Does a man seek only physical attainment from a
Can’t a man love someone who is not embodied?
Can’t a man be trusted with emotions without being cautious?
Does a man always want something in return when he gives?
Does a man always have to be an impatient predator?
Does a man always have to look at love as possession?
Have we men-folk earned such bad names that we need to be
looked down, always?
Can’t a man have respect, support and giving as synonyms to
Does he always have to be hurt when he is least expecting?
Isn’t a man entitled to his small little hopes and dreams? 


39 responses to “Why?

  1. Ah, my dear Horus………now ur asking rhetorical questions! You the owner of the pond of mush! U should knw tht having a pond involves dealing with those ugly green stuff we call…..er wht is it called? mould? fungus? i dunno…..tht unpleasant green slimy stuff…..thts wht i meant. Yea…..right, so i was saying, tht this u gotta deal with and this slime means here the preconciecved notion ppl have abt alllllllll men because of a few crappy ones……
    Its tht things abt prejudices u knw…….ones formed ppl tend ot give into generalisations and well tht really sucks.
    Are you the kind of person who is the negative answer to these questions? Ah, if u are it sweet Horus…..u might be someone great! and wonderful to be around…..! = )
    I hope ur pond is always full and tht the ripples keep on comming………but some tht are pleasnt too, the kind tht dont make u question things like this, eh?
    And isnt tht the sweetest name for ur pretty little daughter!!! awwwwwww\’s!!!! Caress……wah, super this is! = ) I am so jealous of the fact tht the rains are favoring you over me!!!! Send a lil my way tooo…………pretty please!!!!! : )
    How are you doing? Not working tooooooooooo hard i hope….!
    butterscotch kisses and orange candy hugs…..
    take cares,

  2. hey horus,
    if u have the answers pls giv them to me. have been pondering about a few of them for quite sumtime now.
    btw i have had both the positive as well as the negative experiences. and to me, love has definitely made me think. think about things i wudnt have thot otherwise.
    thanxie. take care.
    ps: finally wrote a letter to bro. wil post it tom but will take abt 15 days to reach him. neways i can wait. until then…

  3. I hope a whole lot of other guys are asked these questions..cuz they certainly seem to have other intentions…
    but that doesnt mean that every man is like that..
    and as for the questions…this one
    Have we men-folk earned such bad names that we need to be looked down, always?
    No you haven\’t earned a bad name, but the general impresson that u\’ll leave gives u all a bad name..like either u turn weak, or leave questions unanswered…throw your ego around..maybe one of those things and there are a whole lot of men out there who\’re upto things which would atomatically give them a bad name, and thats not even the emotional part of it. and women being women like to trust easily..so..its hard to regain the trust once its gone…
    U kno what i\’ve noticed..that men are weak inside..and softies too..just that they cover it with an outer tough shield..well some of them are highly immature too..but those are the ones of my age 😀
    but i think u know the answer to most of the questions above..?
    dont you?

  4. *applause*…lol..haven visited here since ages…good work anyway…tc peace.

  5. wish more men introspected and asked these quetions…
    In my own life I have known good guys as well as predators… but then good and bad come together alws…Its really psychological as how some men behave or dont behave as they do… I read every man has feminine side and every female has masculine side to them which makes them understand why\’s of each other\’s behaviours…and then there are sadist, masochistic, pyshic behaviors – sometimes due to brain bio- chemistry and many a times due to social learning.. Men in general cant take NO and esp. from a woman and they are reared up in a manner where they learn to consider women inferior except their mums for whom they many reserve diff. feelings..
    But then men will be men…
    take care

  6.       yeah man..thats the spirit…i like that….some damn good questions u got there….introspection yes….required….someone said men are after all men….
          I dont believe anybody is essentially good or bad 100%..some good some bad…circumstances…what u learnt from ur environment….whatever
        heard smwhere genetically, physiologically men are wired in a peculiar way and women different way…so for a guy to behave differently…say to be sensitive and all these stuff women  harp about, it takes an effort…and who likes working….i for one prefer letting things be…so yeah there is a difference in basic construction…not that i am blaming the Creator but does it mean that men all are bad,predators(want to know who came up with  that word)…I think its just that men give more importance to physical satisfaction and women to emotional satisfaction in a relation…that doesnt mean one is more or less important than the other…this requirres longer deliberation…..everyone is entitled to his or her own view…like someone said…opinions are like A**H**** everyone has one…:)

