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Main Entry: life

Definition: animation

Synonyms: activity, being, breath, brio, dash, energy, enthusiasm, entity, esprit, essence, excitement, get-up-and-go*, go*, growth, heart, high spirits, impulse, lifeblood, liveliness, oomph*, sentience, soul, sparkle, spirit, verve, viability, vigor, vitality, vivacity, zest*, zing*, élan, élan vital

Antonyms: death, nonexistence

Source: Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)

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* = informal or slang


Main Entry: life

Definition: duration


Main Entry: Life

Definition: being

Antonyms: inanimate object


Main Entry: life

Definition: biography


Main Entry: Life

Definition: experiences


Definition by Opinion

Life itself is a set of processes that are carried out by an organism causing it to survive.


A conventional definition

Although there is no universal agreement on the definition of life, scientists generally accept that the biological manifestation of life exhibits the following phenomena:…..


Other definitions

The systemic definition is that living things are self-organizing and autopoietic (self-producing). These objects are not to be confused with dissipative structures (e.g. fire).


Variations of this definition include Stuart Kauffman’s definition of life as an autonomous agent or a multi-agent system capable of reproducing itself or themselves, and of completing at least one thermodynamic work cycle.


Another definition is: "Living things are systems that tend to respond to changes in their environment, and inside themselves, in such a way as to promote their own continuation."


Yet another definition: "Life is a self-organizing, cannibalistic system consisting of a population of replicators that are capable of mutation, around most of which homeostatic, metabolizing organisms evolve." This definition does not include flames, but does include worker ants, viruses and mules. Without ‘most of’, it does not include viruses.


Self reproduction and energy consumption is only one means for a system to promote its own continuation. This explains why bees can be alive and yet commit suicide in defending their hive. In this case the whole colony works as such a living system.





Animation, duration, being, experiences, existence, survive, reprodue? Just that and nothing else? By this definition I am surely alive. However every time I have thought that “yes now I am alive” – I have it’s a cycle that pulls down to the abyss. A cycle that is sometime so long that you start forgetting in which part you are. A cycle that is so irregular that some part of it seems to be having much short curvature than the rest. Those short bursts of time are when I start identifying with the meanings of life – as a living being”.


I am still searching for the meaning….


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  1. i had to stop by and say hi to one of my absalout, favorite writers. anytihng new? not much here, nearign time to write finals, i finally got a decent car, kids are growing like they always do…..
    wishing you a fabulous weekend,


  2. The Living Truth

    119 results, but still, have you found the meaning of life yet?


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