Weekend – Tag Compliance!

I have been tagged; twice? Or may be even more than that.
But then haven’t I spoken about my love and preference and all that too much.
So I was just thinking is there anything left to say. Or should I just talk
about the weekend I spent? Let see what comes out.

So it was Saturday afternoon, after office went back home,
with nothing in particular in mind. As usual preparing for a mundane work at
home weekend. Thought of playing “Rise of the Nation” or do some unfinished
sketches. Then started surfing the channels, my usual pogo, cartoon network and
Disney channels. And then suddenly saw that Hungama airing all three parts of
Spy Kids back to back. So hooked on. Half way through the second part, I
thought someone becoming my life partner, have to survive this – cartoons,
kiddy stuff and the kid in me. Big time – a fultu serious guy at office can
suddenly decide to be “The Kid” at home.

The newspaper told me that some other channel was also
airing Iqbal. So switched back n forth. And, yes, tears. Something might not be
overly emotional, very hurting or something. But there are innumerable emotions
that simply flow through my eyes. Take it or leave it; I am not weak, but yep I
simply love doing it. Hmm, another stuff my partner needs to accept.

Sunday morning- ooops sorry! I lost the entire morning. Woke
up at 12:05. Sunday mornings are supposed to be that way, isn’t it? Skipped
breakfast. Cooked lunch and also the stock for half of the week. The chicken
was zzimply marvelouse! Baked some nankhatai. In fact innovated to add a bit of
chocolate. So another thing eh! I don’t NEED my partner to cook. But sharing
the kitchen would be heavenly. I am a bit off on the regular cooking, so some
help in that field will be welcome.


Then, the usual, clean and dust and sweep and wash… whew!
And a cup of coffee after all these chores while poofing off would have been
heavenly! Need that pardner – if you are listening.


Saw “Catch that Kid”, and I love that kid. Hmm want to raise
my kid in that way; who can go out and kick ass of those wise guys. And be
daredevil, and smart and love his dad – mom too! Well I know some moms wont
like it that way. But! If you are my pardner – better watch out, I know what I
want in this field and I don’t think I wanna compromise on this!


Afternoon was cloudy and drizzling; romantic! Went out for a
stroll and ventured into a nearby nursery. Nothing specific to do, just wanted
to enjoy the green, and the mushrooms sprouting on a soggy old tree trunk. Some
unknown flowers, lying on the obscure end of the area. Sat, and enjoyed the
rain, the green and the atmosphere. Another point? Have to be an ardent rain
lover and crazy enough to soak in rain. Am ready to be partner anytime she
wants and would definitely like her to sit silent listening to the raindrops.


Night was with Erin Brokovich; love that movie. Don’t you
feel proud for the character? I know ladies love to look up to their man. But I
kind of also like to look up to my partner. My partner also needs to have a
life on her own, which she feels proud and I feel proud. A life that is as
complete without me as with me. And of course communication! Need someone to
whom I can communicate on equal turf – have to have a dialogue. Not about
shopping and tele-serials. From street dogs to Mother Teresa, everything under
the sun. And keep shut when we need, communicating without words equally.


Hmm, then I was identifying with the male character in the
movie. The biker one! Free wheeler – untamed. That’s another part in me. Can do
totally off the beat stuff, freaky unplanned vanishing acts. I have the
patience and conviction to manage a lot of my characters, but still a few are
really untamed. Some needs to remain that way and some I need my partner to
tame in. Where I want to remain untamed, I need a partner to walk beside.


Physical attributes – not much I need; but long tresses to
play with and deep eyes to get lost, is also a part of the dream. And that’s
about it; don’t know if it has been eight or six or ten – but I guess I have
complied to the tag? On another note, was feeling the need to communicate
pretty badly. SN called up – just to say hi; have just started talking to this
lady, who is about to become the partner of one of bro’s friends. I know you
will be reading this – so thanks a lot for easing my evening.


India lost a cricket series after nine months – definitely a
case of miscarriage! A star against the name of the playing batsman –
remembered someone used to say that means conditions apply! As in the
advertisements, here it means if the conditions suit him – he is gonna play.




Even the space has started looking like deserted lonely place…





23 responses to “Weekend – Tag Compliance!

