Kolkata – this time

This trip, was not by choice. I needed it, to answer a few questions, to reach oout and reach in, and to absorb and recharge.

The journey on plane – spent sometime chatting with an aspiring Airhostess, and then watched Tom n Jerry on my lappu with her and couple of my new friends, nearly my age – maybe 6 and 8. Once the plane landed, a whiff of musky, sultry air announced arrival of Kolkata; like the air from a long closed room.

Then for two days, reached out to new islands, validated older ties. Amazing feeling of overnight adda, and after breakfast chat with two lone souls at home. Spoke to grand-dad; at 94 he took me on a long lost trip to Manas Sarobar, Kedarnath and Badrinath on foot. When he was having the Chinese fish I ordered, he enquired how much did it cost; and I replied that they said the Indubhushan’s grandson need not pay. The laughter was almost childlike, and he was happy that now everyone is aware of Indubhushon. He was happy that finally what his swimming, diving, wrestling, hunting medals couldn’t achieve; what the photographer at New Theaters and Times of India can not achieve is finally achieved; people now know him.

Met people, new and old; felt walls and layers. Couldn’t lower my walls to most. At one place tried holding to it dearly, and then it crumbled. Cried at most unexpected place. Walked alone on the roads of Golf Green and Gariahat. Rediscovered a lot of long lost scents. Discovered new scents, that people said are false. But I guess for me every scent has a special meaning, and I treasure them. Joginder bhai, our phuchkawala was not there – “Desh gayela hey”, without him it doesn’t taste the same. Kept searching for each tree, each fence and each window – all said stories to me.

Consoled some worried souls. Some who do not deserve to carry worry on their shoulders after so many years. Its time they take time easy.  Ammi needed the shoulder to cry. Babai needed the friend to discuss and solve. They both needed their son to be happy. Layers and walls again; at times they were cracking; felt the built up of moisture and fled; came back to re-establish their pillars.

The walks charged my batteries, the nights spent chatting unburdened the soul a bit. Lost some, but surprisingly started believing that may be, after ages, it seems I have someone whom I can share with. Someone with whom I can share as equal, to give and ask for a shoulder. But then there was a scare, thought like a curtain falling on the show. Came back and found my fear to be unfound; a friend can always be counted on – isn’t it?

19 responses to “Kolkata – this time

  1. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    ur occupation-telling lies?i dint care you a tru blue liar…
    anyways,sry if u got offended…really i dint mean to.


  2. hmmm….airhostes…was she a bengali…?? usually bengali gals r sexy…. they have a sexy color of skin..and hair wow… man they r gorgeous…
    anyways lemme write somethn apart from gals now… hmmm tom and jerrry..on airplane… man it ok if u r with frens..last time i was on the outer seat and the old guy who was very much eager to sit on the window seat had to go and pee after every 20 minutes … i was standing and sittin over and over again ..as if i am not in an airplane ..but in some roadways bus… sala buddha…
    sounds like u share a bery nice gesture with ur family… same here.. atleast this is something good in "we" people…
    dost post some pictures of ur visit to ur hometown…


  3. absolutrly can be 🙂


  4. aranya paakhi

    have you heard suman\’s song, chenna dukho, chenna sukh, chenna chenna haashi mukh, chenna alo, chenna andhokaar i can float back in time and then when he says chenna raastai kora naara i am always in ballygunge, not once has the venue changed in the last so many years.


  5. ya i went to cal last week too . walked around golfgreen a lot .its a shame that joginder was nt around , next time i ve decided to consult him before i make my trip . he is my fuchka wala soulmate .
    heard about you asking for a shoulder – good good . finally .who z the lucky girl? if i may ask. wat does she look like . maybe next post should be one about her – describing her ,inside and outside . wud love to know .
    by the way does she like rain ? it should be important for u .is nt it .?
    saw any movies in cal?
    overnight adda ? tell us more .
    somhow feel there are many things unclear in this post . kinda like u really havent told us .like fill in the blanks . please tell us more . we deserve to know dont we ?


