Day 1 – Day 2

Walking past the statue of the worlds most famous detective, we enter the underground. With the Bakerloo line we reach Wateloo to buy the rail tickets for the entire itinerary. And then walk out, walk by the river, the famous eye, crossing the river, in front of the Big B – and walk on. Walked the whole day on the day 1. Trying to capture the city. Lunch at china town, with Sushis, Shashimis and a few other stuff – testing the practice done with the two sticks.

A rest at the famous square and then again some more walk – aimlessly around the city till we dropped our tired bodies back in the hotel. A endless stream of Cosmopolis, faces – red, pink, pale, yellow, brown and black. The extra hot summer, helping many to have shows; but for me the eyes keep going back to that one. The one white as a conch shell, tilted head, angled smile, suddenly lifted eyes – questioning and a silken strand of dark brownish black grazing my palm – enticing.

The second day we were supposed to be off to the port city on the other side of this small country. A First Great Western from Paddington. Paddington – Reading – Didcot parkway – Swindon and then reach. Amazinngly, about 40 mins in the journey and the train stopped. Apparently, a fire in a train ahead in the line – felt like back home; waiting endlessly; a peak revealed the platform just crossed is named “Cholsey”. Joked with boss in bangla – “Cholsey? Kothay cholse? Daray ase to – tao koise ki cholsey!” One hour and 40 mins late, with mandatory speed restriction on parts, we reached the port town. A sleepy lil’ town, meeting clients – not time for lunch; a rail network gone awry, cancelled trains, catching one which is delayed again and getting a bite on board.

Evening at a Lebanese joint. Eyeing a true mid east beauty across the table with a family of six. As usual my visual rapport quickly got established with the smallest member of the family. Her elder one kept exchanging glimpses – but only to bring back that haunting memory; tilted head, angled smile, suddenly lifted eyes – questioning and a silken strand of dark brownish black grazing my palm – enticing.

10 responses to “Day 1 – Day 2

  1. even before coming to ur blog i knew there would be lot of interesting read. detailed description of each adventure 😀
    so lots of different cuisines and coffee.
    looking forward to read more 🙂


  2. :)) hm … nice & peppered with enticement


  3. hmmm… work n play hand-in-hand. good.
    thanks for commenting dada. y dnt u add a few more if u wish to:)


  4. arghhh u have pictures too now…
    lebanese dinner sounds good..mizter hawk needs a reminder I hope he reads this!
    nya nya nya nya im sure happy dent is better than ford fiesta :P:P u can come back here n see fr urself :P:P there i told u what the product is  😀 😉


  5. Baari chere kothai jaatchish?? Ok thts how much bangla I could manage…But Wow!! Phoren trip phoren trip!! New Client new client!! I want party I want party!!


  6. kothaye ekhon ? kemon aachho ?


  7. Hi Horus, how are you doing in your new destination? you are in my favourite part of the world!its bought back sopme beautiful memories! Esp Swindon..London etc! Have a grt time exploring as and when time permits! The countryside is amazing!Near Swindon there  is a village called Shrivenham that has some of the most beautiful thatched roofed cottages and homes!I was the only one in my family who enjoyed the chilly winds,the unpredictable weather..the rain…the sun 
    tc and have a wonderful time


  8. hey da, have you taken the indian summer with you?  36.3 degree!! hottest day since 1911.


  9. 3 people on my "storytellers" list about whom I wrote…not revealing their names. but just HINT. you have to do the same when you post that tag.


  10. hello there..awesome blog .. intresting indeed .. blessings


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