Why do I need to have someone? What is that I miss most? Why
am I not satisfied with whatever I am having now? Why do I go online? Why did I
start blogging? Why do I write or sketch or paint? Why did humans invented
language? How every animal connect to each other? – One thing that comes to
mind is communication.

Communication of ideas, feelings, experiences and emotions;
I think most of us humans at some point or other crave for it. Some more some
less; some love to say more, and some listen; some say it with words, while
some with silence; and some other through their eyes and hand and so many other
things. Non verbal communication. But there is a crave to communicate; to
unburden our heart and mind. Something I
too crave for.

And to communicate for me, is not about speaking or
listening. It’s about sharing. It’s not a monologue, but a dialogue that I
crave for. Where I will listen, but the other one will absorb my communication
as much, even if I don’t say that much. It’s a level when even if we do not say
about something, the other one will understand that. It’s not communication
about the daily mundane routine or the soap on the tube; its about reliving the
experiences. About pasts and future and the rain-soaked present under the sky.

That’s is what I craved; and as always, just when I am
looking at the beginning of it, I see it receding towards the horizon. Its like
a ride on the giant wheel. You go up and feel like now you can touch the sky
and see the sky moving away from you; you go down and feel like touching the
ground just to see the distance increasing. You are neither up nor down; at
times you wish that the wheel stops and you are somewhere; and then you feel
afraid of not being where you want to be.

A matching wavelength, two vessels at equal potential; both
feeling the same amount of urge to communicate and listen; both free and
accepting to listen and discuss everything not only under the sun, but as well
as under the moon. Moving the antenna around, trying to search for that illusive

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23 responses to “Communication…

  1. the so called need to "connect".

  2. awwww darn it Horus!!!!! isnt this charming!!!! u made up tht code in the end aye? hahaha 😛 😛
    So now u have established urself as a man of dialogues………..yea, thts as good thing. But u want some advise? Sometimes,it seems tht the wavelengths exist, it seems u click, it seems the world is dizzy and spinning in tune to ur matching frequencies. But, alas, its all temporal, coz it turns our ppl always are looking for different things, and those rare ones who find each other? Ah well darn them, those lucky duds!! I am jealous of all such ppl.
    oh well, i guess i am being cynical, but hey, not without reason. nevertheless, dont let me discourage u, seems like u found her does it? I say find out if she likes u back, but then ur the unconditionallover, i think tht kinda empowers u to stand the not knowing mystery as well as grants u the patience for no replies. If only u could send me some of ur such qualities!!! I

  3. errrrr, darn msn!!!!! published in half!!!!: P : P : P
    ………If only u could send me some of ur such qualities, i would be so much happier i tellya, mmy heart would then be the lest affected and i wonder now if thts a good thing…..
    i think i shall enjoy the rain, the music….jagjit singh tonite, and the nothingness frm my window too. =)
    73? there is relief in randomness, didnt feel like being banal is all………
    bella luna kisses to u sweet horus,
    chandni raatein and all tht : P
    P.S: where, when, how?……..u tell me…… = )

  4. well…my dearest Horus…
    jus look a lil carefuly…n u jus might find the matching wavelength…n wht do i see…ur antenna already catching some signals…everything implied… 🙂 well…wht did u say…..broken heart fragments?n wht makes u so sure i dnt have those too? r u sure everything cn jus be seen n wht cant be seen doesnt exist ? r u sure?well my dear…everyone has a past…and we dnt have to live in the past…but the future…those broken fragments need lots of luv care kindness concern listening talking……n overall…SHARING…tht is wht i too believe in…n tht is wht makes 2 ppl complete…sharing watever they have n making the best of wht they have…this is life…n we have to make a path for ourselves…n we all need help in doing tht…wud u like to accept my offer of help…n help me in return?help me thru my life by helping u?u have all the right to reject it…n i shall be content with it…though ur always welcome to accept it… 🙂
    apne gham ko hassi mein chhupa liya hai,
    ashqon pe muskurahat ka parda gira diya hai,
    dard nikle to nikle kaise…
    logon ko hasaane ke liye…khud ka mazaak bana liya hai 🙂
    Signing off
    pari *:)*

  5. COMMUNICATION IS LIFE. notice the BIG words. ; )

  6. comunication is needed ..
    no one can live in isolation na ., ..

