Brishti Elo Jhepe – She never fails me!

And then to soothe the battered soul

And then with a plea for caress like a child

With the passion of sixteen year old

With hope and amour in her eyes she smiled


The sky starts crying and I am too,

Thinking of how I’m missing you.

I miss your hugs and gentle touch,

Unspoken words showing you care how much.


I cherish the way you kiss me and make me feel,

Waiting for you, yet I feel all your touches as real.

Now as I look up at the dark clouds above,

I’m thinking of you, and I think I’m still in love.


My hair is wet, my feet are wet,

I couldn’t be much wetter.

I fell into a river once

But this is even better.

Poyla Boishakh (Bengali New Year), and it rained. Brishti came to me, my year is made. I know whatever happens, she will be with me this time. While coming back, I absorbed her, and then in auto I started humming, first – “Bristi Bristi Bristi, se je kon oporup shrishti…”; and then as the rain intensified, another one in Bengali, and this time in full volume – “Ay bristi  jhepe, chal debo mepe…” The Auto driver either was fultu annoyed or took me for a madman. Its OK, as there’s few in this world who can match my madness…




17 responses to “Brishti Elo Jhepe – She never fails me!

  1. are you in love??
    its a very strange post from a guy who claims never to have said- i love you.
    habu dubu in bristi ?it rained in hyderabad too.though somehow i am not sure if i enjoyed it . just sat and stared at her with mixed feelings . it s very strange how she manages to break all ground rules.


  2. Hmmm longing for the old love?
    Yes horus, you\’re right i guess i got to keep the faith. just a bit panicked. But its just that you never know, whether a person is worth connecting with or not, like one might realise when its late, or one might give up an opportunity.. i dunno confused but definitely more reassured.
    Thank you 🙂
    Rabbit will definitely make sure that his princess remains alive. She\’s good so she deserves good too 😀


  3. IT\’S RAINING 🙂 and the first person i thought of was U… it\’s brilliant. Evrything is just so pretty…


  4. there was a great coincidence that just happened. while i read this poem of urs i was hearing to the song Boondein by Silk Route and it just added the charm to the poem of urs. the poem is innately beautiful and i hoped to read more.
    so r u in love? thats one of the most amazing feelings. i know since i have felt it too. wishing u tres, tres luck for ur amour.
    Nobo Borsher Shubheccha aador ar shobho kamona.


  5. hi! us mod is one of my favorites. as you can tell i like living in the past, seek the unknwon. but am still undecided if that makes my life fun or difficult. it makes it both- so it is bittersweet. the blog on the vacation was just one of those moments, when you mildly like some one and then wonder what would life be if you really know that person. or maybe it is a phase of life when you are seeking that space that yours alone, yet with some one.
    like your blog, like the pictures. love to look at the sky. have my bed right next to it. so every morning all i get to see is an uninterrupted view of the sky. some times there is a bird, or an aircraft….other than that it is clear
     anyways, the thing on the vacation was just one of those moments when you think


  6. hello dear Horus, hihi wow your space is so interesting and as it\’s a great one i\’m gonna add you to ma list whatever you like it or not lol!!!
    oh yes i saw your space on saurabh\’s space hihi and he said good things about you !! so i came and i see that i had not wasted time … anyway yeah you have done a great work and keep it all oki!!!
    em… it will be hard for me to read all your entries coz i\’m not english but french and i just hope that you will understand wht i\’ve written!!
    c ya later and dear i\’m very happy to meet youuuu!!!

    (¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´¸¸.·´♡Fatima♡


  7. hey, the eternal lover. thank u soo.. much for the angel. hope tht it listens to my prayers soon n may my love be great whrever he is.


  8. Thank you for touching down Oh great one!!! Son of Osiris and Isis…. Conqueror of Seth… greetings.orphan er comm ta bujhloom na…… I love you na bolle bujhi prem kora jai na??Eii ishkooler didi monee der niye je kee koroom…… Bujhtei parchhen…half baked shob theory…….ta chhar the thought was beautiful…..


  9. beautiful … is all i will say
    prothom boishaker shubhechcha tomakey 


  10. Bhalo Bhalo!!!
    errrr i dont knw any bengali Horus……so please forgive me : P
    So how u been? I will gravely start cultivating them lotus taking ur advice to heart……..will gimme sumthin fun to do, atleast. Only i might get marshy and icky in the process, but wht the hell? Daaag acche hai na?hehe : P
    I sometimes hate beautiful things……things tht are really beautiful because some one made them like tht by sharing them with you, and then those ppl drift away and the things remain, recurrent and relentless, and remind u of those ppl and make u ache for them again……The heart forgets ppl sometimes i think, but i dont think it ever forgets the way they make us feel….
    If i try hard enough, even today, every time it rains, i can hear a distinct laughter in my head…….like it rippled thru the air around me a few seconds ago, as opposed to many many moons ago when it actually happened.
    A laugh, few winks, a dimond of smiles, a few tricnklets of rain…..make my memory, combined……


  11. ya it did rain finally!!!………i fell into a river once but this  is even better……
    trust me it is……


  12. I wanna feel the drops on me too ! there must be something / somewhere where i would be at peace with myself. ya… the pure raindrops on my face…. thats all i want


  13. more rain lovers!!
    Orphan monsoon s intruducing me to lots looks like !!!
    I love the rain too…
    I also claim to be tad bit mad…
    Its awesome isn\’t it ?? the way the the skies are torn open every evening by shards of lightening and then the skies themselves fall down !!!Man I\’m goin to miss the Bangalore rains !!!


  14. wow. this one is written with a lot of compassion . did you write the full thing yourself? are you sure?


  15. some one is crazy about rain 🙂


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