Another Feather…

10 days of day night effort, using software’s which have not touched for last 5 – 6 years, and then on the final day getting the appreciation of one and all. Yep – a great feeling of achievement. Doing what I like best, to create.

Was asked to make a motivational Audio Visual (A/V) for the annual day function. So I became, the writer, director, editor, music director and voice over artiste, all together. Doing sound and video editing after the animation flick of 2000, it was a damn tough fight. And then the lack of the rite CODEC. And I was not all too pleased with my effort. But on the final day, when the MD congratulated from the podium, and I saw the smile on my boss’s face (saying, see – I told you, this guy can do it!). The feeling was champ!

But then rite after it, during the break, came out, lit a cigarette, and that was the time when I wanted to share it. Wanted to share the oven fresh news of the success. And, …there was none; sent an sms to Bro; but I guess he too was busy to respond. So I smiled, finished up the smoke and came back.

Oh btw, I also won a consolation prize for the cooking competition I took part. And at the end even the Financial adviser congratulated and told me that if required I can have two alternative career! Tow? Huh? What does he know; I can have at least ten different possible career options. Cook, writer, painter, Editor, film maker, music director, voce over artiste, actor, and then – others like son, brother, father, friend, “Artiste”, “Pianist” and “Shoulder Bearer”?

================================================================ Message From Shoulder Bearer – “I guess my reign is ascending. With every passing day, I am engulfed in joy, knowing that there’s smile in another gloomy face. Can god give me a thousand shoulders? The doors still open and I am standing with open arms”



Just an Update

Am in a short short trip to kolkata; meeting ppl, doing some unfinished business. Thts why am not online most of the times. Though we are having a broadband connection(really|???) at home, I can not connect my Lappu to it. And otherwise too, I am mostly moving. So will see and respond to all on or after 2nd.


btw – I knew I will feel nice, and my frends online has not disappointed me. Thx to all the wishes and hugs and high fives… thx a ton to all of u!


21 responses to “Another Feather…

  1. Indeed a day of achievements and success!
    You are so talented!

  2. Congratulationsssss
    yipeee for horus..3 cheers! 🙂
    ok am too sleepy now * i kno u\’ll kill me for making this excuse but somehow the blogs remain open and i forget about them*
    but then that ensures u more than one comment 🙂

  3. well said about life. but when ur tired of playing the game what do u do?

  4. Amake ektu ranna shekhao na. aami ranna kortey kitchen-ey dhuklei – am escorted out with much applause. not good :-PSutta maro jantam na… :-)Shedin Bangaliana-y giyechhilaam khete. The way I hogged – money hoyena porer baar dhuktey debe… 😛

  5. nawww not at all. if i were bothered about comment counts i\’d never be able to write bout what i feel..its just tht the overload of audiences makes me feel weird–sort of like an intrusion…
    and yep i said u\’d be ensured of another comment, cuz this is something i wud have liked commenting about 🙂
    aand yep this is the best place to talk about your personal achievements—-strangers have no reason to be jealous of u, which is quite possible in real life. Besides it must have felt like one of those "ahh i still have the touch" moments..writing, editing everything! must be feeling all great inside? makes u feel good about yourself na 😀
    wow cooking contest also! multitasking pro!
    yep sups is growing up, dunno if her senses r back or changed but she probably will never be the same again. Rabbit misses the carefree, innocent girl ..he wishes she never had to face the big bad world, but he and she both can\’t help it, cuz she has to..there\’s no way out.

  6. ekee kichhu din pore to Red Indian Chief er mato baro war bonnet hoye jaabe…. so what will you call yourself when you do that……… "Rules the Sky" or will it be Chief "Rules the Sky" or should we say Chief "Running Barter"……….guru kee korechhooo…..paareeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wat didcha make… ??? cook i mean ?
    humm… you know what for the FIRST time a comment made me feel better. IT made sense. IT felt good… lets not spoil it by saying thanks….
    shoulder bearer is what I needed…. the angels touch is what i felt.