  7. hey wats goin on IC? u speakin of communicating n i sense a cold war going on sumwhere. i dnt wnt to be the cause of anything. dnt even want to give names. know by now that u know wat all i talk about, my frame of mind, a little vaguely but u do…

  8. friendlyfoe4u

    living beings are created that communicate. even a small cell has the urge to communicate. and it does. imagine us multicellular creatures with the urgency to such a greater extent. i don\’t blame you. you shouldnt blame yourself either.
    we all need to share. to connect. to communicate.
    keep up the search. for the illusive wavelength. you will spot it.

  9. ICSEEKCOMUNICASONVery strange phonetics message.I also know morse code 😛

  10. hey…u knw..i cud connect to wat u said abt being silent but the other person understanding wat is in ur mind…there are very few ppl who can do that..n one of my dearest friedns is jus liek dat…u feel so realxed in such a comapny…one shud have at least one such companion i say..

  11. well…my dear Horus
    i have added u on msn…..hope we login at the same time…TRY…yes…i believe tht is the only thing we can do..dnt we all TRY to carve a niche for ourselves?…dnt we TRY to uncover a path for ourselves in this journey of life ?…try…..n tht is wht we must…
    trying…with a sincere effort….n honest heart…for a better tommorow…
    signing off
    pari *:)*

  12. communion with self. it works best 🙂 

  13. tantalizing-teen

    A really thotful blog, buddy……..Gr8 going
    Drop in by my blog 2!

  14. Ditto with me for me communication isnot abt monologue but dialogue. Its about reliving the experiences. about pasts and future and yes, sun-parched present on the earth ( no rain yet!) but Horus I also strongly believe in being in communion with myself & I talk aloud to myself when I take my walks and that sets me at ease but sometimes I also crave to share my words & thoughts with a person who would feel their passion as I felt while I uttered them..
    so long

  15. Water Henry Orange Mother Delta Orange Yellow Orange Uncle Water India Sugar Henry Tango Orange Charlie Orange Mother Mother Uncle Nancy India Charlie Alpha Tango England Water India Tango Henry India Charlie?

  16. Nice ,thoughtful blog . I am sure you will soon find someone to communicate at  that level. Good luck.

  17. shoot i think i missed a lot of ur blog…was away (sigh)
    i have sorted out that mess up there lol…thnx sooo much for that comment
    il do my best……..

  18. um…yeah.

  19. I DID NOT PEEK AND FLEE….unfortunately i cant seem to cover the expanse of blog land and i guess your blog i must have tried to comment but got rudely disrupted by the real life out here in boring land…;p
    awwwww mr rain god your higness sir….i pray that you get the ear and the brain along with it that will provide you with wonderful dialogues in your future…i would have gladly lend the ear..not too sure of my brain tho…it rarely works….but unfortuntaly i am miles away….and there is something call expensive telecom industry…the freakssssss!!!!!
    i hope you are otherwise hale and enjoying the monsoons as i hve been informed it has started?
    you are sorely missed and i decided to wrap you favourite bear hugs in dishes made of golden kisses..:)
    take caresssssssssssss and looooooaaads of brilliant drops of wonderful days ahead for you…..

  20. hi, do agree that communication is a two way street!its not just talkig,its a bsorbing the essence of it, absorbing the other,communicating beyond words!its soul to soul!understand your need ,as i am in a deep relationship and it this kind of of comm is more han a need it is a necessity!a release!  hope you find your soulmate soon!best of luck and do keep in touch! thanx for the visit
    take care

  21. Tell me about it….Onekh din porey elam tomar spacey… kemon aachho.. ??cheers!

  22. i guess wht v all crave for is not juss communcication in terms of saying or wantin 2 hear something, its more abt the reassurance that there is someone who understands you more than yourself, someone who\’ll b there for you without your having 2 voice it….
    couldnt have described it better….indeed it seems like sitting on a giant wheel…every time i feel i am there, i realise itz an illusion…….yes now i do wish tht the wheel stops n tht i am somewhere……..n yet there is the fear…………..

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