  7. yes, my heart still misses a beat
    i still feel the tickle in my feet
    i feel him when alone on the street
    yet i cant help but forget his retreat
    v r together n yet so alone
    like the railway tracks tht neva meet
    n so, i am, still so incomplete…..
    …….ur introspection makes me glad……as for the questions above the ans is a yes for all……
    no, not all men seek carnal pleasure from there relationships, but then most do
    yes, men can b trusted with emotions, but then only a few….
    i guess all sorts of ppl exist, no ones perfect, v cant view everthin as either black or white, v r all grey characters, v have our +ves n our -ves…….n thtz true for both men n women……i\’d say to generalise stuff like this for all men isnt just. every person is a differnt individual, be it men or women….

  8. Hmm tell u what..inside …all men are highly confused..maybe even more than women..but the problem is that they will never admit it…and then they have those big fat egos!
    they\’re not really fooling anyone else..but themselves..with this attitude.
    I dont mean to say that women are not confused. but their way of tackling confusion is definitely a lot more better than a mans. *okok thats a lame one* but its true…
    sheesh im discussing men with a man..this is fun 😀

  9. i agree ..i agree…i agree…. uhmari maangey pooi karo… male union zinda baad….

  10. males ke saath ho rahey atyachaaron ko band karo… i agree with u horus bhai…

  11. male hi to is srishti ka nirmaa hai… i agree ki female jann ni hai.. parantu hum bhi to jan ney means papa of the world hain… we need respect too….

  12. Mate, this post left me with more questions than answers. Im not saying that I\’m all timid and nice but I\’m not everything bad either. Each one of us comes with a their good and bad side. May be we have to look further down…their family. I guess in most of the Indian family, we have men ruling over the ladies. When you grow up, you see this. When you have to take a no, its hard. The rejection can make a man go either way you know.

    I dont know but i have been told that we, men, equate making love as making love. For gals, its more emotional than physical. If you are a man, it confuses to see why there is so much fuss about making love and being in love.

    Its the way we are. Each and every individual is different. When you try to generalise the whole gender with ambiguous questions, it gets more generalised and only negatives would come out. If you look at this way, last time in Blore i meet couple of gals through my frnd. One is married, both are working, etc. But they are more predatory than most of us men.

    Dont generalise with gender. Its each and every individual.

  13. some intense questions hun. are you hurting? what\’s up? im glad you stopped by. i think this is the first time i have had a chance to leave comments in a month or so. hugs and loves, michy

  14. its not often that human priority is finding answer to – WHY.  instead of indulging in the much easier -WHY NOT.  given that one is on the threshold of why , i guess light of enlightenment should dawn . (if not dusk)- —  comment  from head on shoulder where it shuold be.

  15. great questions. did you find the answers. i hope you will arite another blog when you will find the answers 🙂

  16. Most girls think  Guys are predators just wanting to spread their seeds.
    Dudettes,guys do have feelings tho not displayed.And it sux wen sum delusional gurls think guys are soulless creatures>
    AS for the answers to your question HORus–
    you\’d probably have to ask them to a women to actually find out
    cuz after all<<All men are from women>>
    [Man: If I could see you naked, I\’d die happy.Woman: If I saw you naked, I\’d probably die laughing.]

  17. Who??? Who is this Horus, who is posing competition to me for those kisses???!!!! And the Frech Kind no less!!!!!! And bigger kisses than me???!!!! Oh My!!! What competition!!!! They might be bigger, but are they better than mine Hours???!!!! Hmmm……will have to buff up to the competition it seems!!!! Giddy up!!!
    Right but i think u can always use some more, seeing as u said tht the shoulder bearer also needs his reinforcemetns…….nevertheless…..sont u forget mine,alright?? ; )
    And now for those questions, they still remain i see, and well Horus u dont have to worry mucha bt them, coz u see, anyone who will be willing to dip their feet in ur pond of mush, will soon realise tht ur pond is withouth slime and tht u are all good, worth the trust and the love and the making of it too i am sure. So in short…..u ARE the negative response to all these questions!!!!! And for tht u are FINE!!!  = )
    nO tht rain did not come my way!!!! U sent it elsewhere!!! not to the frech kissing person i hope! I am exteremely jealous now!!! hehe
    And ur daughet is going to be one lucky munchkin!!!! With a daddy like u to call her all things sweet in the world… Ah, ur sweet!!! = )
    take cares, and sending a truckload of love and kisses ur way!!!!

