Marching On…

1 goal

2 more clients

3 Visas

8 months

13 days

1 Journey

Eternal Romantic Optimist marches on…

Till we meet again!


8 responses to “Marching On…

  1. you travelling ?

  2. HI, are you going out of station? If yes, Have a safe and a wonderful journey! best of luck!

  3. Most interesting cipher. What\’s the key?

  4. where ?

  5. i remember u told me abt it on phone…cool yaar…so u r all set now… sounds gud na…get me one european made pen…hehe…..
    u can bring a lot of daru if u drink…and clothes….if u wear any…lol…and choclates if u love any….hehe…
    aur batao dost…fir kab ki tayyari hai….
    enjoy maddi…

  6. ..where to??
    till we meet again..take care

  7. Sweet 🙂
    Bon Voyage!

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