Double or Nothing

Waves of life, pounces and retreats

Optimist gambler keeps on playing

Double or Nothing –

…….. Nothing?


17 responses to “Double or Nothing

  1. Window Shopper

    Hey brother. Tks for dropping by & words put forth.
    After a few years of life that i have lived and faced some realities around,
    I really wish that someone could make me feel the faith in two folded hands
    ….guess that will never happen now.We just have to walk on.
    You take care dear.

  2. i hope the optimism remains! 🙂

  3. r u doin..
    well keep playin gambler…jst b optimistic…so will u rule…
    keep smilin:-)

  4. hi u mentioned hope she was here….ur daughter.
    whr is she now..wud u mind in tellin dat..
    keep smilin:-)

  5. Window Shopper

    Have never been a Pessimist and can never be one.
    Just keep stepping both sides of the line bifurcating beliefs and rationality.
    Rest all is all agreed on. Like emotions, situations & people reverb…

  6. Keep playing the doubles…
    we are eternal optimists rainmate!!
    take care

  7. Dont panic..she will come one day n giv a  hug…
    and who stopped her frm comin 2 u??
    keep smilin:-)

  8. aww…:) … but dost…whts nothing… dint get it completly….

  9. anyways… how r u … and hows life treating u… and i have also got u on orkut…lol…

  10. Nothing??
    Double da … keep playing for double.

  11. its doubles for the  ERO(eternal romantic optimist),isnt it?

  12. keep up da faith…she wud surely come!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who was suppose 2 help u???
    keep smilin:-_

  13. Coming to ur site after a very very long span of period.
    I guess I lost a touch of your blogs somewhere… but  then yes I must admit life is Big Gamble.
    And thats how we just learn from it.
    Sometimes we loose sometimes we win..
    But to be present in both the win and loose situations is what makes a human, it makes u and me.

  14. One more thing, as i will share some more of words.. just skipped on the last one.
    Juss live with time,
    it\’ll all go and take my words
    These all feelings, just go with time
    They come and they go..
    Its smthing I experienced my own way.. da hard way out..
    But this is just that.. what goes up must come down.. if u r down u will be back up soon.

  15. Window Shopper

    Just read your reply to my last msg.
    Heads high mate… heads high!
    cya around

  16. wow..i liked wat u wrote abt the eternal optimist who is also a romanticist…
    ur bichdi twin is a dear frnd in college…lol…jus like u!!

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