Rumble – Ramble – Rubble

Doing pure time travel; yep to manage the campaigns, one day US time, next day UK and then the third day back to Indian time – which means one day no sleep, next day half sleep and third day double sleep. Yep that what I am doing since last one month. It may be taking a bit of toll on the body, but the mind is enjoying it.


And then working on couple of A/Vs, one motivational one for internal audience and one for the target market… yep, working on both together, and have to complete by the time Boss comes back in couple of weeks.


Well I have started on the next issue of “Bindaas Best and Really Rotten”. Waiting to have a look at the Pepsi TV campaign. Couple of very good ad has come up, and couple of major (read Coke) has really disappointed. But the rest of em is getting compiled… will be coming up after a break. Seems like I have lots on plate! Well that’s what being a Gemini is… isn’t it?


After a sudden lull and depression in the blog land its seems to be slowly chugging back to normalcy. Lots of nice bloggers have either come back with a vengeance or taken a different avtaar to come back sweetly. And it seems that finally the winter is over and the spring and summers are coming back. Well in this regard what I was thinking is that people with pure blogger’s heart can not stop blogging; some may blog for comments, some purely for them selves. Some go to others to invite them, while to some, people wander in…Like I visit some, irrespective of whether they come back, and some I go coz they have liked my post. Yeah, when I post, I post for myself (pretty selfish – I must say!), but even if I get one people saying it good, I love it…but yeah I don’t expect – as I believe hope is good, expectation is purely no no.


Mmmmmm, what else! The week started with a sweet interaction and banter; but by the end of the week the bells started ringing, I started getting back into shell.  Remembered the game we used to play with the snails that used to swarm after the rains, knock on their shells, touch their sensors, and see them contract back into the shells. Playing with those red earthworms, touching them and seeing them curl up. But also used to put salts on the leeches that used to stick and suck blood from the foots, after a trip to the pond…


Oh by the way, have any one of you stolen potato from home, ran out to the garden or bushes, lit a fire, burn the potato, get some salt from the neighborhood shop, and enjoy it with your gang? Just remembered it…


39 responses to “Rumble – Ramble – Rubble

  1. u need sleep . your thoughts are getting delusional . i burn potatoes in my kitchen everyother day along with many other veggies, sadly no one appreciates. maybe next time i burn somthing i ll try to send it across to you via blogoland.
    some pple claim not to have doors ,cos they believe in invisible traps ,to capture and conquer. they have no homes so to speak of cos they wud like to be masters of larger spaces.

  2. 1-step-at-a-time

    I remember how we\’d go and pluck mulberries/shehtoot from neighbourhood trees and feel like we\’d just arvested fom our own personal orchards. It was all ours…

  3. Head Held High

    Burn potatoes? *winces* I worship potatoes. Everything from it\’s bulbous shape , the way it let\’s the knife pass through tenderly and ofcourse it\’s out-of-the-world taste which makes my taste buds tingle with glee .
    Hey, you just reminded me of something my mum used to do- sprinkle salts on snails and watch them sizzle and froth and bubble . 🙂
    So I shall be off snail hunting.

  4. Damn! the potato thing!!! We used to steam potatoes in the remainning ashes of the fire on \’Lohri\’ or \’Holi\’……dont knw if u knw it….its the Holi u burn before u play it……anyways, me and all my cousins used to leave them in the embers at night and take them out first thing in the morning, pepper them wid salt and have em for breakfast……….Bless u Horus……..u bring back sweet, sweet memories…… = ) Hugs!!!
    Hmm…….color in my tank, must keep my eyes open in the shower rather than shut like always as am too groggy and almost half asleep when i shower! umm….and i think u didnt need tht information!!!! hahaha….
    U seem to having ur hands fulll alright………maybe a sabbatical will do u good……….rest tht brainy brain of urs……
    btw i HATE the Aishwarya coke ad!!!! Yuck, Yuck, Yuckkkky!!!!
    and i LOVE the Wheel….kaun rakkhe rang wala ad!!!! AWESOME!!!! even better than \’daag acche hai na?\’……
    take care u….

  5. Hey I am glad you think that way….Economic independence is definitely important but with the coming of the baby the mother still feels this huge load of guilt about leaving the baby. I think mothers need to look at the long term and not the short term but then I am neither married or a mom so I might change when the time comes, who knows.

  6. haha no not  competing with all!
    yeah ash sucks, shes just too dumb and pepsi tv sounds like a bimbo ad i dunno why they\’re focusing only on kareens bum and priyankas body .:P
    i like the coffee ad, forgot the brand too slepy will come back with more

  7. heheh.. da apostrophes reely made me think u were kinda mocking. anyway, u got a nice blog urself. and i jus loveeeeeeeee da daag acchhe hain ad. damn cute. do u make print ads as well?

