My Clouds – My Rain

The shadowy reflection creeps

From the corner of the pond it sweeps,

As he lifts his little head for a clue

The dark sheet covers the blue

The cool wind caresses his curly hair

He smiles – the rain is here


The first drops tickle through his face

The musky aroma splashes his senses

Small hands rise towards clouds like slate

To grab the hands of his playmate

The shadow mixes with the green around

He runs with the rain, homeward bound


Rain drops clattering on tin roof, incessant and gay

Curling up to his mother on a moist rainy day

He looks out of the open gate

Little sparrow friend soaked with her mate

Shivering, looking for a cover so warm

He dreamt making their nest with charm


The water gathering on the lotus leaves

The shelter they made under the mango tree

Her smile slashing thick dark clouds, throwing thousand hues

Sound of a single trembling drop, with ceaseless rain in milieu

Little stretched hands on the window feeling

Digging heels in the slush playing and sliding

Child King comes back to life every time to surprise

When my rain my clouds come and I close my eyes



24 responses to “My Clouds – My Rain

  1. thanks for the great comment
    very good poem.. its ver vivid.. i could see it all.. though perhaps some change is needed on the last line
    take care


  2. hey…did u compose dis poem???
    tats pretty…specially these lines….
    "Child King comes back to life every time to surprise
    When my rain my clouds come and I close my eyes"
    neways…thanks for da meaningful comment…..n….u seem to be very optimistic…


  3. can i be a bit greedy and hope it hails too!


  4. correction…bit MORE!


  5. ahh romanticising the rains.


  6. perfect….!!
    the heavens open and shower the sprays of content…
    refreshing the earth with a wondrous scent..
    looooove the rains…


  7. Hey…1st f all…thnkz 4 visitin ma space, n thn dropin by too:-)
    Well i can talk of Rains..Raindrops..and those Grey clouds..and The drizzling..that lightning..thunder…Cool breez blowing against my face.. ALL THIS ANYTIME!! Will surely dedicate another post to all f these…;-)… and meee a Rainlover too!!
    Well, I really like dyour poem, specially the feel.. i find it really innocent, and heartfelt…:-)!! very well written, i take it as you have written it:-)!!
    P.S. there are many lines which i liked in da poem, bt the lines which r still thr in my mind are…
    "The musky aroma splashes his senses"…
    "Little stretched hands on the window feeling.."
    &..last bt not d least-
    "When my rain my clouds come and I close my eyes"..:-)!!


  8. aaahh… dizzy….like the first drops, that hit your face, slowly trickle down the sides of the nose, down the cheek and down the neck… hmmm… me loves the rain too..daarun lekho tumi 🙂


  9. oh i didn\’t mean it that there was anything wrong.. anyways when you write a poem words should flow from your heart.. i loved your poem.. ijust that the lastline of the poem kind of broke the rhythm.. it was like a jarring note in a beautiful symphony.. i guess it was because of "my" twice.. don\’t get me wrong… if you like it then thats all that matters.. and i like it too
    take care


  10. oooh how can one stay in cal and not have bengali food!
    i\’ve had it many times, don\’t remember all the names but yeah my favs are–luchi and aloo dum, cholar dal, theres this chutney i think its made of khajur not sure red in color n YUM! then i loovee aloo bhaja and begun bhaja..and ofcourse paayesh…so yeah i just forgot bong food that time at night!
    Yeah holi is a two day affair, since for bengali\’s its today and for north indians its tomorrow 😀 am playing tomorrow as well..i cannot sit at home!
    thats one of the problems with the north-south divide…i guess ppl out there dont play much..:(
    do smear some gulaal on your cheeks –on behalf of me 😀
    and happy holi! 🙂


  11. hi there..
     thanks for the comments though when u did i was still writing it.. just completed it.. but totally agree with u that  punishment should touch the soul


  12. haan… bangaliana-y kheyechhi…
    Bannerghata road-ey HSBC ATM-er kaacheo aachey bangaliana…. problem ta hochhey jey amar shaathey jaowar moto keu nei… maaney oirokhom type-r… 😛
    ekta resolution bhangchhi… aaj beer khaabo… boring hoye gechhey resolution gulo… bhengey notun toiri korbo… bye 🙂


  13. Heavy stuff man. Figure out time yet?


  14. with 13 comments before me…telling you the poem is wonderful…
    there is nothing left for me to say…except…

    The cool wind caresses her curly hair
    SHe smiles – the rain is here…
    Indra…you have a way with words…ato bhalo lekho tumi….je ami kotha khuje pai na…
    am thinking of playing someone called..Himesh Reshmiya…and a song that goes..ooooo like…..
    happy holi…smear some gulal on you…from me..


  15. Hello interesting poem.
    I too love the sound, the feel of rain.
    It does something to your senses for sure.
    I love to walk in the rain..but it is hard to get your loved one to walk with you.
    May the Lord bless you.
    fredericton, new brunswick, canada


  16. it didnt hail  😦 😦 😦


  17. I need rain!! My car is little dirty!


  18. oh btw…you need to see the tiger! :p


  19. holi…come to my place…
    I PLAYED HOLI…WITH LOTS OF GULAL…PINK COLOURED ONES…and made myself a palash phooler mala…
    THANK YOU for adding me in your Galaxy…I am HONOURED( Bowing low 5 times)
    It\’s raining again…


  20. did i thank you for the comment your words put mine to shame…
    sometimes yes, i like what i have written, othertimes not. i thought i would pop soemthing new up but didnt really know what to say nor did i have time to do any writing. that was something that i had written in a fit of a bad mood, but no worries, i am fine now.
    thanks again. as to your words above, they are aslo super, i am so glad i am lucky enough to read along with some of your thoughts inside your space. child king… something to me, like silly souls… something i will remember. feels as if you could write on and on building only upon those two words. i love the rain though, it is great to read about. it used to be a favorite of mine but now that i live in BC (it is rather gloomy most of the time) i write more about the sun. aaaaaanyways, thanks for the visit, i better return to my studies.
    hugs i have thieved,


  21. Rain is a stepping a bit on my Summer……..I wish it wud wait its turn…..oh, well, its great anyways…….i got wet in it, the first day it rained…..loveee the smellllls of rainn!!!!! awesome!!!!
    Beautifully written…….


  22. rain .. brings a smile to my face.
    oh, what fun it is..the drops splashing on your face.
    good work.


  23. just wandered by… hope u are well
    take care


  24. appreciate ur comments ……n thx 4 the lovely words…..memories can make u weak …..n yet they give u the strength u seek…… true….
    lovely piece of work above……


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