Ten hour journey – five and half-hour away

The flight left sharp at 7:45. After the initial food and
beverage was browsing through the magazine given, the getaways were enticing. A
sleepy voice heard early in the morning that instructed ringing in ear, went of
to dream land. Don’t know how long it was, but suddenly I felt a warm hand
gliding on the chest scar; a moist lip marking lines through bush moving right;
a moist damp breath followed; I woke up startled. The flight was on its descent
over the capital.


Proving Boss false, the entire process supposed to be
nightmare took one third the time forecasted. Settled down on a seat, called up
home and those expecting a last minute call. Tried to make another call, no
response. Sent a few sms – and boarded. Rose high, and higher, till all the
clouds were below – white sheets of them and the fluffy one resting on top of
them. The rain clouds were missing, must have gone some place else.


Browsing the on demand stuff, collection of works of the
smartest looking and equally amazing director of bollywood. Skimmed through a
couple of his work. The unique voice of Johny Walker – “Kashmir ke lal lal
apple dekhi ho? Aur usme jo gadhdhhe parte heyn? Kehte heyn un gadhdho ke liye
who aur bhi mithe hote heyn. Tum jab hansti ho to jo gadhdhhe padte heyn who
aur bhi mithe heyn….. yeeeeh hansi!”


A glance over the window – a scene seen only on Google
Earth. A undulating surface – without any hint of plains. Ridges that looks
like the face of red Indian granny’s face. The flight path info on screen
declared it to be the afghan landscape. Moving with Kabul on left and kandahar
on right, out side temperature –27 degree C, altitude – 31056 feet.


Thinking about, “Double or Nothing” – even Guru Dutt spoke
about it. In the movie sitting in the garage he tried learning “English”,
Shyama with her huge expressive eyes on the sewing machine;

“GIRL – jill, GIRL – jill”

“Yeh kya battamizi hey?”

“Ise battamizi nahi, English kehte heyn, English”

“hnnhh! GIRL – girl; girl mane ladki”

“GIRL – girl, girl mane ladki, GIRL – girl, girl mane ladki!
Madam apko angreji ati hey?”


“To iska matlab bata do-“


“- iska”

“L – O – V – E, Love; Love mane…… – tera sar”

“LOVE – love, love mane tera sar; LOVE – love, love mane
tera sar; ….”


Leaving Akshabad on right; can see the hint of the city. The
sky is clear – not even a hint of clouds; can see the plains of Turmenistan
clearly from 34224 feet up. Time to destination 5 hr. 52 mins. Ground speed 494
MPH. Outside temperature –32 degree F.


The boss on screen, “Gol Topi – lal rumal”, standing in the
hotel floor; the top half of his body in shadow – creating a diagonal line on
the stripped T-shirt; One hand holding the jacket on shoulder, the cigarette
dangling loosely from the lips, legs crossed, the smoke around hi face adding
to the enigma. It moves ahead…

“mohabbat kar lo jee bhar lo aji kisne roka hai

par bade gazab ki baat hai ismein bhi dhokha hai


shiqaayat kar lo ji bhar lo aji kisne roka hai

ho sake to duniya chhod do duniya bhi dhokha hai”


The movie ended while I again slipped in the embrace of
sleepy dreams. Woke up to see nothing but a white sheet below and the blazing
white light blinding. Drew the window shades down, and picked up the book with
me. The book mark took me to page 16 and I started moving ahead. It’s a bit
slow, but the scenes portrayed leaves nthing to your imagination. You star
seeing it though the words. And the Hunter’s gun. The flow broken by the food
given. Already had two glasses of white wine; had some continental food along
with another helping of red wine this time. They are generous with the drinks –
so I helped myself – a Margarita. We were crossing the Caspian, missed Odessa
as it was on the left.


Fast forward of a movie thought of seeing sometime back –
Taxi No. 9211”. Someone wondered how can a guy cry so much. How can one? May be
it’s a habit developed over the years, as most of time there were none to see,
so it never mattered. But I guess, he was stronger earlier. No one saw the
moistures – I think no should, even now. He needs to work on it. And also a few
neurotic behaviors; guess there are a few too many. Why didn’t anyone tell him
to stop. He needs to identify, which one are ok and which one are not –
quickly; and eliminate them one by one.


Warsaw, went right; plains and farms of Poland visible from
38018 feet above. Almost similar farmlands like back home. Home – miles behind,
yet in my heart. 1369 Km from destination, ground speed 861 KMPH, time to
destination 1 hr. 44 mins. Outside temperature –31 degree C. Back to the book,
the bookmark has some face printed on it; I printed them from the snaps taken
recently; couple of eyes in black n white and a few face in color and gray
scale. Pages kept moving and journey on the pages as well as outside kept


Switched on the screen again. A meltdown and the squirrel
with large canines perpetually after the nut, Diego, Sid and the last Mammoth.
The smile gave way to giggle and a few uncontrollable laugh. Boss peered on my
screen from the seat beside. Amused, and soon knew I am watching my usual
stuff. Time left  – 41 mins, at 874
kmph, 420 km from destination. Second round of snacks are served. Berlin has
gone behind. Amsterdam coming up on right, Rotterdam right under, 38017 feet
below. The channel starts; outside temperature –59 degree C.


Can see another one moving along, black silhouette visible
against the sun. Greenish patches of trees dotting the farms; the long span of
the wing tilts to dive down and make a 180 degree turn and soon the mechanical
sound indicating the landing gear moving down; a few minutes later a gentle
thud, screeching brakes, and the giant taxing to its bay and coming to a halt.
We have reached safely. Couple of hors later in the hotel room. Its midnight
back home. Had Indian dinner at the Bangladeshi restaurateurs place, bought the
calling card. Called up home and bro, and a few others, except one; am safe and
sound and ready to hit the schedule.


5 responses to “Ten hour journey – five and half-hour away

  1. :)) so where have you landed? London?


  2. take care.. 1. you are not what you seem.2. put a pink (bollywood) theme on your space for a month  ;)3. black.4. i like what you write.5. err? when you told me the recipe for chicken biryani  :D6. goldfish. (dunno why)7. hum chloromint kyon khate hain?8. your turn.


  3. Aksha-bad???
    Aksha is a good girl okay!


  4. whoaaa
    *am jealous*
    mera bhi waqt ayega. jaldi ayega


  5. good that u had a safe journey. n quite an interesting one. 🙂
    have fun n a safe trip.


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