24 Carats of Love

Fifteen years of faith

Five years of a world together

Three years of honeymoon

Tearing apart the years – under law

Cost of 24 carats of love


Slung mud on the face

Questions piercing a battered soul

Portals under the big red bindi – stern

Eyes and ears all around gobbling, waiting for pieces

Cost of 24 carats of love


Unfinished whims and broken dreams

Covering mutilated dead bodies

Carefully medicated cuts and burns

Unrelenting hands pulling, snatching stained covers off

Cost of 24 carats of love


A beginning of an end

End of a beginning

End of all ends

Beginning of a new beginning

Looking at life – paying price

For the cost of 24 carats of love



20 responses to “24 Carats of Love

  1. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    A beginning of an end
    End of a beginning
    End of all ends
    Beginning of a new beginning
    i just loved the way youve put that…


  2. o ho… yaar i wanted to write what just Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ
     has written… anyways kuch ni hota…
    so kemo na chey…??? bhalo..?? ami b bahlo achey… well carts reminds me of gold..and these days its gettin very expensive… but believe me dost..carat of love is anomol.. its not everybody pendant of neckless… only a few get to wear it..and then they cherish its glitter forever…
    lovely post yaar…


  3. Dude,where's my space?

    I loved it..but wht was tHAt all about?


  4. the pixie is nothing but an entity that i can relate to….cuz of certain characteristics…
    the tears are spent ..the storm is over….but always i thank the rain god for letting it shower…its more dangerous when the clouds only rumble and not pour dont you think??
    yes we hve to meet…i do remember…i will be in bglore sometime middle of this month but my plams are never sure…i am also leaving india for a while so i am not sure of anything right now….
    but we will meet one day….and for now i am happy your going to be my mentor…:)
    how could fifteen years not feel like forever?? and if it wasnt forever then what is??….24 carats…i guess only 18 exists these days…dont you??


  5. i wish this was there for my exams as a poem..its so easy to learn!!!:P:P joke..thought provoking…but love..hmm check out my blog for that…went away for 10 days but im back..and listen be there on 5th for my anniversary…


  6. It was sumthin like I once told myself"It\’s the end of an era. It\’s official, a new season has begun/" I\’m telling  you this coz I think you might get what I\’m saying


  7. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    its okay,even if u write midgety lidgety pip,i dnt care………ahh…well everybody has scars..some heal some dont.you just gotta move on.theres probably a reason im going through all this.i still dont know why i posted that.anyways,take care ciao


  8. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    thnx for the gr8 advice liar boy 🙂


  9. friendlyfoe4u



  10. i can share if there was something to share dear horus…but there is really nothing…just in a contemplating mood these days…willl get back to my nonsensical self soon….so i shall be leaving this saturday..be back soon…
    will meet you in bglore hopfully…one divine day…:)


  11. captivating….loved the first para.. beautiful.


  12. while most pple ponder over beginnings and ends ,life gets bored gets up and leaves midway.


  13. understand that you went to calcutta ,how come no stories from your stay there? was hoping for instresting observations and anecdotes to flood our parched spaces.


  14. since u are always sighing and swaying about rain ,thot i d share this observation with u . there seems to be too much hype about rain everywhere. and absolut no talk about monsoon .
    rain to dream,romance,make love, sing,dance,romanticize,create,think.
    but what does rain want .does she really want to give without getting ? and wat does she do when she is isolated ,abandoned cos she has turned into monsoon,
    rain is really getting very very cliched .so much ,that no one really cares any more and hence -acid rain.
    and please dont give me ur poetic words as to how much u love rain and will always be there for her ,cos all said and done ,u are doing it from ur comfort zone.


  15. rain boltey money porlo – heard of the rainmaker? he waits for no clouds ,no rain .he creates it.
    saw a play,or film,or book  cant remember -romance of the rainmaker.hindi was also done- barishwala.google uncle shud give u better info.


  16. The cost of 24 carats of love today is ironically more than 24 carats of anything today man…
    I\’ll take time to understand or even get anywhere near assimilating this one. Meloncholy you see, has not been my companion since some time. Now-a-days I\’m only all extreme. But when I do, I\’ll probably add my two cents to your 24 carats…


  17. Wow, loved this one!! Tell me something how do you come up with poems? Did you have someone/some incident in mind when you penned this one?? Damnit!! You really cook??? Wow!! Someday you must lay out a lavish spread for me!!! Godddd, who told you I\’m getting married, NAWWTTT!!! I said my friends and cousins are getting hitched not me, eekksss!! Right now that\’s like \’the road not taken\’!!!


  18. : S Wht is this dear Horus????? Am low and down and beat and u say no bossom but a shoulder instead and i come here to the shoulder only to see it wilting andkinda bruised under the bent of 24 carats!!!
    Awww man!!! Melencholy!!! darn u stupid moronic state of mind!!! sad and regretful and contemplative and all tht!!! and tht too in the middle of a stifling summer of 40+ degrees! sheesh! u think tht mind wud be closed due to over heating! but noooooo………this stupid brain will run back,. across mountins and terrians of rocky memories and make things more miserable! Incosiderate stupid head i tellya!
    *sigh* the way u write abt this stuff, romantic and then not so romantic in the end…..must be banned, u cannot write like this so as to move the unassuming reader to tears and sniffling.
    24 carats? u had 24 carats of it? no wonder i was left with the poor quality kind…..u had the good shiny golden stuff all along!
    Its tough, isnt it? hugsssss, loads of them and oh u\’ll also remember me for this, wht the heck….those chest busts tooo! 24 carsts deserve tht, eh? ; )
    take care sweet horus…..


  19. crazy_humour

    abaar………………………???????????????????? shotti kee je bolluum…………. Aha re!!!!!!!!!


  20. ur post screams divorce…like the way uve written it…24 carats of love


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