  8. potato?? no … i stole a chicken from your kitchen garden … and yes four poles too :))
    i am there … not visiting.

  9. hmm.. sounds like different sort of shifts everysay.. well i know it cud b very annoyin… i work as per us timins..and i m kinda sickin tored of this shit now…
    potatoes..hmm..i never did that however wud luv to give it a try sometime…lol… man we both r in blore lets catchup sometime…
    oh that place near benurgatta ?? its called wonder valley … anyways there r a few more adventure trips scheduled in next couple of weeks… wud u like to join us … details r at ->
    and hey there is some jakkur aerodrome in bangalore and there we have parasailing on april 9th and that too for just 250 bucks… so what d u say ..??

  10. aranya paakhi

    Thank you for visiting my forest, my space. I did not say my tears are salty, they are salty sweet. If you are a romantic too, have to be the hopeless, unapologetic and unabashed kinds, then  listen to damien rice sing volcano……
    "What I am to you is not realWhat I am to you, you do not needWhat I am to you is not what you mean to meYou give me miles and miles of mountainsAnd I\’ll ask for the sea"
    I have been reading your blog since the first day I was at monsoon\’s.
    I like your name horus and the symbol, it sparks a fear in me of an impending event. ….don\’t know why? maybe I was alexander in my previous birth!!!
    I like your site……

  11. did nt get a word of wat u said . im too much on the lookout for endpmorphins , to understand anything i think wenever i think or watever . kuch bhi paale nahin par raha hai except the virus inside me . and also the cool dude downstairs who came early morning to see if he cud borrow toothpaste. hmmm, not a bad beginning , he said he d come back later in the evening to return it . strange are the manuveours of men given that foodworld is closer to his home than my home to his . like me always philosiphizes- wat my father goes.

  12. amen !! to watever u said.. lol…only wish i could do that (send them to boarding school i mean!!)… will finishin school do??
    and its all true*sob sob* …. and u have to ignore the ha ha \’s
    .. and no my dad didn\’t go to kickboxin school.. he went to the" bein a dad in a bollywood movie school"… he  just brandishes our golf stick around… to frighten off all the male species…. it seems to be of good effect … ha ha ..
    and i haven burnt potatoes.. but have performed  operations.. more like disections on caterpillars and other worms… pretty morbid i know.. but it was absolutely fascinatin at that time…lol…
    ne way
    tc.. later..

  13. Hey you maccher jhol lover!!!! U made me real glad by leaving a comment in verse on my space. Yeah! hate the coke ad…. the guys too are such a disappointment! I mean… they could have got the goodlooking brainless variety!!! For TV ads they\’re great! You do have a lot on your plate. So do i. But then since I\’m a gemini i shouldn\’t cpmplain.. hai na?
    Oh! by the way… i\’m kinda addicted to alu posto! u like it??

  14. O K A Y ….
    I was going eewww…  readin the eathwormy touchy tuchy deeds of urs when suddenly next line my mouth watered thinking of the yummy yummy aloo chat with nimboo …. hell its like a tap in my mouth …. DELHI I miss u !!

  15. am ok…was out on a trip so couldnt update…..hope things are kk at ur end……..talkin abt ads…cant really recall which one tht is…..but this really cute kid sort of hittin the ground…..some detergent..really cute one……sleepy now…..will come back

  16. tell me yaar kya plan hai… chalna hai for parasailing ke liye ..?/

  17. 1-step-at-a-time

    arrey no yaar. the articles are by some expert. i just downloaded them. but ya, i agree with what Mr Robert is saying here.
    abt your ques: you are right, some people do supress or alter the truth in order to get validation from people. they just want to hear that people are on their \’side\’ and that they are thought of as \’poor things\’, \’victims\’ and get lots of attention and that kind of importance. Someone who buys into the victim mode to begin with, will do this. That\’s what "gathering allies" is all about. The author says that this is an unhealthy thing to do because then you are focusing on healing yourself, but remaining in the same life state, and repeating the same unhealthy patterns in life. 
    Also, the article about emotional games – (in one of my posts) talks about exactly this and that often, the real victim in this case is not someone who is posing as the person who has been exploited or taken advantage of or harmed (and so needs you attention, sympathy and validation). In actual fact, the victim here is the person who buys into this game. Get it?
    In this case it takes a lot of self awareness to be able to remain objective and as you say go along with the person who is gathering you as an ally and actually find out the truth of the situation (not the altered truth that has been used to create sympathy) and as you say – help the person also see the truth.
    I think it is very brave of you if you want to do this for anyone. Just remember, its better to help the person to see that they are playing the game – of gathering allies – because of the reasons stated in the article… this will help the person see that they are seeking their happiness in such games, in the sympathy of others, in something that is outside of themselves, rather than within. That they are not focusing on healing but on lamenting and gathering other people who are ready to lament with them …

  18. Heard from u after long time.Surprised to note that u stil sometimes come and read my blogs.Thank you.
    I am not able to figure out whether i like the Matrix Ad or not , sometimes I find the guy who acts in it cute and sometimes i find the add itself irritating .What is wrong with me ?