  1. Ahem, are we being too romantic here my dear horus? Coz if we are then I\’m willing to give you company!! (yay!! there are others who r equally if not mopre romantic than i am!! yay!) Aur nankhatai bhi!! Kya baat hai, lekin mujhe naankhataiyaan nahin pasand. I dunno why. But mujhe bhi cartoons pasand hain, and on most days I talk like them also (those hindi dubbed versions) Chaliye changa, baarish ka lutf uthaaiye and mast maula ho jaeeye…
    Dinga dinga dinga dinga

  2. friendlyfoe4u

    yeah, the earthquake was terrible. it didn\’t affect the area i am in. i thought i felt the tremors but i was half asleep. i might have.
    and. i have just been so preoccupied with many things. i am just lost. hehe.
    and india lost the series! how pathetic! from 3rd ranking they are down to 5th. pity pity shame shame.
    ah well. life goes on. lol

  3. this is reply to tag? wow . i have been tagged thrice maybe i should comply too .
    this is really a beautiful post .
    lucky u and luckier partner . unlike you some of us really have mundane existences . your imagination however is really praiseworthy .
    btw did nt understand which friend and his wife you were refering to ,the one you hope will be reading your post ? i thought you wanted your partner to read this ?
    have been working 11 hours straight , am half dead , if its ok woth you may i also get a share of the coffee ?

  4. On second thoughts, you know I don\’t really mind all that public transport business actually. Helps me stay sane in that otherwise flashy world. Damn humbling it is. About your thoughts here my sage, I\’d only add one more thing, he should not make fun of me coz I\’m sardarni. And trust me, thats not too much to ask for..hah

  5. O.o…something tells me i shouldnt be here…lol…wow, u sound like one of my friends\’ long lost twin!! anyway…high five on the cartoons and the waking up at noon! i suppose there are some advantages to not living with your mommy and daddy…although having to cook is probably not…but then again, nobody screams at you for turning the kitchen into the rough equivalent of a nuclear battlefield…*shrugs* anyway, i\’m rambling now…hope you find your deep-eyed, proud owner of dandruff free lovely long locks soon…^.^

  6. hey horus, u know, i love reading your comments, they always make me see things in a new light…….n must i say, u are an absolute optimist………n a romantic too……..for a guy 2 admit tht he cries, listens to the sound of the falling raindrops n watches cartoons n 2 b able 2 realise tht it is imp 2 respect ur partner……m already falling ;)……..
    hope u get the best, u deserve it….:-)

  7. hi, there is a kid hidden in all of us! some hide  behind the rut life sometimes, some walk beside you quietly unobtrusive as you deal with the daily grind(?)  only to emerge at  times they are needed the most -the child in all of us! laughing chuckling teasing, sometimes angry and berating,!  Hope you find the person who is willing to share your dreams and walk with you beside you  happily on the path of life!
    take care

  8. thnx horus..watever u said abt my poem on my space…i take tht as a compliment…:) ur welcome ne time to read moer if u like…no compulsions though 🙂

  9. well horus…i dnt think ur asking for much referring to ur partner i mea. the nature is so lovely raindrops…greenery…every drop..every blade of grass has a story to tell…a secret to unwind..a mystery to unfold…only if ur willing to hear it…communication is not only through words…it a lot more than tht..u cud sit by the side of a flowing river…or beside ur friend..sliently and yet after an hour walk away feeling u had the best conversation ever…touch is yet another important element of communication, if u knw wht i  mean…n as regards the child in u..well..there is a child in every one of us…n i guess..a sensible partner…wud luv to pamper the child in u and put up with it as long as u pamper and put up with the child in ur partner…u both have a worls together…n a world of ur own…a life she is proud of n a life u both r proud of..a\\her achievements tht ur proud of…n ur collective achievements tht u both r proud of…yup..rain…its lovely to soak in rain..walk miles n miles..letting my long black tresses be drenched in the pouring rain…luv to do tht n even lovlier to have someone walk by ur side in silent company..holding hands perhaps…is so lovely n romantic…but i wonder how many of us in our fast paced lives have tht much time…we jus keep running towatds achieving dunno wht n end up nowhere..work hard at the offices for a better family live more comforts n happiness n luxury but when its time to enjoy all this..we are so tired tht we dnt have the will n energy to enjoy all tht we have worked so hard to get…what an irony…n those of us who pause to enjoy life…who admit being romantics…are labelled..FOOLISH…fools who give in to their heart without giving the head a chance…n who says tht crying n cooking are jus for women?its lovely to share the kitchen…..than be solely responsible for it…consolling to see the other, supposedly stronger section of the society cry for emotional or other reasons and even more calming to console them..its all so normal…but i wonder how many of u will actually understand wht i am trying to say…but i have tried to get thru my thoughts in the most coherent manner…
    sagar ki gehrayi bhi un nigahon ke aage kam thi
    khil gaya gulshan bhi uske shabaab ke aage kam tha…
    hua tha andhera…ya ghaneri zulfon ka bikhar jaana tha…
    tapte soorajon ka rubaab bhi uske aage kam tha….  
    signing off…
    Pari *:)*

