The Fortune Cookie told – Xiang-nian ni

Kept thinking about what love is, whereas all that should
have been in my head is business. I kept on telling people about what love is,
and its me who is not been able to stop thinking this time. Weekends are always
been bad for me, it couldn’t have been worse in an alien land; out of my
shelter – with all my defenses down, I am left to face the dry silent world.
Communication have been one of my greatest needs, and that’s what hits me most,
when its not there. I do love silence, but that’s when I am communicating in


How to pin down the Eternal Optimist Romantic? Give him what
he yearns for, get close to him, make him lean and then swoop off the support –
bang you can see him fall flat. He falls – without doubt he falls. But he might
rise again – the question is does he want to rise? Will the optimism keep him
on his walk to his dream? How much does one need to endure? How much is enough?


Yesterday, the only time I was trying to have some good
time, was when we went to the Younge – Dundas Square. The evening was being
marked by Bana Y’ Africa fest. Am always fond of tunes and music, especially
the folk music. Most people in my team at my last office has endured them, what
they mistook for peculiar and funny noise; noise that was part of my folk music
collection across the globe. The Soul Nomad, the Senegalese Legion and the band
from Zimbabwe they all were at their best. Didn’t understand a single word they
spoke, but the music if was not making one tap their feet, it was stirring the
soul. Kept picking up the tunes, and was driven by the urge to share it with
someone as soon as possible; and then realized I cant – cant, not because I
don’t have one to, but…


Skipping the lunch for two days in the trot, drinking less
water, yet remembered to drink lots of cranberry juice, during breakfast as
well as back in my room from the large bottle I stocked. Mostly moving between
the typical yank buffet and Chinese food, as the senior partner likes them
more. Tried a new Indian joint too, just to find that they were busier
attending the marriage anniversary party hosted by a Bangladeshi couple. The
last meal again took us to Spadina Chinese resturant, and found the host a
typical Chinese looking guy speaking hindi to one of the guest. Surprise was
turned into astonishment when finding that we are from Calcutta, he corrected
us the name of the city – Kolkata and not Calcutta as we said. He was a guy who
spent 35 years of his life in the “New market” area in Kolkata! Can you me more


How much opposite can two trips in the span of two months
be? Meeting people, taking good wishes and blessing before I left on the first,
each meeting became more successful than the other, and came back a winner. And
this time – even before the trip started it was a nightmare – and it keeps on
continuing till now. Not a single event that I can call worth a mention.
Finishing up the Canadian leg with the worst possible results, moving onto the
next leg with that thin line that we call hope. Its wearing thin – I pray it
last till the trip ends.


The after dinner fortune cookie told me – “Patience is one
of the hardest virtues to master”. I guess it had discounted my present state.

4 responses to “The Fortune Cookie told – Xiang-nian ni

  1. is nt fortune cookie a sad thing to be- i mean people are more keen on the message you carry but not in your taste .


  2. All the very best to you.


  3. Hey Horus,
    Eternal Optimist can never fall and even if he does its to rise again….. so looking forward to see him rise again and am sure his optimism will always be there….maybe hidden for a while like the moon hides in the veil of clouds once in a while only to come out again and shine brilliantly. Btw….dont agree with Moiraless cos I just love the taste of fortune cookies….
    U take care and be safe….


  4. Hey Horus
    the eternal optimist will rise and stand erect..
    take it easy mate


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