Queen of Kalahari – Princess of Amazonia

From the cloud capped misty mountains

Leaving the moss covered Kapok trees

Bidding adieu to people who worshipped her every drop

She came to her lords dwelling, to become

Queen of Kalahari – princess of Amazonia

She tied her silken strands in a bun

Held her infant in her loving embrace

Knotted her flowing skirt tight

Busy decorating her kings dwelling

Tireless to enliven the rain-parched kalahari

Queen of Kalahari – princess of Amazonia

Years of journey drifting into habit

Yet she pauses in hear cycle of duties

Tilted head glancing skywards at the clouds

Life seeming a bout of ayahuasca

The angled smile lost in thirst of Kalahari

Queen of Kalahari – princess of Amazonia

The flight of albatross beaconing

The dreams of rainforest alluring

She knows the nest where she blooms

She yearns for the worshippers of rain

Yet her love for Kalahari is Kilimanjaro diamond

Queen of Kalahari – princess of Amazonia

A gust of wind

Musky – lost in thoughts

Pushed at the heavy wooden door

Creaking the door open

It entered – salty smoky room

Raising her soul and filling his heart

Queen of Kalahari – princess of Amazonia

19 responses to “Queen of Kalahari – Princess of Amazonia

  1. i like the picture of the girl staring at the moon.


  2. * beautiful pics*
    Just loved them
    How have u been??


  3. Hey Horus,
    Hmm….another poem for Silken Strands…..Its Lovely. Heartfelt…Direct Dil Se as usually. And the photographs are AWESOME! BTW…her love for Kalahari may be diamond but the commitment of rain worshippers is like the Rock of Girbraltar-Undaunted, unshaken…..always there…


  4. yeah.. I do listen to handel, bach and even Brahms. And about being young and all… i\’m 29… dunno whether that\’s young or old!!!


  5. "She yearns for the worshippers of rain"

    one who yearns for worshippers can she be respected herself?
    A gust of wind
    "Musky – lost in thoughts
    Pushed at the heavy wooden door
    Creaking the door open
    It entered – salty smoky room
    Raising her soul and filling his heart"

    lost in thots accidentally filled his heart ??


  6. hey IC
    that was neat.
    i really liked the lines Years of journey drifting into habit Yet she pauses in hear cycle of duties…
    So much said in so little…


  7. Hi Horus,How are you doing? Hope the busy spell is over or is less for the time being! Nice jokes and grt poem!
    True,what you said that men in the north especially among certain communities are buying brised from the north east ,chattisgarh etc especially in the tribes! These bought "brides" are nothing but servants and as soon as they produce an heir they are considered useless! Many are resold etc!One has heard of cases where couple of brothers are marrying the same women because they cannot "afford " to buy individual brides!
    Certain men go to the extent of groping,teasing etc could be a fall out of the disturbed ratio or it could be purely spoilt,powerful idiots taking iy as their right knowing fully well that their dads  will fill pockets that will make them free! Maybe the nimdset also adds to the existing problem!
    Women go through the same amount of pain to give birth and nuture inside the womb to sustain another life!We are forever indebted to our moms for giving us life! Its unfortunately,in this land,in the land of the "devis",where the female form is also worshipped, is continuously discriminated against! Mindset,old deeprooted values(?),tradition etc!
    hope all is grt at your end,nice pics you have posted!
    Tc and have a grt day


  8. hi horus,touching poem… with the nice pictures, complimenting the above….lots of love….


  9. perfect…:)
    ah if i was queen i would buy every strawberry in the world…cant have too many strawberries….yet to see that poem without metaphors..:p you just cant do it horus the mighty…:p
    may the queen live long with the king by her side…and let the drops never run dry…


  10. hi horus,beautiful poem…silently telling everything in a very extra-ordinary way…keep writting…


  11. Zindagi jeene ka naam hain
    Hum sab hain musafir
     jo jeevan ki raah pur hain chalte
     kabhi akele, kabhi koi saathi,humsafar,humraaz saath lelein
    Es puth pur
    milte hain bicharte hain
    kuch pal saath rehkar aage badate hain
    kuch bhool jaate hain
    kuch dil ke saaz bajate hain
    En mein se koi ek mann ko bhata hain
    zindagi mein ek naya ehsaas jagata hain
    kabhi yeh bun jaata hain humsafar,shayad kuch pal ke liye
    kabmi aage chala jata hain
    ek akelapan sa zindagi mein phir cha jata hain
    kale badal se nikalkar phir jab umange jaagti hain
    humraaz ki raah phir aanken takhti hain
    waise chhera,waise aadayien nazar dhoondti hain
    mayus hokar phir se barsti hain
    Ek matwala panchi kuch keh ke kaano mein jata hain
    ki jo gaya ,na raha ab zindagi mein
    ek nayee zindagani ki talash hai
    kyon phir bhi beete hue din pur dil nirash hain
    jo ho gaya woh beti baat hain
    aaj hai abhi,kal naya din raat hain
    uski kaya mein na dhoondo naya savera
    jab chhata hain mann ek naya basera
    aas paas koi ho shayad jo deta hain dil pur dastak
    shayad kisi ki chhaya mein reh gaya hai ab tak chipkar
    Dil ka darwaza kholne purr phir se roshni mehekigi
    andhera door kar mann chha hie khushiyan chhekengi…..
    Horus,how have you been? Hope life is good at your end! Best of luck!


  12. aha where ru mizter!
    somebody\’s been busy.
    i dunno whats better being blank or depressive and then feeling happy tht others r feeling the same way :S


  13. buty-full.


  14. knockk knockkk


  15. pardon me for my curiosity but i happened to notice in your space that you say that horus killed the god of clouds and rain and then in the contents of your writings you seem to indicate a liking for rains . is the paradox implied or a mistake? if i may ask. also happened to chance upon a similar space called rainstarvedclouds ,on msn spaces , that space too speaks of a angled head silken strands , is that your friend\’s space? has some very intense poetry written . pardon my curiosity but then intensity of both th spaces provoked my comments. i am sorry if i am intruding.


  16. where do you get those piccies from?


  17. hey.. nicely done..
    btw me bak


  18. this is amazing indrajit, one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read. magical, like kapalkundala becoming mrinmayee (kapalkundala is one of my favourite novels and characters)


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