I Kept Walking

They said it can never grow

The little sapling among the mighty trees

In the shadowy stifling corner

Yet it gathered bit by bit

Sponging itself in own sweat

Pushing the trees raised it head to blue sky

And I kept walking –

They said it should be killed

The rainbow bird that wanted to sing life

Couple of shots, a few knife jabs to make sure

Does a dead body has some hope left in it

The dead heart pulsates again

Eyes opened to dreams it soared high

And I kept walking –

They said it’s not possible

To reach the infinite reaches of riches

The light might reach by eternity – they laughed

“They” never had the know how

Powered by dream on the path of thought

Might reach with enough time left to savor

And I kept walking –

Winds of Amazonia came calling

They said rain has a permanent home there

I saw my dream on the cloud-clad hilltop

The moonlit bubbles glistening in raindrops

And I am walking –

7 responses to “I Kept Walking

  1. hehe then ur dare wasn\’t even a dare cuz ive done that lots of times 😀
    nopes not afraid..and maybe regret i might cuz i like the words to speak for themselves and not my face 🙂
    dont worry i might some day….finaly changed my space theme after ages! so am sure some day pic will be up too if im in a whimsical mood


    I made maggi. want some?


  3. they dont really know anything do they??..:)
    lovely poem…less metaphorical than usual but in metaphors still….waiting for tht poem without any…hmmm
    true love? the no strings attached kinds…ahh i think i will take an order of those too…true love is always attached with strings somehow…and its those very strings tht make us want to forego it for a life without any…
    i always feel like singing raind drops falling on my head on your site..:) right now i could do with a lot of raindrops…frickin hot here.,,i can make a whole meal out in the sun..,.!!! and even the water is forever hot!! i neeed iceeee frozen raindrops then…err but that would be hail and i think it would hurt…sighhh ok just cold raindrops then….oh rain god where fore art thou?
    sorry got my romeo and juliet mixed up with greek gods..:p


  4. Hi Horus!
    Still waiting…….


  5. its so difficult to do what u want to do…
    i wonder if one\’s belief stays alive admist all the attempt to stifle it.
    its commendable when u keep walking, no matter what 🙂


  6. Well written…and so true! One of my all time favorite taglines \’Impossible is nothing\’
    Hey those r nice pics…when did u goto the UK?


  7. the walk
    hope encrusts less.
    a sighting
    the walk
    goes on….


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