The Storm & After

The reign of Shoulder Bearer started long back; and he has roamed the forests and the hills. Though none knows where he came from, he tells none where he is headed for. But those who rested on his shoulder knows that the shoulder will always be there for them, because of the unseen thread that always keeps them connected.


The Shoulder Bearer roamed, as the Artiste kept painting and destroying his canvases. The Shoulder Bearer kept walking with the Pianist still trying to bind him with his surreal notes. Was the Shoulder Bearer tired, can we see a hint of limp in his stride? Is he bleeding from the walk? He dreamt himself to be a god; or was it the heads resting that gave him the feeling?


He stopped to nurse his feet, and he discovered it was his heart that was bleeding. The Artiste and the Pianist were smiling; they know that the reign of the Shoulder Bearer might be closing towards and end. The Artiste picked up all of his brushes to paint the picture with million colors, the piano jumped to the sky to fill the ether with its mystic tune. They were inviting the world to see the beginning of the end.


Shoulder Bearer looked skywards, the rain falling on his eyes, trickling down to his chest. His chest was wet, was it rain? Was it his sweat? Or was it fusion of tears – rain’s and his own? The world was churning; can even Noah’s ark bear this storm? The Pianist quizzed, does he really want heads to rest on his shoulder? Or does he have a hidden agenda? Is he there just to liberate the grieving hearts, moist sighs and grappling hands? Or is he searching for a shoulder in return too?


The shoulder bearer pondered, is there a land that needs him along with the Pianist and the Artiste? Can they all coexist? The storm tormented his soul and his eyes and his creation, but he was lost in the rain.


The storm was short, but it left a trail of devastation. The stars were twinkling in the sky and the earth was wet. The moonlit night glided on top of the bubbles of his dreams. The night was calm, but his reign was in tatters. He lifted the head resting on his shoulder, carefully removing the long tresses covering his shoulder and her face; he looked in to her eyes. The depth of the eyes put the oceans to shame, it was as deep as the space itself. With all its dark mystery yet holding the brightness of million of stars and novas. He inhaled her aroma kissed her goodbye.


He stood up to survey, to find pieces of his heart strewn around. Was it a storm or a lifetime? His tent with no doors lying in tatters, his carefully decorated memoirs lying in rubble. He carefully started collecting the pieces to treasure in his casket. He collected the moistures from his chest, the strands of hair from his shoulders, the broken leaves scattered over the place and the blooms glistening with the raindrops.


They bid her goodbye, while keeping her with them. The flashes of lightening was not theirs, she was free to go to her master. It was rain who stayed, not imprisoned but crowned as queen.  With the first ray of the dawn hitting the realm, they saw their world clear. The smile was back; the Artiste went to his canvas, as the Pianist once again started mesmerizing the kingdom.


The shoulder bearer once again left in his journey, this time assured that he has his treasure that he hoped to find during his lifetime. He has spent a lifetime in search and lived a lifetime in the storm. Carefully carrying his casket treasuring the pieces of the lifetime he spent in the storm, he prepared once again to go missing in his journey. Sometimes during the silence of the nights dotted with the loneliness that was so his, he opens his casket to relive the lifetime he spent with his queen under the storm. Only sometimes – when his heart springs back, to beat!




25 responses to “The Storm & After

  1. bristir chokher depth e somudro lojja paye na .its the other way round – the depth in the eyes of rain queen are the depth of the ocean.
    bristi never leaves tresses or traces anywhere .
    so ,as i gather , the shoulder bearer was tired of carrying ,bristi came refreshed him for further journey,tai to. so that he can remain a shoulder bearer cos he likes it that was,it sells better,it is more marketable than some dumb bristi. bristi u r supposed to use, relax in ,refresh urself ,pamper her a bit so that she comes again,and go on selling wat sells . but of course leaving the door open for bristi ,telling her its her call to stay in the empty tent or to go on her own way.diplomatic ,very good.shiklam .

  2. that was wonderful!

  3. bravo shoulder bearer…that was slik!!!Good job

  4. aar tumi kemon??Bhalo to?Eto din tumi aamar badi aashle naa,aami o tumar badi aashi ni..yeah a couple of u people i havent visited…ive had a break,a vacation…a good short vacation..enjoy,..

