Last Hop

The weekend at the Big Apple was marked with a meeting with
the Lady on the waterfront. It was a boat ride, overlooking the skyline of
Manhattan; from Brooklyn bridge to the other end till the blank space of Ground
Zero. In the middle they took us to the Island of the lady.


The normalcy coming back slowly in life as Ernesto decides
to take a back seat. The communication lines opening. The distances reduces to
a level of marginal visibility. And I also tried to build another bridge. It
amazing when you actually are interested to build them from heart, how easy it
is to reach out. An hour-long chat – to someone talking to for the first time,
I liked the instant warmth. With a possibility of meeting up on our last hop it
raised the bar of hope too.


And we hopped to our last leg, the home stretch is visible.
From the jungle of NY to lake front of Chicago. On the way from the airport to
the hotel, my senior partner asked, what comes to your mind first when you
think of Chicago – the answer was fast, and same for him too – Swami
Vivekananda; the great speech in a global platform.


Liked this place much more – as the sky is visible; I guess
its very important for the lord of sky! A touch of green here and there – and
buildings that are not as dry as those in the last city. Lots of time in hand
as the business has got pushed back to the last few days. And we went to spend
our time well. The Museum of Natural History and the Aquarium – both actually
require a day each; but with my partner I had to do both in half day – actually
running through. The exhibition on Egypt and King Tut – brought Horus, face to
face with himself a number of times. And the aquarium had live Dolphin shows
and an amazing array of water life. The Museum’s hugeness and collection on
natural history could have trapped me for the entire day, and got literally
dragged through the exhibits.


Spending money much more than I feel comfortable, yet there
are a few things that I felt absolute necessity. There are so many faces that
will lit up, there are so many heart that will glow. I know its not the
material but the feeling that will do it. And then there is also my need to
slowly but steadily put things at the house I stay, to take it on its path to
become a home. I always have that dream, of making it something where someone
will feel good to walk in – walk in to start a life. Have done it once before,
with limited resource. This time I want to take it to as close as possible to
my dream. Small things, here and there, to be discovered and enjoyed.


Some people I know love Hershey’s, and I tasted Ghirardelli,
and felt it could be more interesting for someone too. There are also two
little soul, waiting for their “Mama” to come and meet. Thanks to the voice, I
remembered the gift that I like most to give – books. A trip to Borders, and I
got couple of great ones for each. A little disappointment of not being able to
make that scheduled meeting tonight. Yet the eternal optimist hoping to try and
do it tomorrow. If not – still, this is just the beginning not the end.


The perspectives does make lots of difference – so instead
of expecting and missing the closeness I felt the need for, I accepted it.
Thinking that whom you need is with you, beside you, now – always, gives you
that comfort. I know the actual presence can not be compared with anything
else, yet, just the belief, that whatever happens, you have the heart close to
you – connected solves the problem. At least it did to quite some extent for
me. Will still keep dreaming for that day, but for now, I know I have her with
me, inside me, next to my heart; and no one or nothing can change that.


A week from now, I will be watching Rajdeep on CNN IBN,
instead of Larry King Live on CNN as I am doing now. A week from now, will be
calling up lots of people desperate to talk to me, to get their share of
assistances from me. A week from now, I will be managing the same life, I was
managing since a year. A week from now – I hope to get some chance, to do, at
least to heal- what I long to do.


Well there is one last mention without which this entry can
never be complete. Tonight we dined at the “Ballo” – an Italian joint in
Downtown Chicago, and our host was “Tommy”. In my entire trip till date, I have
not had such kind of service and warmth in any eatery. Not even in some of the
Indian joints we visited. The Chinese and Japanese ones were good but this was
nothing but awesome. I would suggest everyone visiting or living in Chicago to
go and try this joint out. Great food and even better service.


9 responses to “Last Hop

  1. Grt travel encounters, Horus and seemed you had a good time ! Happy and a safe journey back home! Hope things are well with you!


  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved the pics! Specially the niagra falls ones. Have fun! as usual i really enjoyed reading your comment on my blog. Thank you again.


  3. Thank you.


  4. hersheys got me…!!! and what are you doing globetrotting get your little behind back in india now…:p ironically i wrote about india for the first time in my life cuz i was playing host to someone from canada from the blogs and well india can look like  new countr in the eyes of someone else…
    oo and dont forget to try a strawberry cheesecake and a good blt sandwhich…and kiss larry king and tel him i find him hot….i dig oldermen..woohooo…:p
    dont forgt us back home tho…we shall light sandalwood essence until you come back and wait with a decorated elephant on your arrival and may the cow dung purify you always…:)


     So you were in Chicago? The golden lit windows of the skyscrpaers of Chicago against the black sky tells a story of the rich and the important. The backlanes and people selling dry flowers in the backlanes of Chicago tells a story of survival. The contrast of the city is like the contrast in our lives, stories of survival and triumph, of wine glasses and cheap beer. But I am tempted to ask, why were you disappointed?


  6. oh shit i read this earlier hw come i didnt comment!
    anyways yea munnabhai is good! u must come back and watch it!
    where are you right nw..??
    Poem was amazing…one of my friends liked what u wrote too!
    ahh finally missing home, traffic, weather, noise, pollution, corruption, comedy, madness…ahh i love my country! lol


  7. hi horus,soon everything be same like before but cant able to veiw that pictures because of some server problems…hope you will soon be able to adjust in a new environment …..good luck


  8. cool! no just a friend who blogs on blogger saw my blog!


    How do clouds know where to drift off to? They go not in search of moisture but to open the skies to parched land. Strange how nature teaches us a thing or two if we want to learn the lesson. My lesson for the day has been give, give and give more, there is no end to giving, even if that means waiting one more day for rain laden clouds


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