Remembering Ador – on first ever Daughter’s day

Bashing boys, climbing trees

Returning tease like stinging bee

Reigning my life- queen majestic

Tick tock tick tock – for her I tick

Spreading joy with her eye’s light

Fairy tale night and pillow fight

Going to the fair on my shoulder

Tick tock, tick tock, – I tick for her

Morning dew, budding rose

Sunshine drop, rhythmic pose

Little hopes, big dreams usher

Tick tock, tick tock, – I tick for her

Candies n sugar, cherries n plum

Tagore to britney, we two hum

Laughter of life, for her I pick

Tick tock tick tock – for her I tick

9 responses to “Remembering Ador – on first ever Daughter’s day

  1. i have an angel by my side
    her fingers wrapped in mine
    squeling,laughing jumping…
    as she skips through life\’s joyful ride….
    is she the little angel in dirty denims
    with icecream running down har face
    or is she the devil with twinkling eyes
    all dressed up in lace……
    that was a beautiful poem horus! :-)you could have been writing about my girl! wishing you all the best


  2. Say, you aren\’t under the misconception of being a clock, are you?"Tick tock, Prince, tick tock."


  3. candies and sugar…*slurp slurp*


  4. hello, thanks for the wishes :-),yes,that was my girl that i was talking about ,infact she was like that when she was much younger,then went through the phase you have wriiten about,and lot of that remains as she is growing(shea 13 now)!!
    talking about the latter part.wd say contradictions again :-)!! Selfless love has no expectations,true, but this really has nothing to do with nuturing self…..everyone needs space to function,to do their own things and this has nothing to do with love! i feel its very imp,esp for an indian woman,to have life beyond hus and kids, for each after a while get busy in their own lives and the woman is left feeling miserable,unwanted..etc!so its best to realise this and pursue what you enjoy!life adjusts itself around the new routine after initial compliants :-)!!
    tc and happiness always


  5. oh well its cherries and plums for me 😀
    ahh and bashing boys i dont mind 😀
    nice one this..
    u have a daughter ?


  6. hi..
    nicely said bout a daughter…
    simple n sweet description…
    so do u hav a daughter or wat??
    jst inquisitive …
    keep smilin:-)


  7. I just loved this poem. The images of parent-child moments are so well picturised. The "tick-tock" reminds me of fleeting time, and how short life and it\’s joyous moments are.
    Thanks a lot for dropping by…I really look forward to comments from people like you!BHALO THEKO…will visit again!


  8. that was beautiful Horus… you have a daughter??
    a girl must be llucky to have such a tick tock pa…:D


  9. A smile and goosebumps…)
    How r u ?


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