Feeling Satisfied…

5 months

1 website

300% increase in visitors

2 email campaigns

1 tele-calling campaign

1 Geography covered (UK)

2 new clients

20% increase in total business

and I have not started meeting the clients yet

Still waiting for the US visa (why do they take so much time? – UK and Canada didn’t take so much time)


I rest my case; the essence was speed here. You give me freedom and faith, I deliver…

If it’s raining can success be far? Its raining success here!

12 responses to “Feeling Satisfied…

  1. hmm..quite impressive.. so sir is waiting to write stuff abt us  now…cool … yaar i have no clue why blore\’s weaheris so unpredictable and i dont knw why ppl says the weather is awesome… i mean i like winters and we hardly have any cold here… i m in delhi these days and kinda ok.. but i knw when i\’ll b back in bangawhore then again that fcukin life.. anyways best of uck to u dost.. i m sure gud things will happen in ur way..and that too soon…saurabh


  2. wow..thats great 🙂
    visa must be on its way too.
    horus is going places!


  3. DeGrinningGranny

    feelin of satisfaction is gr8! n infact 5 months is not big a time to achieve all this..i guess its not! n now m not goin newhere..lol m back! even if i wana leave i cant..thats wat i said.! m just addicted to the blog n the bloggers arnd.. :o)
    btw..nice pics..the new ones! awesome!! if u were in colombo..u\’d go clickin pics all the time..its a beautiful but boring place..gud for visitors only..


  4. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Excellent and bravo! Cheers to those accomplishments…the road can get only wider from here and the traffic is bound to increase! Hope your journey on this lucrative and challenging path continues with zeal and smoothness.Cheers, dada!


  5. Hi horus..long time i had a roller coaster week..
    back to normal now (i hope)
    US visa takes ages…heard so much about that–people complaining etc.
    aha so u goin to umrikaa


  6. Good going mate…i have nothing to write on about mine but working on the ground stuff pretty good.
    Ah, i got another \’over-the-lunch\’ consultation few hrs away. Only if rest of the world can keep up with me speed!!


  7. how does it feel to be satisfied? doesn\’t it feel good?
    does satisfaction come when everything is going right? for me, sometimes, if things go wrong, i am satisfied that i am still living. not becuase i want to live. but it gives me a satisfaction that i am not the only one being peaceful and contended.
    but it has been a long time..since i felt satisfied. perhaps, i should start making myself believe that i am satisfied. does forcing satisfaction still satisfaction?
    i like \’raining success\’ haha.


  8. Beware of Murphy….is all I can say to you……good that things are going great guns..


  9. cheers!! you are going great guns….
    wish you lots  more success to come…
    when the rains have come…can the visa be far behind??
    what accomplishments…(applause)
    hugs and tc


  10. applause applause…success is never far.. its only we who dont know where to look…thats how i see it !!


  11. ****applause*****
    Go Horus!!!! wooohoooo!!! Let the raining turn into a deluge, may u be drowned in successs!!!!
    All the best always!!!
    : )\’s.


  12. Dude,where's my space?

    *pats you on the back*
    Well done old fruit!


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