  10. cofffeee . 11 hrs again today . i m dead.

  11. hmm…i dint kno u were in blore too!

  12. nah d deserving get wht they deserve, but maybe a lil late………anyway, the later the better, sometimes patience pays off……..

  13. dont always comment as if you know everything . wat makes you so sure that you have any clue about wat i have been yrying to achieve inthe last few months.
    man na man mein tera mehmaan. sala gyanodachoron.
    eitai ki tor jiboner last update?

  14. khula asmaan ek shunye hi to hai
    fir ye tanhai ka ahssaas ?

  15. NO, I\’m NOT from nasik (sulks for a bit). I\’m hardcore Mumbai chi mulgi. But I\’d gone to vineyards some months back, and had toroughly enjoyed it! Even wrote about, but I guess tab u dint even know I existed…

  16. well..my dear horus….
    i wnt accept wht u said…it wnt look much or show tht ur too demanding if u meet someone of the same wavelength…who thinks the same way u do, accepts n appreciates ur thinking liking n choice…n if u say tht u find no one responding…then i think ur wrong here too…ok…lets say…m doing exactly tht…n mayb u really havent gone thru my profile carefuly…u need to do tht..n once u have done tht… u may get back to me if u like..not necessary though..:) n yes let the world think watever it has to think abt u…foolish or wise….coz it doesnt matter who u are thought to be…..but WHO U ARE…and besides…if everyone is trying to act normal and is the same..then this world is sure going to be a real boring place..
    Signing off..with a gentle look for a crying heart
    Pari *:)*

  17. hello, thanks for dropping by! loved your little writeup that you left behind!keep in touch and take care

  18. My dear, dear Horus!!!!!! U finally got it right!!!!!u send showers my  way!!!!!!!!!! Its raining Horus!!!!!! its raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHank uuuuu, in all the languages on the planet!!!! u are the bested!!!!!! ; ) : )
    okay, i have loads oit tell and ask, see i havent been here in a while, stupid me!!!! but i will chage tht, coz i miss not being here. right, then……….first up, thanks so much for tht reply, i did get inroads, atleast a bit, into ur thoughts. And i am glad u like dialogues better. And u give unconditional love all the time? oh, sweet horus, u must teach me how!!!! i expect way to much and then well heartbreak is inevitable! though there are exceptions ofcourse! i\’d love to talk these things with you, something tells me it\’ll be enlightning. hmm
    ur the musiest musher i met!!!! in a good way ofcourse!!!! this is a great post…………and lemme chk……cartoons, chores, walks, rain, conversations , i am asuuming there will be those famous bear hugs, sensitivity, raising tough kids : P, long hair,  free spirited, respactable, bike lover, thrilling………….!!!!! oh welll well well!!!! i am tempted to nominate self!!!!!!!!! see, my list was atleast fanciful, but ur is downright attainable.tellya wht, if u dont get the rain preistess ur looking for, lemme knw : P : P : P  hahaha
    Peter Pan reminds me of youth, but more importantly of innocent love. I wish we never loose theability to fall in love without need or consequence. Its so beautiful where there is love only for love, and nothing els!
    This writer, tell me a book, i\’ll look him up, would like to read it, sound slike somehitng i would like! = )
    How are u spending these days horus? whts new with my beary Poohish friend? I am hoping ur just peachy!
    Sending your way, wrapped in a jade velvet lined box, wrapped in gold tissue, 73 kisses of crimson…..like the love u embody, like the kind u deserve………i wish ur lady is urs pretty soon….
    take cares,