  6. U found a shoulder to bear ur soul to too? I think i am going to cry…..but for joy this time…….
    You go and u be happy Horus!!!! be very, very happy!!!!!
    leaving a bunch of lilles on my way out…….pink ones the kind tht make ur eyes twinkle……


  7. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    ahh…damn.im almost shocked at the number of typos in my last comment.shame shame.anyways,have always been a fan of tom n jerry.glad u had a good time
    take care ciao


  8. Hi, longtime ago I visited your space when I first started my own space.  I visit with Zofo\’s space. Bittersweet.
    I read  alot of your writings, must admit alot is just beyond me, perhaps it is a cultural difference to what you are referring too, in any case, I certainly can appreciate your poetry.  and way back your writings on time… time I can understand what you talked about… then I read everyones comments which were not all that many, but one in perticular stood out.
    I personally do not know all the answers, but I do step out of the illusion where there is no time to see the illusion for what it is.  Then when I return I understand and play the illusions.  I have a very different concept of everything written here…….and I was explained what a martry is……I respect all faiths, for the reason I can say that is because we are all ONE. ONE the same.  We are God.  Use what ever word, but everything is only the same.  God is energy and as we do each thing and think each thing  , God grows.  I am YOU.  You are me, and we are god.  It was shocking for me at first… then I adjusted and understood but I hid for 18 years before I came out of the closet. I stand strong now a rock. a rolling stone.  It was good to come here horus…….you are bright and I am just simple.  I have no needs I have everything, the world is mine.  OOoooh I ramble , delete if you wish, but I am blogging your writings about time to my space and I am also take the comment from your friend.  I enjoy a good banter.  Bohemian is \’IN\’ again.
    I stepped away from the industrial white collar world, I am just a simple artist expressing myself… and you said far none come close to your madness.  Look in the mirror.  Love , herbs and spice all things nice Linda.
    (You will see me)  One the Same.  I love all peoples, I love love. I love all things.  S   M   I    L   E


  9. so you found a shoulder to share and cry on…
    I am very happy for you….i came home today..and saw this post…and i am even happier than when i reached here.
     a big bunch of roses for you…colour you decide.
    imaginations…..it is there just so it can run amok….no boundaries to stop it…
    hugs and tc.


  10. The Departed

    I was born there…salt lake city. Not been there in 14 years though. wonder how is it now.
    yeah…am bengali..i mean my dad is. Mom is punjabi. but i dont know how to speak either. I KNEW how to though. ahh..


  11. friendlyfoe4u

     Came back and found my fear to be unfound; a friend can always be counted on – isn’t it?you wish. so do i.


  12. ☆~~☆Hello Dear Horus\\(^o^)/☆~~☆
    oh a new story!!! well why am i here??? lol just to c wht was new and as i\’m in hollidays, i\’m going to start to read ome of your blog entries (oh sorry) => some of your stories , i hope i\’ll laugh and not cry like when i watch an indian movie!!!!!
    do u know wht? today i was intending to comment all the blog i\’ve added to my fav one and most of them the links were dead, oh shittt => i said to myself, it\’s great coz i don\’t have to leave comment on so many spaces!!!
    hehe, well i\’m going now, will speak to you later!!! i\’m a chatter box i know, i\’m crazy i know that too … oh i\’m late now wanna watch madagascar!!! hehe
    Have a nice and sweet week end dear and keep smiling …
    (¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´♡Fatima♡


  13. u lookd great when u were a kid .. 🙂


  14. so hows it going dost… its been ages to c u online..


  15. Tagged you…so go answer..( me taking revenge for not sending Rabdi to me)
    lovely snaps….
    at home this  weekend. came for a one day visit.
    tc and hugs


  16. ah.. i came back to ur space on a sunday and did a gud thing in tat… got time to spend in reading wat al i missed from the really rottens to this one..

    i was wondering… SBI ads (those betting things) weren\’t included… not upto mark kya?


  17. Hmmm somehow even after your recharge trip..you still seem sad!
    u ok na?


  18. crazy_humour

    Oi dekho dujone ekhon nekaapona kore…………… !!!! Bhaja maachta ulte khete janenaa… Aha re……………… pareenaa……


  19. kemo na chey….dost..???


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