Mischief 2: College Panics

So Mischief Mongers Inc. has proved its worth. The legends
of Kings mischief alone can make an epic, so this section will have only
snapshots of Kings Horus’s deeds over the periods. The last one was from the
ancient era of 
“The Child Who was King”. Cut to – much modern era, in college.
Some snapshots, why the name IC was so feared by the professors and loved so
much by his mates and juniors.


The lecture rooms of BES College, used to have seats with
low bench of one row fixed with the high benches of the row behind, with the
high benches having a natural slide angel. Madam Bapat’s math class on the
sultry Wednesday afternoon was cancelled, as either the all the students have
to sit with their back to the professor, or the professor had to stand at the
back of the lecture room. All the benches of the room were turned backwards by
IC and Co.


Dr. Roy ( the only professor who used to wear a tie –
always!), had the severest shock of his life when he entered the classroom to
see the occupants of entire first two rows sporting ties; ties of all possible
shape size and color. From the best possible to those with elastic worn in
school (the inspiration of “yours truly” made some bring them from home, and
the person with nearest home contributed for those who forgot). From one which
hung till the knee, while my mate Tahqiq chose to wear one with only three inch
length, with a double know making the tie jut out at and 45 degree angle from
his body. Even couple of Chemistry honors guys moved in too with their ties to
be a part of the historic event. Dr. Roy looked from end to end, turned towards
the board, paused, turned back for another hard look, speechless – moved
towards the door, only to pause turn back announced to fill our own attendance
for the day on the register and with a last glimpse left the room; the class
was adjourned.


A sample of questions that used to bother them – Dr.
Banerjee, while teaching thermodynamics explaining Random motions, told us to
imagine that all of us in the room with a circle drawn in the middle and cobra
set lose among us. We all will run helter skelter and he will calculate how
many of us pass through the circle to calculate our random motion. My question
was what will happen if the cobra goes and decides to sit in the middle of the


Both Physics and Electronics laboratories used to be our
favorite joints. Never missing a class, but doing things our way. So if we
decided that we will use the moving coil galvanometer, and the team of Anindita
and Jayita trying to be one step smarter, they will find the entire setup
dismantled in a way that no one can reassemble, which was sadly discovered by
Proff. DPC. Once all resigned, we would go, reassemble it and start our
experiment in 5 minutes flat. Oh btw the beakers and heating pad used to help
us boil our eggs and the traveling microscopes when fixed in right order was
great to watch the ladies playing Tennis in the South Calcutta Tennis Club.


And then last but not the least those mass bunking for
movies – the criteria the size of the group can not be less than 30, all
boarding the same bus, which will be stopped by us till everyone boards. All
will stand on the ticket cue and but one ticket a piece to make the ushers
inside the hall sweat to make us seat together. After movie there used to be
walk back to college will all brains running wild for pranks during the walk


Monstrous mischief, raining terror, wild maddening times…
reign of Horus!



19 responses to “Mischief 2: College Panics

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  2. Ha! ha! ha!
    Uff.. don\’t make me laugh so much…it hurts my broken ribs.
    you made my day and night…I\’ve been sulking form the tremendous onslaught of attention.
    Dr. Roy is my favourite.
    btw none of my lil girl charm is working….*sigh*

  3. AHAAHHAHHAHA! Wicked Wicked Wicked ! LOL!!
    You guys were soo naughty lol!:PP
    And this was hilarious, i think this is one of the distinctions of being in a all boys cuz in an allg irls u dont do such stuff…anyways atleast in my cooll they never did!
    Boy were u wicked, and wickedly intteligent that is…What if the cobra decided to sit in the middle of the circle?! Lol Hahha !You had one wild imaginations:PPp
    Awesome, if only i were half as naughty but am probably not .
    As long as you can recall those nostalgic days and have a wuick laugh and share it with us makes it all the more fun!
    Take care wicked man!:P

  4. hahah that was rocking…yeah im gonna do all this in years to come…and the legacy will be maintained…sad for mr roy…sad sad very sad…n theres this physics teacher in our school who like came p to me after inter house dramatics and said AHHH I ALSO USED TO ACT IN MY SCHOOL DAYS AHH I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS THOSE WONDERFUL DAYS…and i got bugged coz i was in a hurry n told im NO WONDER YOUR STILL SO GOOD AT ACTING…LOOK AT YOU NOW….and i ran…but then he being a diff type of bong(as we call it here)didn get it…he went back to his theories…and till today when he comes to teach he still says I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR ACTING..!!!