  19. "That proves the point I mentioned in the entry couple of weeks back… but still the summing up also showed a slightly divergent view. Though even after being a male, I kinda agree with you!"
    i wrote tatthing down and m myself a male . . 
    we both are in the same state i suppose . . hate  being wat we are .  na . .
    man  the dominant , depos , horny basturds . .    lol
    read ur questions and ur answers .. . ..  may 19   blog . .:":
    its not only sex tat a man needs from his partner . .   sex is a way of reciprocating love ( i dont blv tat , a women once told me )
    and its the women who have made sex a  way to tie up man . .  a guy and a gal loves eachother , a guy asks for sex she can say no . . but a women feels tat sex is the only way to control a man . . they give them sex .  and start having a feeling tat men are hungary for sex . .  this has  made men wat they are . .   why were in old times a king had 11 wives , a separate  area in the kingdom called " rang mehal" where there were 100\’s of women on whome he used to satisfy his needs , why did the queen never had 11 husbands . .  and a rang mehal ???
    dont  really know wat i m asying . . all i know . .life is a bitch and men are dogs . . .
    another question . .  why do women wear clothes which exposes body .  why is women fashion all about showing their body . .  and men fashion not like tat  ..  do we ever see a man wearing a deep neck shirt  . . sleaveless shirts in parties ..   shorts exposing legs outside . . . no we dont .
    women  wear those stuff . .  why they wear that stuff . .  . .  the thing is tat  . they themselves ask men to hold their finger  .  and wen he gets hold of the complete hand they start shouting ..  rape .. rape . .
    ohh long comment . .
    take care
    god bless you
    ~! mandeep !~

  20. yeah sex and love are not realted . .  for love is between father and son also . . . . the thing is wen we talk of love between a guy and a girl  ..  we take it to be diferent from the one tat is btween a son and a father , mother and a son . .or all other  relation  between friends . . . but the fact is love is same .. 
    if you trully love some one thne there is no distinction beween love  , there are no two types of love . . romance is a diference thing . . ppl mistake love for romance .  .. .
    sex is just physical enjoyment . .  if u love some one . . trully thne it wont matter weather tat individual is ur wife or  ur mother . .  sex is somethng separate . .  fromlove . .
    love isa feeling . . and not  some kinda activity done to get pleasure . . and true love wat i have experienced is not tat pleasurable .. . and also not that easy to get in . . and  not at all possible to get out of it omce ur in it .  .. .
    sounds confusing . .  may be i m . .  as no one can define love in totality . . we can only tell what we have comprehended .   ..
    now tell me sumthng about urself.. . . .
    wat ru . . who r u . . wat u do .. . how u do . .  lol . .  i mean tell me sumthgn abt ur self . . start wid name . . age ..where u live . .. etc . .. .  and keep it coming ..  . ok !!!!

  21. ah! Horus I posted a comment here ..what are it up??
    Hey Horus came across ur name in Da Vinci Code and thatHorus was conceievd by Goddess Isis..& then saw in ur profile as to know what the myth is all about..enlighten me more on this.
    liked ur tagged covert replies – typical Gemini romantic guy! Horus so whenz ud B\’day- is it on 6th or 8th- wild guess!
    take care

  22. yeah… rain….. i was walking. like i do every evening.pounding the track. communicating. the phone transferring hesitant, rushing, intense, deep and dark voices. i send back smiles, a few laughs, a bit of mollycuddling and helpless words. as i walk i look up at the sky…. the  intimate breeze which has been carressing me for a while changes. i smell rain!! i let go and as the clouds roll in, a team of rushing chariots…. i let go! ekhon ami khali amar! keu nei… aar keu nei! shudhu ami aar brishti.
    the wind, the water, me, my tears…. my smile of victory! no one can take this moment away from me!!!
    as you\’ve figured out horus…. i love rain!!!!
    and no… i\’m not joining a new job. the poem was dedicated to my colleagues. i work in a school and practically live there. hence its home. we\’ve just started our summer break and i\’m gonna miss my friends.
    prayers and smiles

  23. Don\’t know why…. janina…

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