  8. sometimes things are easier said than done. but thanks anyway. u have quite a task there trying to be a shoulder bearer for everyone. sometimes the bearer needs to watch out for himself. 🙂

  9. Thank you swwet Horus = )
    Arent u a super achiever and everything!!! When am I tasting wht u made and won for hmm? come one….the shoulder\’s bears gotta give more than just his shoulders especially if he\’s a culinary king and all!!! ; )
    am proud of you…..slaps on the back and et all. I didnt like reading tht u didnt have anyone to share it with……I didnt like reading tht at all….
    The message from shoulder bearer reminds me of a Creed song….
    With arms wide open under the sunlight,
    welcome to this place, i\’ll show u everything….
    with arms wide open….
    Vannila winks this time……for all ur achievements…..and any cookfest…..remember…i\’m all in!
    take cares,

  10. what are u doing in bangalore dude? hope not working in a software company.from your space looks like you are. man, even i am caught in the web of coding.
    take care man.

  11. You cook..ok that\’s alrite, you enter cooking competitions?!!! Now what did you make – Maggi noodles ;)??  Congrats on your coding success!! I absolutely know the feeling – it\’s a unbeatable high!!

  12. congrats dude.

  13. arrrey Horus……i wasnt sad to read it! I was sad tht u didnt get to do all tht LIVE dance routine for I am so happy! yaaaay for me!!! Silly Billy! : P
    yes, well, hmm…..can arrange the wht were they? yes…bear hugs…..will deliver them…the Pooh kinds = )….then the high fives…\’slap\’ !!! and well those chest butts…..ahem, err…ummm……never mind! ; ) hehe
    rush rush, eh? see u when u slow tht spinning…..
    Coffee kisses and all tht,

  14. that sounds nice 🙂 so what did u cook???
    Cheers 🙂

  15. awww horus..i am proud of you….if i was there you would get one of my big big bear hugs…
    it is a wonderful feeling to win accolades for something you hve put so much into right?…wow i would hve loved to see your work..anyway of sending tit through mail?? and you won the cooking competition?? man your somehting else….!!
    there is so much i could learn from you…i hve to come to bglore sometime and talk to you….
    maybe you should consider a career as a mentor??;)
    let the shoulder bearer rest his head upon another of his kinds…the burdens shared…is the ones that are easily beared…
    take care horus…and be happy…you hve millions out here who are as real as real can be to share your happiness…

  16. not really..
    Dont plan to go down that road YET AGAIN.
    you know the reasons.

  17. cooking competition. wow.
    you have so many talents.  

  18. I think I\’ve finally met my celestial match!! Heh… but there\’s one thing I rock at and you prbably ain so great…I\’m a kickass probably ur a better singer..One day when we feel like it, v\’ll make a total farcical movie where u\’ll sing and I\’ll dance and make merry basically. Kinda like Andaaz apna apna you know…which btw I think was way before it\’s time…I mean ppl din get that it was SUPPOSED to be that way…
    Anyway, have you seen the new coke ad?? Aamir rocks again…This Prasoon guy has gotten his creative bang on man!!
    About noone to share it with..Aaww baby…I\’m sure that\’ll change soon. A guy as talented(no i\’m not flirting here) as you will find someone soon..Too bad it aint me!!

  19. aha welcome to the city of joy 🙂
    dont miss out the puchkas and jhaal muri.

  20. Travelling Horus? wah wah…lucky, lucky…….have funnnnn!!!!
    Just dropping to ask: Have u seen the new Coke ad with Aamir Khan and the Japanease bit??? i\’m lubbbbbbbing it!!!!!! And also tht one with Horlicks!!! tht \’bhagwan….aapto strong hai, aapko doodh kyun chahiye?" ohhh soooo gudddd!!!!
    bas thts it…..for now…..see u when u get back!
    take cares and dont eat too much \’rossagullas\’ but if u wanna bring me back some……go right ahead! ; )
    take cares,

  21. the lappu cracked me up. haha. guess what vasu is? lol.
    and damn…cooking?? what is this? the entire world knows how to cook.. just not me:( …actually, it\’s probably cuz  i don\’t try. hehe.
    and god just gave you a thousand shoulders. \’aayushmaan bhavah!\’

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