Nest of Gray Bird

Nest of Blue Bird

With the creak of the dawn, the little gray bird opened its
eyes. He was standing in the ruin, which was his nest last night. The storm in
the night has taken it away. He was painstakingly building it, straw by straw;
the blue bird he met, made him dream of the Eden he heard about. She made a
silent promise, – a promise no one saw and she never spoke about. But he knew,
he felt in the air, as she flew off. And he started building the nest; but now
it’s gone. Is it never to be? Is it what everyone said – he is jinxed?

He remembered what his friend the little ant taught him –
when he was trying to carry the grain of sugar to his nest. He remembered, he
knew, – he has to build it. The breeze bought a smell; he knew it. She is
around. He can’t see her – he need not see. He knows! A drop of dew dropped on
his forehead, and he remembered a kiss. A dead leave flew and hung from one of
the twigs of his nest. The winter is coming.

He thought of the promises he has made; he knew she will be
waiting for the day; the day when she comes out of the fog, the day she wipes
of the tears from her eyes for good and takes the flight to his dreams. He has
promised the warmth of a nest that will guard her from the spikes of the cold
winter gales. He has lots of work to do; build the nest, build up the stocks
and have all that she knows as her. He keeps flying down for the right twig,
the right straw and the right glitter. The sweat glistening, wings tired.
Tired? No, it’s just getting the right exercise to make them strong; strong
enough to carry her to the nest. He knows she is coming. The fog will lift; the
clouds will part – at least once, for just enough time, for her to see that the
way to her promised nest, the nest she has dreamt and deserves.

When I tried to find the answer to Phoenix’s plight to
death, and failed, some came forward to give consolation; some even extended
the had of compassion; but did I get the right answer? One thing is for sure –
he is destined to burn to death and be born again. No, death is never painless
– it either pains the one who dies, or those who are close to the person dying.
But if he is reborn again, then there must be a reason. What puzzled me was,
what can be a reason that he has to keep coming back? Can’t he do a thing right,
so that he can die in peace?

The answer that emerged from my heart – faults are always
there; pains exist throughout the world. And people are afraid of accepting
those faults and pains. They are afraid of accepting that they themselves might
be the reason for their pains. He sees all around him to be in pain, and knows
that even if he burns down to death he will be coming back. So when they say
that it is he for whom all the pains exist, he takes them on his fiery red
shoulders. Collecting all those pains and faults and misery he flies to his
pier of death. On his way he makes sure that his tears heals all those he
loved, and sits on the fiery pier to burn, burn all those he carried on his
shoulders, taking them too the land of death, and come back again to those he
loved. Ready with another life to soothe and give all he promised.

Its version – it does not exist in any myth or mythology.
Not in one I am aware of. I simply know that the Phoenix dies and is reborn
again; not for himself but for those he loves, again and again and again.

8 responses to “Nest of Gray Bird

  1. well why does he cause the pain if he loves his loved ones!!
    that too the pain again and again….hopefully the loved ones wont get frustrated and run away 😀
    yea i guess the selfish vs unselfish battle is not resting. me shall do whatever me wants to and not think so much.
    aha but dont come right nw its bloody hot here the weather completely totally sucks.
    winter winter where are you!!


  2. hi horus,thanx for visiting…everything have a reason behind it…indeed a good does the death and reborn of phoenix also..


  3. I dint want to read as soon as I came to the word death! For the past 3 days I have been combing the pages of the internet looking for unsolved homicides, murders, atrotious crimes and such and cause of whatever reason (US may be the biggest on the web) all the search were related to crimes in the US and gawd! women get kidnapped there as if they stay miles away from any vegetationa nd life, they get abducted in broad day light, disappear without a trace, get pulled into cars…isse comapred to india is like heaven!
    I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to loose someone you love but over the past few days its been hounding me, what if I loose my mom, what if I loose Jallu,anyways! I dunno why am ranting about it here 😛
    Take care


  4. this sounds a lot like thorn birds. though a lot of elders say never trust what the littl birdie says..


  5. hi horus, yes everything has a reason behind it…reason behind when to fall in love: time when destiny decides you got ur share of love and care…reason behind sacrificing everything for someone: ur love, ur happiness lies in that someone..another fact no person do anything thats is against his his own happiness lies in sacrificing for someone b\’coz ur happiness lies in taht someone\’s happiness…..and the answer of all ur questions is Happiness…..happiness lies behind every act…its not neccessary that happiness will be immediate result of every action but it is there….i think, its a very complex and vast discussion…the more deeper you go..more meaningful and clearer it will get…


  6. The only thing good about winters coming is that the "mood swings" would be on a low scale, and spirits high.


  7. happy diwali to u bhai…. may this yrs diwali brings u lotsa fun..happiness…and good health… cheers… ~ saurabh ..
    btw i belive in this too.. ppl themselves r usually the resons for the pain they go through… life… and it just aint easy…


  8. I think that there was still so much undone for Phoenix…its like relationships.. sometimes u hv to break away and yet can\’t..its a maze…its like the cycle of life & death. are there 7 lives for us?? does it take so many births & deaths to set ourselves free from this cycle?
    Winter is shining…(Krit says I use Shining word a lot, she is reading too much btw the lines :D)..ah! the beauty of misty mornings!
    Drop by..there is news for u…sadly, it is old one nw…u didn\’t come when it was fresh 😀
    rise on


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