Bad Habit


When the throat’s parched

Losing the last moisture drop

I have a bad habit to drink

As I love to live


When the lung gasps

For a mouthful of air

I have a bad habit to breathe

As I love to live


When hope is down

In the bottom of bottomless trench

I have a bad habit to dream

As I love to live


When the heart screams

In the big black blank called night

I have a bad habit to believe

As I live to love

7 responses to “Bad Habit

  1. Didn\’t get it.


  2. …As the heart sinks
    And the eyes groan
    I have a bad habit to be depressed
    As I hate to live.
    Jus kiddin….this was nice…but my fav was the third paragraph.
    We are what are dreams are made of.
    Dream on… 🙂
    Take care


  3. Hi Indro-da,
    Ki khobor ? Long time. 🙂


  4. I like i like i like
    your poetry is so lyrical sometimes! 🙂
    i like the last i live to love.
    (i dont but yet the idea seems nice)
    lol u can choose your own category…they\’re all posted ..gluttons are a delight!
    i thnk im gonna whack those last 4 them! – u will allow me mizter horus yea? 😀


  5. okay I get it.


  6. when the mind speaks,
    i try to listen to my heart
    understanding the thin line between love n life
    as that is all it takes to live


  7. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Hmm…I\’ve never understood poems. Never did in school, although I scored decent marks in English. Thankfully, I\’ve understood this one!
    It\’s brilliant, dada! Simply!
    Its brilliant coz its simple enough for a person like to me understand. 🙂


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