Happy Birthday


Its one year, one year since I started this journey. A
journey that started with finding an avenue to vent; a place to ponder; a
search for life missing. As the hiker loving the journey with a defined dream
of his goal, I kept wandering. From heights of mountaintops to the abyss of


Sitting in a country that I chose as a challenge
destination, jumping as always to face unknown challenges, finding friends –
losing some; crawling through darkness, gliding on brilliance that I never
believed will exist for me, and looking at the face of defeat at every step –
its very close to the story of a life so known.


Recently I got a “ShilpAward” – the same person who brought
me to space from blogspot – expanding from one to two, and two to three and
three to four blogs. Some publicized some being kept as a secret shrine for a
dream that’s all left for me. I have loved every moment of this one year, as
much as I have hated every turn it has thrown back right after each success.


Communication was the ultimate craving, found it in numbers
at times; found it in quality during the dream run. With over 30 thousand hits,
reached a place which I never imagined I will ever come near to. How I aspired
to reach those counts when acclaimed bloggers kept throwing them up; soon those
numbers meant nothing – the emotions I yearned for did. The child king, artiste
and shoulder bearer all had their reigns. The god of sky established himself as
the lord of the clouds and rain. Love for love kept on increasing and reaching
crescendo of madness; a dream thrown which I never thought I will dare to see
again. Swinging between a heady intoxication and an endless doubt of dwindling
hopes. Yearning kept on bugging –


The Eternal Optimist Romantic keeps on walking, the journey
is still long, desperate to look at the light at the end of the tunnel –
searching for the hand that unveiled the dream. Friends are rare to find – keep
them adding to list; the undying list becoming unending – yet the throne still
waiting – will keep walking, not just to walk but reach that dream. Should come
soon – wont it?

6 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. happy birthday . when are you giving spacers a treat?


  2. happy budday horus blog, long live horus blog, many gal frenz horus blog 😉
    so shilp gets sandesh and samosas (that u have to make) 🙂
    guess what…its friday and am missing all the hogging and the excitement of fridays 😦
    how is ur trip coming along? 


  3. oh my god is it birthday season!
    Happy bday to horus blog!
    ahh that was a nice third part i haven\’t yet encountered 🙂
    and where ru hopping?/


  4. Happy b\’day to the blog of harbinger of hope……..
    May we get to read the posts on this blog forever and  ever…..
    Take care and be safe…
    Bhalo theko


  5. itz been ages since i came here and wht a time 2 return……. 🙂
    Happy birthday to the space!!!


  6. psst..i wanna have a dekho at the sketches..plz plz plz.


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