The Selfish Scrawny Garden Owner

This one is from the historical era, from the early days of “The Child who was the King”. He had this huge garden besides the very playground that used to be the abode of him and his mates. The garden had all the ingredients of desire, mangoes, guavas, jackfruit, blueberries, Banana, Dates and Coconuts, and protected by an 8 ft high wall. Their ball used to go into the garden every now and then, so they had carved foot holds on the wall to scale it, go in and fetch the ball back. Obviously when you go in, you cannot just come out with the ball; so a few of the fruits always used to come out along with the ball to celebrate the breaks. Most often than not, the breaks were required to be held elsewhere; as the loud screams, followed by a scrawny figure running after with a thick long stick was not a very healthy sign.

Up to this, it was OK. We also never bothered. But it used to be a bit too much, when the scrawny garden owner used to reach our house. And obviously it has to be my house to start with. Ammi, usually taking a breather just after coming back from school, and get poured with all the complaint. That’s one thing she never liked; her instruction, do whatever you wanna do, just make sure it doesn’t reach back home. So those out pours usually used to get transferred back to me. So the scrawny fella has to be taught a lesson. The idea came after I visited one of my uncle’s places. So the plot thickened.

The next afternoon, two stood guard in the garden while the chief entered the “lone loo in the garden”. Its one of those stand alone toilets, you find in the villages or very old houses. After a few minutes the action was over. The reaction started. The entire house of the fella went power-less. The single main fuse of the house kept on blowing. There is somewhere a short circuit. The electrician was called; all the rooms were thoroughly checked, without any success. The night descended and the entire house went into darkness. To rub salt to the injury, the entire neighborhood was gleaming with power.

The ordeal continued till late next afternoon, and after much sweltering, someone decided to use the “lone loo in the garden”. The switch was on. Suspicious member calls the electrician; the bulb inside was removed, revealing an old ten paise lodged between the bulb and the holder connectors – the reason behind the all those burnt fuses since the day before! Everyone knew who was behind this carnage, but no proof. We only had to be cautious till the next time.


24 responses to “The Selfish Scrawny Garden Owner

  1. so horus was the mischief monger king?
    don\’t loose that little child in you…
    hail the prankster*appaluse*

  2. So u had ur sweet  revenge .

  3. i am proud of you my borus…lol very well do know tht title has no reference to you but only your nickname….
    ah wht a clever idea..i might still use it… 😉
    me glad you started this blog…awaiting more stories…
    wht gave you the idea we thought of you as a serious type??  u would never be included in my spovie if i thought u couldnt take a joke… and you sure did take it well after we pushed you off tht cliff..;)
    take care old borus buddy… i shall be toooo busy these days dont get time to completely reply to all the comments….sigh…

  4. Ooohh! Childhood memories and sum wicked fun. Serves him right to mess wid horus:P
    I too am very vindictive,and I\’ll blog it sum day…
    But what fun it must be in the village in the gardes.I\’ve been to my native village but only for a week or so.what fun it was to get water from the well, sleep on the ghaas they used to serve the bhais and bathe in the bathroom with no ceiling…ahem!!

  5. DeGrinningGranny

    wow i liked that idea of yrs..cook twice a week,,stuff it in the fridge..but wonder wat exactly do u cook and can use it for the whole week? if u hav nethin veggie thing inculded in that ..lemme know! but u like candies n stuff a m sure that helps wid the cookin pangs a bit i guess??
    u sure wud hav been a notorious one! that..yr occupation n u explainin abt it to me tells it all.. :oP
    i heard u were not keepin well..hope u doin alrite now!

  6. cunning,smart and cheekyy!!

  7. i\’m happy you dropped in.. please keep the comments flowin…
    i haven\’t had time tp go thru u\’r profile in detail….
    hopin to do so by the end of this weekend

  8. paul cohelo chai na…plz..
    maramari, dhishum dishum ala boi chai..

  9. man tat was awesome!!! looking forward to more "history"

    btw… u ll find more abt her in my space\’s people list. Some fool I am.

  10. Wat I used to do was just smile and peck that maali in my daadi\’s aambagaan. He was under the impression that I was some phoren returned kudi, with those jeans et al!! If only Bisarjan knew better… But yeah, ur idea was good…Had used it in the Chemi lab in school coz I couldn stand the H2S experiment…And also did tht heat-thin-testtube-n-put-under-cold-water-nalka-so-it-bursts-with-an-explosion…so much funn.. and yes, no one knew who did it, n coz I was a sardarni, noone thought I\’d come up with it. Aah..the joys of racial discrimination I tell yweu..Blah

  11. gime a break from literature
    visit my space yaar

  12. hey give me your gmail id if you have one and the ost for narnia will be send right over for your childish listening pleasures…;)

  13. I thougt i was bad. Well, i have company dont i?

  14. are moonlit bubbles now…??

  15. DeGrinningGranny

    aww man! coughin n all..i hope by now u must b up n runnin i hope! its been somtime u left a msg on my space..i guess i still cant do wid cookin just twice a week! n moreover m havin my lunch outside.(note* wid my money :o) ) so m doin better now i guess..half of the tension is gone! where hav u disappeared btw?

  16. ahh mischief. something i love to do on a regular basis.

  17. where did u get this idea :S
    but i liked the rubbing salt on the injury 😀

  18. Literature???where did you come up with literature…oh well anyways thnx fr the suggestions…to an extent i do enforce those on myself(what you said)…but then i guess ive jjust started growing..thats what im saying here….tha like if starte maturing and OH MAMA !!im gonna make full use of it yeah don worry FULL USE ….neways visit my spce thought of the week up…ciao ciao

  19. as i type the gmail is opening and your ost will be at your err webstep???
    sardarni??? hmm no comments…. i do not feel bad about face… ppl got it wrong..i jst hve this wierd fear of someone else taking my snaps…it usually turns out horrible …. so those are ones i took myself …. with the help of a computer and a webcam… to try and get rid of tht habit… cuz my frenz and relatives find it annoying when i just cant pose like a normal human being… thats all… but i will consider your mask bout a brown paper bag over my head??;)

  20. **dArK pRiNcEsS**

    umm fanks for droppin by well u have a kool space love ur writing.. well hope to be in touch laterzz take care xxpeacexx

  21. power cuts in summers can be terrible i tell you!

  22. and shhhhh…

  23. Man that was funny blimey. You ppl have life in you. Give my blog a visit. I made a few entries.

  24. mischevious huh…:-)!!
    Nice post…

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