing it with a
game of 20-Twenty cricket. With all the twists and turns. Or should it be the
game of snakes and ladders; no – may be the giant wheel? When I tried to see
the maximum amount of twists and turns a game can offer – the Net suggested a
game from Hasbro – “Life twist and Turns”. Now these guys seems to have got a
whiff of actual things. Still it’s a game. And I am sure even the Holyfield –
Tyson match cant compare with it. Not a match between McEnroe and Byon Borg


People keep saying its boring, and nothing much happens. Yet
writers and philosophers keep saying its more dramatic than any drama. And I
fully support it. At least my three decades tells me so. And I also strongly
believe nothing is more constant than the change. So many changes, so many
nooks and corners; so many blind lanes and blinding lights of traffic. How can
anything even dare to be compared with life in terms of twist and turns and
surprises? Some get baffled, most gets fatigued. Some leave the game half way
through, and a few keep playing. Its not the plot but the climax on the last
page that keep most going. And so do I. Sometime the events are so much close
to each other that they can hardly be distinguished from each other. Yet one
knows that the overlapping payers are part of unique experiences of life.


The only words that come to my mind are few borrowed one
from Robert Frost,


The woods are lovely, dark and deep

But I have promises to keep

Heaps to get before I sleep

Heaps to give before I sleep


Miles to go before I sleep

Miles to go before I sleep…

2 responses to “Twists and Turns

  1. 20-20 doesn\’t test the patience 🙂 moreover it\’s the era of quick and instant with sports or games as no exception.


  2. hmmm…the twists and turns of life, the ultimate mystery…I found that movie quite interesting in this respect-The Butterfly Effect. Sets your mind thinkin, hard… And yes! New job is about to happen! And going by the exclamation marks I\’m sure you can suss I\’m excited:)
    Going to Studio18. Will try marketing movies… And yes, will watch also…alone sometimes 🙂
    And oh! SRK did more than anyone can imagine! I got my interview call the day I met him… I now seriously believe we\’re connected 😛


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