  18. Lol i like tight hugs..the kinds when u dont want to let go 😛
    acchaa accha ok we\’re all confused..but i still think guys r more confused ;):P
    *runs away before horus gets ready to strangle her*

  19. some of the best things come in the weirdest packages and vice versa (we\’re all aquainted with poor ol\’ pandora of the pretty box full of horrors fame)…we\’re still trying to grapple with ancient notions and codes of behaviour for males and females so the answer to your question is both yes and no, it just depends on the person in whose regard they\’re asked…….this may sound impertinent, coming from a 15 year old, but you cant justify every living (or dead?) man on the basis of these questions…all of us have to start somewhere, and the best place is probably within us………and here i am still trying to figure out if i\’ve totally deviated from the topic….. : S

  20. Only my best friend gives me those bear hugs.
    I give the tight hugs to my loved ones.. dont get to do tht too often…mostly its my cousins whom i miss the most 😦
    and no for me the tight hugs are for not letting the person go as well as when i dont feel like letting go!
    Hmph so now we know for sure that its the guys who confuse the girls 😛 and NOT the other way round 😛
    which means that u gt the answer to ur questions..its the guys who\’re confused :D:D :P:P

  21. thoughtful questions.
    how did you ever think of them? Are you philosophical?

  22. If they have a capacity to confuse, its only because they are themselves clueless..and not because they are smart!
    If guys were smart enough to think and plan then why in the world would they be confused 😛
    and how can a confused mind EVER be clear????
    And how in the world will a guy ever understand a woman\’s mind when he doesn\’t know his own mind! 😛 and very easily u put the blame on us women–that its difficult to understand our mind! err i dunno if that comment ever makes any woman feel good..but yeah now i\’ll keep in mind that it can interpreted as the guy not being clear himself! 😀
    Yeah hugs are nice…atleast thats something none of us are confused bout 😀

  23. Horus,
    Man and Woman are interdependent. They are humans first and each and every human on this planet has certain hidden feelings, a sense of attachment, an emotinal side to them, a selfish nature to them, a desire buried within them… whether they agree or disagree.
    I would instead re-phrase your question as a answer to the entire humanity which would literally mean that: If there is a day .. there has to be a night … if there is light .. there has to be a darkness .. if there is beautiful .. there has to be ugly. 
    Hope that makes sense .. Peace !!

    gosh . wat happened to you.

  25. errr.. no idea man!

  26. Heh heh, I wanted to post serious comment but after that Kiss thing, I\’m rotfl…lol…sorry..but its too funny. About your questions, I think the answer to most of them is yes…Only beacuse man brought it upon himself. After centuries of dilusions and hypocrisy and corruption and conciet..I guess it\’s embodies in our genes to mistrust and to be extra cautious…

  27. friendlyfoe4u

    Let\’s see…
    Does a man seek only physical attainment from a relationship?
    No, a man [a person] doesn\’t only seek physical attainment. That is a vital part of it. However, a relationship is based on some kind of mutual benefit. If the ONLY benefit is attained through physical satisfaction [can be merely LOOKING at the person], then that is possible.
    Can’t a man love someone who is not embodied?
    A person can. Anyone or anything. Love can be interpreted as possession or obsession by some. That applies in this case. A personal belonging is loved. Can be loved.
    Can’t a man be trusted with emotions without being cautious?
    No. It has been scientifically proven that if humans didn\’t have emotions, they would live for a longer period of time. [Deals with quantum physics and reality of thought]. Emotions are uncontrollable without a brain. A brain causes caution.
    Does a man always want something in return when he gives?
    Yes. That is human tendency even if we don\’t want to accept it. There is always the give and take. Nobody expects to live like a parasite. Nobody wants anyone ELSE to live like a parasite either. It has to be mutualistic. Unconditional love expects respect. A man not wanting something in return can be classified as a different species.
    Does a man always have to be an impatient predator?
    No. Biologically, a human is created to hunt. A predator. However, evolving a larger brain and the capability to think and invent tools led to patience. Patience leads to good food. That was probably what happened.
    Does a man always have to look at love as possession?
    No. There is no force. He doesn\’t HAVE to. However, he does. You are not ready to give up something you love willingly. Love can be looked as respect, obsession, trust, passion, attraction etc.
    Have we men-folk earned such bad names that we need to be looked down, always?
    By? Unless there are other animals that are bigger than humans, no. But, if you are distinguishing from men and women, then always remember, a woman looks up at a man when she is trying to kiss her man.
    Can’t a man have respect, support and giving as synonyms to love?
    Of course he can. Love that is expected by parents from their children [until a certain age and then, they lose hope]. They \’deserve\’ the respect, \’deserve\’ the support and \’deserve\’ something in return to their \’unconditional love\’.
    Does he always have to be hurt when he is least expecting?
    No. Sometimes you foresee it. However that doesn\’t hurt AS MUCH because you are expecting it and it is not a surprise.
    Isn’t a man entitled to his small little hopes and dreams?
    Yes. He is. That is why he dreams. Sometimes he remembers them [that gives him hope] and sometimes he doesn\’t [dream again].
    haha, anyway, that was just MY answers to those questions. i thought hte questions were very thought-provoking. nice.