  5. lol crrazyyy stuff u\’ll did!!
    reversed the position of te benches? wore ties–ahh i were hoping the prof would take some action..did he wear a tie the next day?? 😀
    these days are the best–school and college..they\’re gonna be over soon for me 😦

  6. So much fun it must have been!! I bet if v\’d been in college together I\’d have had such funnnn…Here I once made the Bunty Babli design on one so-old-tht-she-could-die-if-you-sneezed professors pallllu and everyone went like HAAAWWW…Sheesh…students these days I tell ya..Lack all spine.. But I had a feild trip tht day coz the prof roamd in collge all day with all that grafitti on her pallu…And yeah..the travelling microscope was the sourcce of all inspiration dude…I\’ve seen things that a young innocent girl musnt EVER watch…not even in movies…

  7. *applause*..waah waah….maza aa gaya…lol….lotsa crzehness hapennin here i see….ima yet to start the shyt in my class..hehe….gr8 ideas though…..peace. ;p

  8. Haha who you calling a kid…you dont know what ive done…I n my friend stuck a chewing gum on our hindi teachers chair and he sat on iit and it stuck..then after school another guy told him SIR AAPKE PICHWARE MEIN KUCH UTKA HAI..and he got damn angry …my friend got into shyt cause he put the chewing gum though…and then like our chem teacher..he always takes off his tie after school…i asked him YO SIR WHERES YOUR TIE…he never does anything…but he got pissed…i was wearing a cap…he said ILL GIVE YOU ONE RAP…he came close AND INSTEAD OF RAPPING ME HE RAPPED MY CAP…and then..umm let me remember…yeah like not bossed arnd with teachers cause i respect them…except my chem teacher that is…our english teacher he\’s a really good guy…so he like asked us WHO\’S MENTALLY CHALLENGED IN THE CLASS?…boys started taking names of the few duds..and and i was challenged by friends so i jumped up and said       SIR ME IM MENTALLY CHALLENGED…might sound stupid but it was funny..in parents teacher meeting our class teacher,whose the english teacher only,told my mum i was a good guy..wasnt expecting that…but then he told me in personal that atleast i dont misbehave i just joke around…well anyways has that impressed you KING HORUS?

  9. Wicket mate!! Well…reminds me of the school days 🙂 Its so good reminiscing about the past 😀

  10. its the story of my life and yours, everyone\’s in this battle called life, no matter how unconnected you may think yourslef.
    just  a tale of love subdued but certainly not lost amidst all the darkness. hope that shines her pleasant face in the midst of dispair, it\’s always nice to think it will be ok, even if u know it\’s not. hope teaches us to be silly sometimes, i don\’t blame her.
    so fight the good fight my friend, if i may take the liberty of saying that, fight till the death.

  11. Nice nostalgia trip you seem to have put into motion here…Must feel great na!! Anyway…Hope to hear more and more and more and more…Maybe we\’ll start the college-busters anonymous club…

  12. ive half typed an insane account. when i finally finish it.. thats a nother story.
    u dont have to apologize for not coming around. i dont really go around to anyones space, so i certainly dont expect anyone to come around to mine. but thanks for coming anyway. and thanks for the pics. wait till u see the new ones. there are some very awesome ones.

  13. hmmmm monstrous mischief  rings a bell…;p
    wicked absolutley wicked…. i can just imagine the incredulous look on your professors face when he enterd the class… ooooo it would hve been worth a snapshot …pls tell me you clicked at least yourselves in tht attire???
    way to go for the king… you are indeed turning out to be quite the horus

  14. Head Held High

    Okay, once my holidays start, i AM gonna read each and every entry of everyone\’s that I\’ve ever read. But I won\’t promise because I can never keep promises. Thanks a lot for the good luck wishes.
    Will be back later.

  15. 😀
    have missed on alot! this was a great read. this blog made me smile and remind me of my physics and electrical sciences lab. crazy shit with all those wires and spectrometers!

  16. I have missed out on so many posts here..surely will update myself…this seems yummy

  17. remember anyone called arnab paul from your college dats at bhawanipore. science bakground . or maybe shankho shubro nath from assam,or amit, or chaki .very well built.let me know please

  18. school and college were da best days of my life. lol

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