The Monday Entry

When you stand with the milk in your hand in front of the
open almirah instead of fridge you should know that there is something
distracting your mind. When the entire movie gets over in front of your eyes
without you knowing what was the story, you know someone else was in your mind.
When you cant remember why you have come to the store, or realize after
drinking the entire cup of tea that it was without sugar, or keep on changing
channels without watching a single channel, you very well know that you are in

What is love? Is it winning someone all for yourself? Is it
the feeling of being seen around with someone? Is it just spending intimate
time with someone? Is it enjoying taking to someone? Or is it something more?
Something different? Maybe its all about connecting? Connecting with someone
not just on physical plane, but also on emotional and intellectual plane. It’s
the confidence that you not only love offering the shoulder to but also know
that you will get one when you need.
It’s the feeling that makes you offer your bossom when someone wants
your shoulder. It’s the feeling that someone will listen to you even when you
don’t feel like talking, someone speaking just the same line that you were
about to utter.

Its not about having someone but feeling someone’s presence.
At times you know that particular someone might not be with you – ever! Still
you keep on feeling the same feeling, over and over again. At times the lump
stuck in your throat, at times pain in your chest. Still once you know that the
particular someone is happy somewhere, you feel calm joy, and keep praying for
the person’s continual happiness. That’s love for me… revisiting?

Some people were interested in knowing whether it was just
as much as I wrote in Kolkata. Well it was what I wrote and a bit more. It was
a time when I was supposed to match imagination with reality. It was time to
transform the scratches on the canvas into a painting. The painting was made,
but not on the scratches made earlier. The canvas was same, but the painting
was new.

On the night out, the faces were new, but the atmosphere age
old. Where the fun was streaming, sparks of emotions all around. Somewhere on
the course the sparks caught up. The eyes were trying to see inside, beyond the
walls. Somewhere downstream in the flow of time, came a tide, a wave and the
moisture gushed. Why does paths cross long after they should have? Is it just
to tell that those paths exist? And if they exist there’s a chance that they
might meet again? Not to cross and go away, but to meet and be one?

It was a trip where I not only charged my batteries, not
only smelled the past; but also to forge new ties, also to treasure new
fragrances and to paint new dreams. Dreams that might be my only support for
the years to come…


A hot breath on your lips
A kiss without a touch
So near yet so far
Reaching out with hearts open

A hug from the other side of the wall
So near yet so far
Knowing the darkest corners of heart
Dreams and wishes stuck to ceiling

So near yet so far
Spinning a web to cross
Hoping for a ladder to climb
To reach the dream one day,
A dream today – so near yet so far!

19 responses to “The Monday Entry

  1. lol madagascar was full of fun and heyy i like to move it move it, he like to move it move, she like to move it move it we like to … move it!!!
    haha ilaughed a lot dear!!! and these pinguins were so cute hihi!!
    oh dear i love these lil verses you have added at the end of this blog entry!! have a nice day!!!!
    and heyyyy i\’m so happy to leave the first comment here, wow wow wow yes still crazy as before lol!!
    ____________**__**_____* ___________***_*__*_____* __________****_____**___****** _________*****______**_*______** ________*****_______**________*_**________*****_______*_______* ________******_____*_______* _________******____*______* __________********_______* __***_________**______*********__________** _*******_________* __******_________*_* ___***____*______*_**___________*_____*__* _______****_*___* _____******__*_**____*******___** ____*****______* ____**_________* _____*_________* _____________*_* ______________** _______________*
    will u accept this flower???lol
    (¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´♡Fatima♡


  2. friendlyfoe4u

    shh. don\’t reveal all about me. haha. [referring to manasi wanting to be tulip.]
    btw, amazing play with oxymorons. paradoxes make the most sense to me. hehe. oh
    definitely revisiting.