  28. aranya paakhi

    These concerns are not unique to men, they have been made to be unique. So it is has been constructed , it can always be deconstructed….but you have obviously touched a chord here, so it is important you follow up and sum up what the average opinion has been so far….a good sociological experiment…tell me one thing? is this some sort of a conspiracy, monsoon has a psychological experiment going asking about love and you have a sociological experiment going asking about men( gender)?…….just kidding

  29. Wow so thoughtful about relations (or rather the complications) 🙂
    and hello no date fixed, no1 there for any journey. The idea itself is unthinkable. I am appy appy with ma, pa and snowie 😀 as always. yipeeee

  30. LOL
    u give up???????
    *hugs n more bear hugs*
    Just be patient mister..u\’ll get the real ones pretty soon..
    psst: please ask mister hawk to give up too..he seems to be lviing under wrong impressions LOL

  31. n just cuz u admitted to being confused…
    *hugs again*
    naww ur not confused 😀 😛

  32. Will come back tomorrow to say all the things i wanna say……….for now the hour is late and the mind is already adrift……..maybe to neverland, hmm? = )
    For now recieve a shower of Kisses, the ones with rice crispies topped with crunch and melted butterscotch. warm and fuzzzy and oh! so good. And slipping a pillow of snowy clouds under ur head………dream sweet dreams sweet Horus……..
    Till tomorrow, mwah\’s…..

  33. hey,
    know wat??? spoke to my bro today. he\’s now in dubai. n i was sooooo excited to talk to him. thanks to u too for being there. n the first thing that came to my mind after speakin to him was U. 🙂
    thanks for bein there.
    btw, i have been living in the ciy for all my life till date so obviously i m in love with it. love the city at night. so peaceful yet so lively.
    i love the ways u pamper urself. cookin… interesting. m one of those girls who doesnt really enjoy cooking but definitely loves eating.
    comics. brought back sum old memories. i used to luv reading champak, tinkle n chacha chaudhary. would buy them in dozens while any long distance train journeys. :p
    btw wats ur present career juncture?

  34. Patience is probably out of my understanding 🙂
    and when do u plan to update??!!

  35. Witty answers 😛
    Does a man seek only physical attainment from a relationship? – Yes

    Can’t a man love someone who is not embodied? – Dont Know..
    Can’t a man be trusted with emotions without being cautious? – Yes (if given a chance)
    Does a man always want something in return when he gives? – Even women wants the same…
    Does a man always have to be an impatient predator? – May be..
    Does a man always have to look at love as possession? – Nah .. kabhi ni…
    Have we men-folk earned such bad names that we need to be looked down, always? – You knw this is becoming Female Dominated society now.. 😦
    Can’t a man have respect, support and giving as synonyms to love? – Yes (But women r not ready to give us a chance)
    Does he always have to be hurt when he is least expecting? – YES (jisey dekho males ki hi lene mein laga rehta hai )..
    Isn’t a man entitled to his small little hopes and dreams?  – YES YES ..
    Dear god please listen to horus… u knw ur mankind (man) .. is in danger these days… u gotta help us… please….

  36. did i dissuade you from commenting? sad very sad .
    monsoon is preety tied dpwn with pre monsoon showers that have attacked her city with a vengence.- nonstop ,all time .since 2 days.

  37. different eyes, differenet perspectives……..urs made me think……mayb the tracks arent ever destined to meet, mayb itz important 4 them 2 move side by side 2 ensure tht life moves on smoothly……
    no update?…….
    take care

  38. did u find ur answers horus? maybe all these comments just confused u further? introspection reveals less than actual events do…..s**t happens, and s**t is always very very educative… : )
    good nite

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