  5. Hey Horus..
    i mean, how du u rite such stuff?????
    m simply carried away..
    a very well rittn post i must say..
    though da post is good, bt i liked dese lines-

    "Shoulder Bearer looked skywards, the rain falling on his eyes, trickling down to his chest. His chest was wet, was it rain? Was it his sweat? Or was it fusion of tears – rain’s and his own?"


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  7. Hi,
    Nice blog you have written.
    I am new to blogging.

  8. wow….!!
    the shoulder bearer seems…close to a certain rain god i think i know but you never know do you??

    i loved the little limerick you left at my space…it is so perfectly poohish…
    let the rains come
    for i shall hum
    a rum tidlee dum
    we can then run free
    and sing tiddly dee dee
    just you and me..
    poohingly yours….
    the pixie..:)

  9. hehe yeah i got a few pics clicked in which my sis is actually covering my whole body with in one of those ads remember when 3 chiks do that to a guy and then the guy gets up and shyt…well horus thanks for the grand welcome…errr…well id call that grand cause no1 ever tells me welcome back,they just say shit about my blog..

  10. Hi horus
    in a hurry so cant read your post…sorry but truly busy for once.
    well its actually a very simple commonly used word..i dunno why none of u have thought about it. People seem to be reading too much into things these days. Yep I love u is one of the 3 common words..or phrases…but i m referring to smthin else here..

  11. LOL i was sup2 be online for a a bit but *sheepish smile* internet\’s distracting 😀
    no not the right guesses..close..still..

  12. hmmmm.nice.

  13. Çé®εв®åĻ®ùşţ

    hmm..well written.i liked "The depth of the eyes put the oceans to shame, it was as deep as the space itself. With all its dark mystery yet holding the brightness of million of stars and novas"
    nice space
    tc ciao

  14. Msn sooo totally ate up my huge comment!!! grrrrrr!!!! : S
    Hmmmm…….trying to remember all of it:
    yea…..i was wondering abt this Shoulder Bearer……..geeee isnt he a nice guy! Is he up for random heads too once in awhile? I think I might want to make use of those shoulders sometime myself……
    Isnt it a thankless task though…..coz when it need ppl care and then when things go well, they just kinda forget…..its takes a lot of good heart to be someone\’s crying shoulder……i sometimes wonder wht happens when the strong ones need help u knw… u have this person u always go to when ur troubled and when they r troubled, u ever wonder if u might have the same capacity to comfort them aswell?
    About them memorie……my dear Horus…..they are good, and happy and gleesome and all those adjectives tht denote smiles…..but the reason they get me down or pensive is coz they were so good!!! Those days, were soooo gud, tht they fail to be done justice by repition. Nothing can ever come close….and thts wht bugs me….tht when something so gud turnds bad, or dosent exist anymore…..there are no sure horses in this world!
    Sometimes i think it ruined me u knw…..those times…..they did….coz now i knw wht the superlative feels like and then to be asked to settle wid mediocricity…….its a step down…..
    *sigh* i am happy today…..its the weekend…..i dont wanna muss now…….after reading my sad account : P… sure ur frowing! haha
    chalo, rest is for later…….u have urself a good day…..and a fried of mine is having a rainy day today……i wish u had it too….seeing how much u love ur Brishti : )
    = ),

  15. hey thanks for ur welcome note.
    i have updated my space.

  16. Hey Horus..
    Le me tel ya sumtin… u knw
    i luv it whn thingss r xpressed n felt wid "HUGS"..
    unfortunately i cudnt get any till now,
    so i m givin u one>>>>>>>:D<<<<<<<
    well, lets c..
    if like da warm..cozy .. n cushiony hug?=)
    Rest, m okay now:)!
    don worry i have dat usual -driftin apart time!!
    it was quite irritating 4 me, when i cudnt make things betta!!
    newaz, m gud now:)!
    P.S. Clouds r turnin Grey…to pass smiles all around down thr on earth, wid thr showerings of Beautiful colours f Rainbow, n fragrance f mud drenched smell:)..d drops f happiness 2 b found evywhr…!!

