Pitter Patter

A bit of pitter

And a bit of patter

And a few drops here and there


A daisy dee

And a bumblebee

And all the pollen and honey they share


The daisy dry

The bumble cry

But treasures honey, pollen, raindrops – so rare   


I went to the neighborhood chicken shop while going home on
Saturday and asked the guy in the shop to give a kilo of chicken. When I went
to cook it I found there were two hearts. So I thought it must be a “love bird”
– ‘do dil, ek jan hey hum!”. But then I discovered, there was only one leg, one
wing and not two but three hearts. Mhmm! So either it was a ‘dil phek ashiq’ or
may be the background score in the chicken shop must have been “Dil bhar, dil
bhar! Oooo dil bhar dil bhar!” and the shopkeeper gave me “dil” – bharke…


Monsoon has taken a break through out the country. And so
rain has disappeared from here too. Seems like people who were not getting the
rains has really cursed it, and so monsoon has to take some time off bitterly.
I only hope that all our good wishes brings her with all her loving showers
back to us soon! Amen!



Still compiling BBRR, suggestions welcome!

17 responses to “Pitter Patter

  1. key khobor…
    dil bhar ..bhar ke kha rey..kha rey.. lol …. nice one dost… well i have never had the chance to cook chicken…. however i do get to eat it everyday …lol… u can make tht out from the increasin size of my tummy…lol….
    2 dil ek murgey mein…kya baat hai… so what did u do … or i shud ask if they were delicious…lol…
    chicken jaisa food poorey sansaar mein to kya poorey brahman mein nahi hai…. 😛 …lol…
    enjoy maddi…


  2. Not anymore….the daisy wont dry and the bumble wont cry….Insha allah! ye barkha lautegi ….lautna hi hoga! and it wont be a pitter here and patter there….it will be a shower that will everyone\’s life….:)


  3. oops! that will drench everyone\’s life….


  4. 🙂 sammy is behaving in a similar fashion.  about rajdoot i agree … how can a companion of a decade be sold? its blasphemous. 
    dont let the confusion thing fetter you …
    here we find a nice beginning … a wonderful chicken … and a lovely message in the end.
    maybe giving monsoon 😉 some time to recoup … could bring her back with all her loveliness.
    may she shower her loving blessings on you soon. Amen.


  5. I\’m slightly confused(ponders and scratches chin)…Ur serious about the three hearts or wat ??(still thinking and now scratching head) But how\’s that possible?? Please explain, coz I\’m lost…
    About frail framework..who told u I\’m frail!!! Heh heh, no man, I loom over everyone in the compartment coz I\’m slightly taller than average…and I\’m pucca punjabi when it comes to structure…So yeah, I copuld beat the shit out of those women anyday…Thankfully I don have that punjabi temper!! Varna bechaari aurtein jaane kya karteen…
    For really rotten, my two pennies are…The new Ford Feista AB ad..very stupid…and that HIV AIDS awareness ad…they spelt her name as Bhairvi BHAIchura!! Lol…so much for post production!!


  6. Dildaar chicken lol
    looking fwd to bbrr..!
    i saw the adidas world cup special ad at inox–Impossible is nothing..quite liked it..wish it had subtitiles or smthin..it shows a football match where two kids are choosing their fav players..
    ive had a bad time with rains already..got stuck like twice in mumbai rains…with no cab in sight and then my nice blue levis jeans ended up totaly muddy and wet..im scared to wear newclothes and footwear now!


  7. and u want something too.. and the dead chicken wanted three hearts…or that shopkeeper wanted a bit of a profit…..
    anyway… i wouldn\’t mind the mist of monsoons knocking on my glass doors either…
    i\’m still asking mt questions on \’wants\’ so don\’t mind me.. its just a phase.. or so i hope
    love peace empathy


  8. when it comes to the unthinkable, the \’out of the box\’, the craziest…nothing beats u 🙂
    that includes the \’digging the sand\’ idea 😉 


  9. even i want chicken!!!


  10. mana kuch raaz rehta hain chupe
    uss muskaan mein daabe
    mana nagme gaaye the
    din raat ke darmiyaan
    phir bhi
    nayi subaah hoti hain
    lub musuratien hain
    zindagi mein phir
    mohabbat ke lehar jagate hain
    sisikiyon chod gunjti hai hansi
    jab maun torr shabado mein yeh basiii
    jagati hain ek naya savera
    jahan hota hain umeed sung vishwas  ka baseera
    phir sawan leherata hain
    tapur tupur
    pyaar ki varsha barsaata hain
    jo apne sung baha  le jaati hain saari tanhai
    mitta deti hai zindagi ki ruswai
    janm deti hai ek naya pal
    agar chhaho to ho sakta hain yeh ek naya kal…..
    thanks for dropping by and yes contradictions do create an imbalance in life,a lttle left a little right the scales might go,but do even out eventually i feel!
    tc and kp in tch!
    kya dilwala kukad aapko mila…:-)!hope you enjoyed it!


  11. lil\’ birdie tells me someone gonna get old soon.
    is it true 😮


  12. wow..a  \’cute\’ blog i say…eveeryone is once again waiting for teh rain gods to shower..
    but hey..wat is bbrr?
    i uodated my blog too…chk it out sumtime:)


  13. hmmmm…my mouth is waterin now….chicken..wud hav chicken biryaani tonite…
    do chk out my blog on rain..itz awesome today in delhi..
    keep smilin!!!


  14. Today we tasted the first shower in our world…seems monsoon has returned!!
    take care & enjoy the rain!


  15. am dying 4 it 2 rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wanna get drenched !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(
    P.S.  whtz BBRR??


  16. ic, i m far away from my land and hence far away from monsoon too.  what remains with me are wisps of her fragrance … ah! how sweet the air smelled when the maiden monsoon drizzled on parched souls …
    But from the met offices i understand that monsoon has visited somewhere in the north.  and the forecast for dear south is …  Today:  Chance of rain 60%. Tonight: Chance of rain 60%. Tomorrow: Chance of rain 60%. Tomorrow night: Chance of rain 60%.  It could be anytime now 😉
    Inference: No. Parched souls cannot be ignored for long.


  17. click on this link for the search on forecast http://search.weather.yahoo.com/forecast/INXX0012.html 


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