Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata?
Yeah. It's our motto!
What's a motto?
Nothing. What's a-motto with you?
Those two words will solve all your problems"

At times you feel like talking to no one, interacting with
no one. You have everything, you have work all around you, yet, you can not
life yourself to do anything. There is nothing particularly wrong, yet you feel
the blankness in yourself. And imagine all this happening on “Friendship day”.
You have sent the sms to all, and your phone continuosly keeps getting message
after message, yet you do not feel like checking them. You have planned the day
well, in-fact it’s the usual weekend routine with some office work thrown in,
yet you do not feel like moving ahead of the morning tea, and keep shifting
channels, and….

And you get stuck when you see “Lion King”. Amazing, one of
the best movie made by Disney. Simba, Timon, Pumba and rest of the gang – and
you keep watching. You laugh and you cry, and by the end of it start feeling
light. Hakunamatata – No worries.

With that mood in the frame – kept remembering a few more
phrases, by 4 somthings to 6 something. I am sure many of you are blessed by
those kinds at your home and treasure these phrases –

Q: What is plural of “Tooth”?

A: Prular?

Q: Yes, plural –

A: Tooth – paste !

Q: Paste????

A: No, no ! Tooth – brush; yes its “Brush”

Q: What is present past and future of “go”

A: Go? – Go, went, please go

Q: huh? Ok what about “sit”

A: Sit? Sit, sat, please sit?

Q: What is Yellow?

A: Its easy – yellow yellow, dirty fellow; sitting on a

Q: If 100 paise makes 1 Rupee, then how many paise is there
in a Rupee

A: 100

Q: then how many paise in 2 rupees?

A: A lot of them…

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna matata!
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna--
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!
I say "Hakuna"
I say "Matata"

Hakunamatata, the Sun was out, and it started to rain….

12 responses to “Hakunamatata

  1. hmmm yes i agree with the talking to no one phenomenon.


  2. i remember in my early career days i worked for a school where we had this guy in class 4 , who was brought in with an equally frustrated maths teacher . the question paper demanded – give the LCM of …
    the wise kid had written – lamp, lampshade , lion, laltu(school watchman) ,and 22 other words with L .
    in fact many more weird instances …… suddenly resurfacing.


  3. Hi,  Hakuna Matata, alovely state of mind to be in,isn\’t it? The grt …lion king,lost the number of times saw that when my girl was growing up!! How was your trip.nice pics you have put up!! How did you like Uk? The weather seems hot there,wonder how ppl are putting up with it,esp when there are no fans,open windows and air conditioning!!  NIce poem "kept walking" :-)!!
    Tc and have a nice day


  4. Hey Horus!

    Lion King is one of my all time fav movies…and Hakuna Matat one of my fav phrases and songs…Thnaks for ur answers.and yes I feel u should vanish(ref to the context). The thing that u challenged me o is quite difficult but the reward is quite alluring…so will try to give it a shot.

    Take care,


  5. It didnt rain here 😦


  6. Hi,How are you today? You seem to have a good trip! #6 degrees is very hot by UK standards,poor guys must have been getting roasted! I remember,when we were living there,when the sun would be out in summers,many a time Sannaa and i wd be wearing light jackets and these guys would be in shorts and summer tshirts,and we would be giving eachother a look as if to say \’which planet are you from\’?Tolerance to cold i guess varies!! London sales are atleast genuine and the prices are really marked down!! Grt bargains at excellent prices!!
    Tc and have a nice day


  7. always used to wonder wat hakunamatata meant..thnx for the enlightenment..lol…


  8. k hakuna matata to you too
    😀 lucky you
    but i seem to be having no more of those days…but i love those days…pure worthlessness lol


  9. Hey u….!
    Hakuna Matata indeed!!! I wish u many, many days filed with such pure, childish, gleeful wonder………the one tht makes u say and believe in \’\’Hakuna Matata"………..
    I knw a bit about those kind of days, can hit u at anytime………like yesterday i had the most full, interactive and fun day, but by the end of it i dunno why, but for some uncomprehendable reaosn, i felt bummed out………its confusing and silly really, but happens……….must fish out my Lion King cd, now shudnt I?
    How r u mate? its been a long time since i paid a visit to ur abode……..i hope all is well.
    take care,
    P.S: Leaves behind some crispy, crunchy, honey glazed, fruit pastries………..the baked kinds……..warm, to go with ur coffeee… =)


  10. not replyin to my Ims eh? well, its not so easy to get rid o me mister..i\’m jus gonna torture u on ur blog now : D
    hakuna matata…damn, i loved tht song..that, and the circle of life..did u dance when hakuna matata came on? i do..d lissenin experience is incomplete without a little jig!! looll… and i have finally updated my blog! yaay for me…
    btw, nice piccies ^.^


    photos! i want more photos!


  12. Update mangta hai!!!!!!!!!!


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