On Airport

Ok! This one is just for the heck of it. Since there are so many ppl wallowing about me not updating and so many people thinking that I have gone for good on mush. I guess enough is enough…

First am sitting in Chennai Airport, checking the blogs and making my entry en-route back to silly ol B’lore. Came here yesterday night for the Visa interview. Anyone staying in B’lore knows how much it rained yesterday afternoon and evening and night. So I knew its gotta happen. Yes I have got my US visa. Dont know whats the duration, can only know once its in my hand. Everything said and done, I wont complain much about Chennai, as it has given me something. But yes it has taken a lot too…. a lot of my pespiration. Sweaty is the only word to describe my day today. And was bored to death at least 4 – 5 times. The only relief was that I got to play with at least 5 different kids and toddlers…

Hmmm now about love… see folks! Get one thing very clear, I am a hopeless eternal romantic. So I will fall in love endlessly till I die.Theonly problem is that I dont get to be with my love ever. Thats the fun. I love – I give – I feel proud and thats it. Then back to sqaure one. Still its whta I am, and I guess some people are supposed to be this way only. So dont worry about me falling in love. If you stick around, you probably see this womanizer with no woman fall in love over and over again till you get bored of it.

And then about the tag – so many ppl have actually tagged me for the same stuff – so i guess I HAVE to comply. But then I thought its not the right place as if I strerch my hand I might hit the fat lady sitting next to me… so once I am back in office I will do it – pukka!

8 responses to “On Airport

  1. cool ur going to da US of A. amen to that.


  2. lol congrats on getting the visa
    goin to umreekaaa eh?
    nicee…click some nice shots ok?
    womaniser? wow i didnt know tht lol. *scary*  lol


  3. were you doping wen u left the comment at my space ? cud nt understand head or tail . watz with u ?


  4. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    womaniser?now thats a shocker.US huh?nice.have fun


  5. yo….amreeeka… ingland…. kya baat hai….. gud dost… i can imagine the whole rainy day in blore… i stepped out to go to the work… i slipped… my fresh clothes became designer ones…i went in…changed again…then went to the ofc..and bingo…. not manyppl r there… got plenty of work to do … woha…
    well chennai has nothing good in it…but yes kids… surely r irresistable…


  6. I hear you my friend. I know how much it rained in bangalore. ask me. bikey chorey moner anondey ghurey berachhilaam. kemon aachho ? onek din dekha nei


  7. Jangiyaar buk pocket naa hawaii chotir pheete…… tumi dekho!!!!


  8. Jangiyaar buk pocket naa hawaii chotir pheete…… tumi dekho!!!!


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