Mischief Mongers Inc. – The Foreword

Down after an excellent weekend. Old friend fever came visiting! He is one friend who never left me. Got so used to him that his minor visits has stopped bothering me. Its only when he decided to really party with me at 103 F + that I have to stay with him.

Anyways, this time round even my home net connection failed me; so was feeling soooo left out that I decided to come to office. Its mayhem over here. One day I am not here, boss was about to leave on his Europe trip, so gave him all the stuff I prepared, and checked on all the bachchhas; they were having party (literally behind me!). Once everything were brought to order it was already midweek.

Then, it started. A bad taste in mouth (because of the fever stuff); blocked nose (cant even enjoy a good fag!), and a sudden lull at work. So the urge to bring the good taste came back. Tried having a load full of sweets from the shop beside; yet it was not back. Suddenly looking at those children playing in the park, brought back some memories. Memories of a prankster, the undisputed head of Mischief Mongers Inc. And with those memories, I don’t know when I started smiling all by myself. I am sure this is one person, my blog friends have not met. In fact all my posts and comments have somehow given me an image of a very serious, may be romantic, broken heart poor-thing? Have been awarded the title of “Borus” too (oh – I gracefully accept that!). But – there was, and still is hidden somewhere in there, a person who was master of mischief. So I decided to start this section. Though there are so many that I can start a whole new blog with them, but decided to grace this space with them instead.

So, where do I start it from? May be from the very beginning? The oldest memories? Now this can be a non-chronological thing. Will put them as and when they come to mind, this is my space after all. And all those deeds are worth recording someplace.

6 responses to “Mischief Mongers Inc. – The Foreword

  1. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Hey there..Horus dada, I hope you\’re feeling better now. Was occupied with assignments, hence I couldnt take time out to visit your space. Btw, its true that there is always a child within us. A part that always yearns to join the kids playing a game of cricket being played on the gullies, a part that wants to try out the video in town…and I believe its an ongoing process wherein one part of our body keeps ageing and the other part at the same time, keeps trying to hold it back, by trying to remain young all the time.


  2. WOW…horus..
    Tash goru ,goru noy
    asholete pakhi se
    jar khushi dekhe eso
    haruder office e.
    take care


  3. aha you were a naughty boy?
    ya i kinda thought u were not the angel u appeared to be :D..none of these appear to be angelic people are angels (apart from me ofcourse lolol ) now take M for example 😀
    was busy studying so didn\’t have time to comment on Borus..who is not so boring afterall 😀 😛


  4. where did you get "tash goru"?


  5. ahh M is an angel 😛
    she\’s the angel in a red saree haha 😀
    (she\’ll kill me if she reads this lol)


  6. yea, sure did, read it many times and liked it those many times too! and will go and read it once more after i write here  = )
    Prankster huh? well…..i\’ve done some super masti in my time, those days were the best! Ur right, those days must be relived……they always remind me to not get too uptight or serious! Wud be mighty super to read ur tales of mischief! (Y)
    To friends……cheeers!!! They DO stick more, betta, and longer, without da pressure of a lovey dovey inclination! Coffeee for me…exam tomorrow : P…pick ur poison……and cheeers! = )
    tc, cya,


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