Random Rambles

Its been quite sometime that I have not indulged in some
apparently meaning less chatter. So its been a culmination of plans for a land
awaited; coming back with some expected, some unexpected and lots of stuff I
hoped for. Once again it was a war between the hope and the expectations.
Expectations threatened to rip apart the very framework of ERO (remember him?
The Eternal Optimist Romantic?). But can ERO die? He flashed his sword of
belief and used the shield of his faith, and she followed. A hint of a smile, a
passing glance – was more than enough to reinforce.

And she followed me, as if to taunt the tears I shed under
the spell of Expectations and spell of disbelief. She followed every step I
took; and soon the Artiste was splashing the world around with his creation,
and the Pianist immersed the world in his spell of hope. We all knew she
couldn’t vanish.

Was there a stifle inside? A twister raging? Swinging focus
to create the illusion of yo-yo spinning around the axis of its own self. Self
centered? – Or is it confusion? Isn’t some questions are best answered by time?
Is there a want that couldn’t be attained, when the want is wanted so badly
that your soul’s existence depends on it?

Some mornings are brighter than the day, some nights sparkle
more than Milky Way. Some jokes are better enjoyed when told; some tears are
better felt when collected. Some beliefs are more real then the present; some
futures makes Homer go silent. The Eternal Optimist Romantic – has his entire
fortress reinforced, not to hold someone out but to protect someone coming in.


The World Turning Brown:

The world soon is going to become all brown. The whites are
inventing, producing and implementing a huge array of chemical and natural
processes to tan their skins to ultimately become? – Brown. The blacks are in
an equally mad rush for fairer skin – only to become? – Brown. And browns with
all their fondness for the fairer tone will still remain what they are – Brown.
Viva Les Brown – soon its gonna be one world, and the browns will no longer
feel “down” but “brown”.


The Re-emergence of the Hot Guys:

If it was Abhishek with his mischievous smile who was ruling
it here, I felt it is our guys from WWE who are storming. John Cenna coming in
with Marine – just look at that guy stare at… and the Beast – Batista is back;
dressed in the white suit and purple shades, with his trademark smile, he can
beat any guy with just that look.


Unsuspecting looks:

Never underestimate the power of a 5 mm big stone. It might
be perfectly harmless when it is outside; but you can hardly imagine the havoc
it can cause if it is inside.



5 responses to “Random Rambles

  1. No no no no its late and PLEASE dont get me started on abhishek!! ahh tht guy totally rocks!!
    its there the artwork…just let the page load..its below my space title!


  2. you really scared me by making me think of the power of 5mm stone inside ourbody…its so painful….


  3. ah i do like a good ramble yes indeedy i do..even if it does hve metaphors….face it horus you cannot CANNOT write anything without them….
    brown…yep the world is definelty going to turn brown but my reasons would be because we indians..we are everywhere…and pretty soon they are going to get us for mates and well you the nxt process..;p;p…but thats just my version…lol tsk tsk what a boring worl of browns it be…are you sure we  cant hve  a dash of pink..with blue in somewhere??…
    lovely pictures…lake victoria…ah tht should bring the romantic in anyone… i like to think mermaids exist..dont you…in a way we are all half human..;p err not encessarily half fiish…i would be half road runner…like to run away from trouble mostly…what would you be half off??


  4. Hi,life is full of expected and unexpected things….which makes it go…because if everthing goes as per our expectation..then we will stop dreaming..every emotion will disappear b\’coz no fear of uncertainity and thus no other emotions….nyways..have a great weekend..


  5. I am getting off Abhi at last..for me Shiney rocks now!!
    Hey I saw Batista & that King bashing up! Horus! I was in peals..funny real funny!


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