    Very well written. The storm, rain and the shoulder bearer. The casket filled with scttered, broken fragments of life time. Each in their casket, may they find the many wonders of life…the shoulder bearer walks on…..

  18. U\’ve read Waylander by David Gemmel?? What you\’ve written here reminded me of it… Nice it is. And who the hell calls it Phy-do???? I mean werent any of the brand managers there at the shoot and the post???!!!!! Or maybe they were too taken up by the visual to actually lissen, sadly like most men….

  19. нєℓℓσ ∂єαя нσяυѕ, нσω αяє υ ι fιиαℓℓу fσυи∂ тιмє тσ α∂∂ уσυ ιи му ℓιѕт ℓσℓ! ωєℓℓ ℓєт мє яєα∂ ѕℓσωℓу αℓℓ ωнт уσυ нανє ωяιттєи αи∂ ωнєи ι\’ℓℓ fιиιѕнє∂ ι\’ℓℓ ѕαу ωнт ι тнιик αвσυт тнєм ℓσℓ!!
    вυт уσυ cαи вє ѕυяє тнαт ι\’ℓℓ ѕαу ѕσмєтнιиg gσσ∂ αвσυт уσυя вℓσg ℓσℓ!!! υ ѕєєм тσ вє α fυииу fєℓℓσω ∂єαя нιнι, ѕσяяу ιf ι\’м ѕσ cяαzу тσ∂αу ιѕ נυѕт вєcαυѕє ι\’м ѕσ нαρρу, вυт му ρσσя ѕρα¢є ιѕ ѕℓєєριиg αи∂ иєє∂ ѕσмє υρ∂αтє ℓσℓ!
    αиуωу ι נυѕт cαмє αѕ ρяσмιѕє тσ νιѕιт υя ѕρα¢є αи∂ ∂єαя нσяυѕ иєνєя fσяgєт тσ кєєρ ѕмιℓιиg.. σиℓу ѕмιℓιиg αи∂ иσт ℓαυgнιиg αт ρρℓ αѕ мє αи∂ му fяιєи∂ѕ αℓωαуѕ ∂σ αт cσℓℓєgє ℓσℓ нαнαнα!!
    ι ∂σ ѕумραтнιzє ωιтн συя ρσσя тєα¢нєя, ιf σиℓу тнєу ∂ι∂и\’т gινє υѕ ѕσ мαиу ωσяк ωє ωσυℓ∂и\’т нανє ℓαυgнє∂ αт тнєм ℓσℓ
    иσтє: ι\’м єαтιиg α gяєєи ¢нєωιиg gυм ℓσℓ, αи∂ ι мα∂є α вυввℓє fυℓ σf нαρριиєѕѕ fσя уσυ, иєνєя fσяgєт тσ ѕмιℓє тσ тнє σтнєя σк, вυт иσт ρєямαиєитℓу cσz ρρℓ ωιℓℓ ѕαу тнαт υ я cяαzу тσσ
    ѕσяяу fσя тнιѕ ℓσиg cσммєит, ℓσℓ! нανє α иιcє ∂αу
    (◡‿◡✿) Fatima

  20. just dropped in to say hi and leave little choclate kisses behind…the hershey kinds…;)

  21. Well…
    Y not,
    i wud luv 2 b yoooos Hug frnd:D
    it sounds so cuddly!!!

  22. The Shoulder Bearer is wise…..he\’s making Ekta see some sense in his logic…..
    I rest my head on his shoulder and feel better already….his door has been one i have been glad to knock on…..
    Lets sit on some steps sometime when its raining and talk about how it cleanses the old and brings in the new… in its wake it leaves everything fresh and renwed…..
    Leaving a steaming cup of coffee and some cappuchino hugs for you sweet Horus……the troubles seem to be fading away……will ask for more of ur soothing words to make the memories more happy recollections than regretful ones…..
    Thank You……
    I\’m having a good weeekend…..I hope u are too….
    take care,

  23. some of them want to be abused by you…..
    think of it…beautiful womam…the man knows shes going to break his heart…and yet he allows for it to happen…that is a form of abuse too isnt it??
    it was not just a story…read into it..forget the fairytale…and you of all ppl can do tht…

  24. You have ur rabbit too?

  25. some of those pics are nice..

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