Best Friend


You have friends and then you have best friends. Who are these best friends? Those with whom we used to exchange marbles, knowing that we can get them back if we ask? Those with whom we used to spend those summer afternoons on the mango trees? Those with whom we used to have countless class bunks to have fun on the street?


“Do you know who this is? This is IC Kaku, my best friend. Tell me the name of your best friend-“

“I do not have best friend. I have a girl friend, her name is Samhita.” That was Sudeep’s 5-years old, Bob.


“Don’t people have those best friends anymore? Why do we need them? “

“I think the basic reason is to share”

“Share what?”

“That’s a big question; what do you feel?”

“I think you are right; it is definitely to share, as we shared. And remember, the main criteria was we never thought about what to share”


I remember another Sudip, Sudip who was not “Deep” but just “Dip”, saying to one of the numerous girls he knew, “This is Indro, he is my first love”. Have heard these statements from a many. There have been males and females who has openly shared their thoughts, feelings and life with me. Without ever bothering to think, what to share. And they knew they will get what they expect.


Then who is my “Best Friend” among all these? Have I shared with anyone without thinking what to share? Have I shared my life? Well definitely yes. I have shared parts of my life with many; even tried sharing the whole with one. But all those who used to call me Best Friend, I have not shared a lot, at times; because I thought “they” might not feel good sharing it. And thought if I am really required to share it, they will take it out from me themselves. That never happened; may be I was wrong.


I felt, it is someone with whom I can share everything in life, even when I am not sharing. I can tell that person anything, when I want as I want. I know how amazing it feels to be the “Best Friend” of anyone. That On Top of The World feeling – for someone so special. But much much more than that is to know, that you have a best friend, with whom you can share, everything in life, as they happen, when you want and without thinking what to share. Do I have one?

5 responses to “Best Friend

  1. have been wondering that myself lately. i concluded friends who have been with u and brought u through the bad times…if ur memories together bring pleasant thoughts and a smile. They are more precious than the family and u can be urself with them. well….i think i just sounded cliched.


  2. At the end you have secrets from these best friends too… at the end you hae dirty secrets from everybody… you hold them to yourself and then goes down all the talks about "share everything" !
    You can be your best friend 🙂 !
    Life isn\’t listening to my heart nomore :S


  3. do you have one? i don\’t do you??
    i think best friends are those who know you too can have your best days and don\’t expect you to be the most interesting person always and you can just relax and have a great coversation by saying nothing…..
    you know what i mean?? its not only about sharing everything ..its also about them understanding sometimes you cant share everything and they don\’t bug you like "normal" friends who keep asking you what it is that your not sharing…
    funny in my blog i just wrote the opposite…that why do ppl have to make every kind of friendship "best friendshipish.."…tired of ppl who assume and proclaim themselves as your best friend and expects you to be there every moment when in the end the person you want to be with is yourself…
    do i sound selfish? perhaps i am…but sometimes i dont want to share me…
    lol see what you made me do?? spill me guts out..:p….
    hugs old borus..;)..long since i called you tht…


  4. this is the second time am reading this post..
    and it just reminds me of soo may thoughts in my head..
    kinda stopped trying to figure that one out, but sometimes it just creeps up this BEST friend thought..
    actually dere is no o ne best friend…there are many… and its very very difficult to have one only important person in your life…doesnt work that way…
    afterall we\’re human..


  5. BULLSEYE!!!!!!!!!! ( that is in response to the verse you wrote on my blog)
    about this best friend issue…. if you don\’t have one as yet then wait…. i just made 2 best friends 9 months back!!!!!!!!


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