  19. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Oh so you a Gemini too?! Same here!! Born on the 31st of May. I\’ve already found another bloggie born on the 31st of May. Lets see when you\’re born ! 😉
    Well, so you\’re into ads! Knew it the first time I visited this Space. But are you working in an ad agency? I guess so.
    My latest favourite and quite a good one is the Wheel ad – Kaun rakkhe rang , Rang rang, hindustan ka rang…it is soooo damn feel good! I try to catch up with CNBC\’s Storyboard sometimes…well..have to! Journos need to know everything, no?
    Bhalo theko…

  20. wanted to say somthing but then i figured  if u cant understand my silence ,u ll never understand my words.good night.

  21. update!!!

  22. a/vs 😀
    updated with abbys?
    fevicol did it again…

  23. 1-step-at-a-time

    hey, youre on the right track. and i know you\’re being careful … you\’re the dude, man. Have a great day! 

  24. NEVER!
    biriyani was great. i think i over cooked the rice somehow.
    but but but….mommy impressed!

  25. ok
    best time to catch adverts is the match i think..i barely saw the matches tho
    caught the dhoni ad..yeh 2 litre pita hai…some bike ad…pretty stupid ..i wish they\’d use celebs better!!
    also as usual when is ee an ad i plan to remember whether its good or bad but later i just forget about the ad..bad memory esp now when i shud write bout it..another ad was dt car ad with half the tea thrown into it..and srk\’s compaq ad..TOTALLY DUMb i hated it..abhishek was better in his lg ad….(ok i remember ones with goodlooking men hehehe)..aur aur..cant remember if i do..i\’ll be back 🙂

  26. not getting time tooo 😦 minds messed with rubbish

  27. then why is it called parallel ? It must be must be far for when I stretch my hand I cannot feel it, when I look out the window cannot see it…

  28. hey firstly i liked ur collection of ganesha. quite interesting. how many do u have and how many years of effort is it?
    so sum1\’s been having a lot to do for the past month. so there goes one more geminine into my list of…(i don\’t know how many).
    well while u were talkin abt the potato thing, i was reminded of the imli, keri n saunf that we used to have in school sneaking away from the prefect duties that we had. was loads of fun. :p
    well about my byline it was about the various volunteering and internship options for students this summers. had to do a lot of research for the same. well, i myself hope that i dont even subconsciously fall prey to the color yellow.
    thanks for visiting my blog n posting a comment anyways.

  29. yep yep yep!
    i pray so too!

  30. its\’ that time of the season, spring. the riot of colorus are really a feast for the eyes and senses. all the plants and shrubs here are in full bloom.
    when an artist tries to paint something, he tries with all his creative power to capture the very essence of the chosen subject, but the finished work though beautifull is never as beautiful in comparison to the real thing. i don\’t think even one artist believes in evolution. God really is the best artist i know of.

  31. hey
    orbit ad uve seen it–its bizarre but is a social animal lolol

  32. hehhe.. it surely ws a poetic anger..
    btw… i m waitin 4 u 2 put something new in here..
    i reely liked da link you have for da advertisments.. "sandeep\’s ad den"
    also… go through a couple of ads i made for my college assignment.
    n rate them 4 me.. lemme know if there is a scope of improvment

  33. well?

  34. friendlyfoe4u

    i am so doing the potato thing. damn.
    i would do it now but it\’s raining:(

  35. where u gone horus?
    was reading the side lists in here……Kheer, eH? yummmm ; )
    and WHT kind of snack is tht? sounds yucky! is it?! Bournvita I love!! have had loads and loads of it!
    and u like Jagjit Singh? wah wah! which is ur most fav song?

  36. hey my ad is…….
    since i hardly open yahoo it would be better if you add me first…
    thnx so much for being you!!

  37. carry on my gemi as well as rainmate!!
    I visit bubbles coz I simply adore it…I have new look for my space; its all water bubbles but color blue remains as I find it so serene
    Oh! that fridge with so many yummy goodies!!

  38. hey thanks for commenting. btw wats Babla? never heard of it? the sour delicacies are mouth-watering nonetheless.

  39. oh well!!! am a bong. but yet havent heard of it. will surely ask about it to my thakuma today. also will try n taste it soon. sounds yummy!

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