  3. I am so gonna go \’oooooooooo\’ now. You do seem to have found a girl shoulder bearer alright. Wht is this dear Horus?? Ur in luuuuuuuubbb? are you?? adn why do u say tht its not attainable……isnt it?
    I actually do need a hug from your side of the wall…..those memories i was telling u abt…..well they are biting me in the arse and things are grim….thank god for ice-cream : S
    So dear shoulder bearer… me head on tht shoulder and let me cry a bit…then u can pat me head, feed me choclate and hear me whine and wallow in pain. I think no one wants to do tht , eh? Its a tough proposition even for the shoulder bearer…….oh well, some wise person did say…..
    In three words i can sum up everything i have known about life…..It goes On…..
    I tagged u on me space……well if u happen to hate tht kinda thing i am sowwiiieee……but i\’d like it if u did….
    So tell me, how are you doing? How is ur Lappu? ; )
    take care sweet horus….leaving a bowl of fresh fruit salad on my way out…..its really hot…..
    vanilla kisses,


  4. ye kyaa ho raha haiii lol
    horus found love in good ol when in trouble come back home 😀 haha nicee
    i dont know what love is and i guess it\’ll take a long time for me to actually understand what it is!


  5. baap re baap…
    yahan bhi love? everybody is writing about love in this torturous summer.
    so mush mush…!!!


  6. pyar ishq aur..mohabbat….
    well well well… kya baat hai….. looks lke love is in the air… every1 is just falling into it..
    love love love…kya baat hai… well when i was reading the first para u just wrote up ther.. i thought whats new..i am always like this… but i may b a dumbhead… but u rnt dude…
    btw whoz that lucky gal…bolo bolo kaun hai woh…?? :P….
    my experience in this thing called love is over 50 years now… and i can tell u that luv is a second life.. it grows into the soul… warms every vein….and beats in every pulse….


  7. hmmm…all sounds so mushy…now on way to sleep…so will come back here and read it all in the evening..
    So Indra how have you been??
    take care
    ciao in the evening


  8. Hmph. not love..leading all of us! lol
    hmmm yea might be not love but could  just a u mentioned.
    well i dont think you should try to match someone to someone u found somewhere else..cud be messy.
    hmmm maybe i dont recognise it..true..but the later i recognise the better it\’s too painful 🙂


  9. A few million truckloads and bandwagons of Butterscotch Kisses tipped with choclate sauce comming ur way in manner of a blizzard……..giddy up! = ) : ) mwaaaaaaaaahhhhhh\’s!
    Thanks…….. Ur the best!


  10. Looks like Love is in the air.Have a nic day.


  11. i ll take your definition of love as the de facto one. if u permit i ll
    copy it down and will use it further educate the masses!

    i did see the BBRRs but then in the final list, cudn find them.. so asked.. 😀

    foolishly worked.. isn a gud term to see.. but yes i agree with the
    consequences… but then.. thanx to these few ppl.. i still go to the
    system for my work


  12. gabbbbbbbbbaaarrrrrrrrr kahaaaan ho yaar… its been ages to c u on yahoo ….


  13. love, the word itself makes me smile 🙂 is all that and more……. is that smile he gives me, is that hug i get before i fall asleep, is his arm on which i know i am the safest, is the feeling of security, is the small fights, is the dinners…….is EVERYTHING life is all about 🙂


  14. ooooh ok i sort of get it. only sort of..and rest u said don\’t worry your head so i wont 😉
    Hmmm yea it\’ll happen whenever…in its time.. 😀 no hurry here! 🙂


  15. now that ur wallowing in ur new found pool of love ,do we stop getting updates?
    and please either tell all or shut up – dont behave like c grade hindi films ( reshma ki jawani types) where they claim to tell all show all but actually just show flowers kissing or worse ,if its a soutern indian flick .


  16. The head is here sweet Horus…..bring on the shoulder……I have a box of extra soft tissues which u shall hand me throught out this wailing session…..and they r extra soft to not scar me skin ; ) : P
    You are advised to have anything tht contains very high content of fat……namely choclates…mint my fav….ice-cream, sodas, cakes, pastries, donouts…..u knw….tht kinda stuff…..and when u feel ready to be miserable lemme knw…..i\’ll bring the tissues, my woes and my weary head……


  17. Et tu Horus?? Love bug got you too??? Don\’t think too much about love, enjoy it!!


  18. hah! love is in the air!


  19. ykno that poem below,……..its very passionate…!
    i live for passion…


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