The new Tag

Again tagged by more than one… for the sake of space freindship…

If you comment on this post (saying anything at all):
1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a color that i associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something i like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something i’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If i do this for you, you must post this on yours

Second part to the tag:

1. Never thought I will come across such a person, again, a life changing event – and so fast…
2. Am amazed of complexity in your thoughts; sometimes like a desert night and sometime a flowery meadow
3. A child like abundence, with a thousand masks, hiding the pain yet mocking all of them facing life…


20 responses to “The new Tag

  1. DeGrinningGranny

    umm yes i guess u\’d hav a part of the taggin business… and i cudnt recognize ne of the 3 :-S  only the ones who r bein talked abt wud know…
    and i aint doin ne flattery…thats one thing i never do..gud means gud..bad means bad..owl means  and yeah thanx for tellin yr name.. phew! i feel lost n un-connected if i dont know the persons name .. :o)

  2. Ok am nt tkaing any challenges. i have a pile of them waiitng.
    yeah i think koala bear suits u …nice and warm!
    n i cant recall any post which is not unlike you..the poems are like you, the vivid descriptions are like you..ok u cd ramble i guess!

  3. is the 3rd one pixie..?
    i dunno bout the rest…2nd one aksha?

  4. ok..i guess the first one ..last 2 Sups has done..A psycho knows psychic things…Hint taken ?
    P.S. I am not tagged..from here 😀

  5. err who is the first one? i still cant figure out..nidhiii help!!
    haha i expected u to be around the same age u mentioned 😉 roughly..more or less.
    squirrel..thats like rabbit. damn are my teeth so famous!! and i havent even put up my picture yet lol
    the pictures aren\’t as appealing as the photo assignments when i place the camera in front of the mirror 😀 so i give it a pass 🙂
    and your right again…i guess i should not be afraid of life! my courage build up is slightly slow 🙂

  6. haha. i like this one. dare to share types. cool one.

  7. aranya paakhi

    thanks for stopping by …i have become a very impatient blogger, scribble something in a hurry and i leave, well as you can say it is over with angel boy……but i am thinking of using my unconventional wisdom and not really end it, the relationship ended but the spirit does not have to end: so will try one last time to restore the spirit and then let it go……and i still believe….have you heard the Tagore song, \’ maajhe maajhe tobo dekha pai\’?

  8. mujhe toh wo teeno ek hi lag rahe hain…2nd part of ur tag i mean. and yeah..goldfish. I dunno why.

  9. there is no complexity in my thoughts..the 2nd one cant be me. atleast one of them is survivor or pixie.
    and hey! i didnt tag you okay! you tagged yourself by commenting. you had a choice.

  10. i mean survivor or icy*

  11. you seem to be reading minds a bit too well lately , thinking of changing proffession?? i m sure your marketting skills will help in getting clientele , esp of the feminine variety.

  12. Hi Horus!
    second part of the tag…..R all the three about 1 person?

    Take care…looking forward to an interesting post soon….


  13. is phoenix a real animal ? re birth ?? well depends on the reason . and overconfidence often leads to overstepping – which can also be tresspassing and hurt – ie. cause pain . and not all people are pain pujari.

  14. hi ………im new to this blog world……wat should i tag for??????????/do tell me……..take care dear………

  15. so Horus tell me was my intuition right ? common I deserve to be told..or did i read the lines wrong?
    as forur assumptions abt me:
    1. was I the second visitor to ur blog?? First one must be Shilpz..& I thought u were an accomplished blogger when I came as a naive newcomer.
    2. I tried but cudnt do it..haha
    3. hmm. thanks Horus..that is a beautiful similarity of green kind..
    4. yes, so am I!
    5. really!!
    6. caterpillar…I m not yet grown into a butterfly..still in larva stage! hey horus I like it!
    7. ok not a huge ques. that blogger are getting curious is abt my age..which is juat a number ..I belong to haryana state & my town is Rohtak..hoodlum Jats..haha!

  16. ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and an ickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i totally despise spaces and i despise tags..i shall runaway and never come back..:p///ahh but i cant leave you old friend…so i shall oblige and here goes…
    1.your a keliadescope..the surface is just a beggining of an abyss….
    2.i challenge you to write a poem that contains no metaphors..
    3.the color…hmmm blue blue blue…oh mighty rain god….
    4.i like how you can read between the lines…no need to explain to you a million times…and the many facets you hve make you altogether one interesting guy! earliest memory?? hmmm it was a poem actually… with a one two three…it was awesome…apart from that the whole me calling you bore-us for the spovie..hehehe remind me of a phoneix…i think you can rise from the ashes…
    7.well who are the 3 ppl you wrote about in your comments hmmmm??? sounds interesting thats why…wink wink…besides sups and nidhi seems to be really trying to figure em out… apart fromt that…one thing that you would give your soul for…
    hope the trip was great…me still snorkeling in the deep waters of the red sea…very little fish…i think they got scared of me…siughhhh
    does no no one like me?> lol reminiscent of ice age sid the slot..:p

  17. argghhh spaces…im unable to post an entry hmphhh tht stupid add entry window has no writing space..i trid came once n its gone again argggh hmph
    stupid fools morons.

  18. 1. I’ll respond with something random about you – think think ! eternity is a damn crowded place .
    2. I’ll challenge you to try something – put up a post about your hatred for rain . or describe or at least tell us about angled head silken strands.
    3. I’ll pick a color that i associate with you – black .
    4. I’ll tell you something i like about you – you refuse to open your eyes.
    5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you – a vortex.
    6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
    – the tireless ant.
    7. I’ll ask you something i’ve always wanted to ask you – is it worth the effort?

    8. If i do this for you, you must post this on yours .

  19. i have made myself tag resistant 😀 so no more tags required to do i…
    2nd part
    1. no clue
    2. N
    3. A

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