Passion and the Passionate…


Off late I keep on remembering about this friend of mine, a childhood friend, who still remains one because of a special characteristics he has. Most of us has at least one characteristics, that makes us an individual – a different person from the others. Some have physical ones – some have intellectual characteristics. This guy had something, which he could associate with anything. It is his passion. Passion to immerse himself in anything he got involved into.


Ya, ya ya! So what? Lots of us are passionate; we can easily find a passionate sports-lover, a passionate partner or even a passionate foody. Hmmm – but how about someone who is just passionate, about anything he chooses for. When he learned to take the first step on two feet, he became passionate about walking; and so he wandered off his house on the deathly silence of a summer afternoon, away from his father’s state government quarter, leaving a unsuspecting mother sleeping, crossed the village farms and reached the highway, on his two and a half year old feet. And never ever liked to be denied the option of not using his feet. Isn’t that passion?


Then when he was hardly able to manage the amar chitra kathas and chandamamas, he suddenly gets his hand on a translated novel on Tarzan, and finishes all of the 200 pages at one go. And then kept on reading all he could lay his hands on; novels, comics, short stories and even original volumes of Ramayana and Mahabharat. Isn’t that again a passion, this time about reading? What about his mastering the art of hiding, with a carefully developed hideout in the middle of the unkempt groves, with entrances only known to his friends. Or cutting all the joints of his index and middle finger of the right hand, trying to learn flying a kite in the shortest possible time, till he had one flying high on a clear blue Benaras sky, unchallenged.


He took his passion to new heights on his games. To play Carrom, his board had notches, and lines showing angles of deflection all over it, because he wanted to master the art of striking from impossible angles. He spend nights after nights to learn the best moves in chess to device a blitzing opening game that can check mate a unsuspecting person in first 7 moves. Or spending long evenings with his partner to master the calls of contract bridge, to converse freely and knowing the exact cards in each other’s hand. Or running, on hazy winter mornings and drizzly July dawns; running the 4-kilometer stretch, sometime with his best friend, and sometime only his breathe as partner. People thought him to be crazy, but his passion was for himself, not to show off, hence he always kept his tries under wraps, it was something only to be shared with himself or those very very close to his heart.


It was his passion to learn, that saw him learn all the tricks of the trade he wanted. No one to guide, except his passion to know, and he spent those hours alone, to fiddle and learn the software’s. He didn’t have any certificate to prove his knowledge, but people knew what he is capable of by the works he did. Bosses came down to congratulate, but he knew he has only done it for his passion.


He carried his passion to his love. He loved someone so dearly that forgot the world around. He was ready to loose all he had. He knew the lurking problems. But his passion for the loved one believed that he could treat them all. He went in headfirst, dived and tried with all his might, for fifteen long years. And after he thought that it’s the end of life, and again found a candle burning for him, he raised his passion once more. The way he loves is only because of his passion. As always, some might think, that he masters his moves to showoff his capability, even when loving. Some seems to think that his ability to love stems from the words and tricks that he has mastered. Some will keep thinking that his craziness for love is a carefully cultivated skill that he uses on others. But he knew it’s just his passion. Passionate about life, passionate about love, and passionate about those he loves. His passion for life means he cannot kill himself. His passion for his loved ones means he will keep doing all in his control to see them happy. His passion about love means he will keep being that incurable romantic optimist.


Just wondering, when will his passion die?





11 responses to “Passion and the Passionate…

  1. dont be such a killjoy.
    Passion always brings drive and satisfaction…let the passion live..and grow..


  2. Never never never. Such passion should never die!cutting all the joints of his index and middle fingerOne of the reasons I am scared to fly a kits or even play the guitar  😛  My pretty fingers!


  3. all of that i guess.
    and hows lovely bangalore? if you are still there mr bear?


  4. hi! been awhile hey? anyhow, are you on facebook?  seems to be the only place i ever get to anymore.
    if you are, im there under my maiden name, michelle mildner. ciao for now!michy
    good story, im definately a passion-lover.  


  5. yeah i agree, its foolishness to be consumed by passion.


  6. :OI updated and you didn\’t!


  7. A beautifu blog. I appriciate, your friend\’s attitude. One has to be really passionate to master the things on wants to master in life.There is absolutely nothing wrong in that. I am myself very passionate about Aerobics, weight training and anything to do with fitness. My other passion is Reiki .
    Sometimes people may feel I am crazy, but I like the way I am and my passion to keep learning will never end.
    Sorry for coming to your place after a long time. Take care, Rama Ananth.


  8. quite interesting…maybe he realised he has too little time to experience everything to the fullest so he experienced things to the core. 


  9. din write for long…
    what are ur plans for the puja? we are planning to go to CR Park this time and am excited. This will be my 1st time and am warned that there will be a lot of walking and hogging 🙂


  10.           I don\’t know about you, but i\’m envious. To have a passion without regard to opinion, to either not know limitations or to know them very well. There is no foolishness in passion, it\’s what brings out the best in us if used well. When it burns its brightest, ones perspective can change overnight.
              i dont know about you, but im envious…..
    God Speed


  11. It\’s a corny line, but then I still thought of it, so might as well…Itni shiddat se kisi ko na chaaho ko khudse nafrat ho jaye…Your friend seems like someone who\’s inspiring yes, to others…Maybe he\’s on a journey to find himself… Good luck to him!


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