So, the much awaited weekend is here after a 14 hours a day week…whew! So two "Chronicals" on Saturday – Narnia at hall and Riddick at HBO. Preparing the CEOs presentation for europian clients at night, sleep (sweet sleep) till 12 noon on Sunday, and now Cook food for the next three days (Machher Jhol, Baked Pomfret, mixed veg and Rajma), while minding the washing machine washing the week’s cloths and a bit of cleanup. Need to complete all this by 3, so that I get a much needed charging of my batteries with "Just for Laugh – Marathon" and a inconsequential india-pak match… a new high voltage week ahead.

23 responses to “Weekend!!

  1. me here only…just a bit lost! lol been busy like nuthin as usual…this weekend brought along a gr8 amnt of relief..but i guess i wud b updatin only on weekends now..no chances of updates on weekdays..just dont get time!
    m doin the same as u on this weekend..almost the same yeah..but its like almost over now! hee…so weird!
    not able to keep up wid the same commentin pace as i used to hav..

  2. I just watched chronicles of Riddick…It was nice given that I dont like action movies or vin diesel all that much..
    Anyways,hope u had a rocking weekend,monday tomm:(…wth!?
    We cooked too..yayy! Rice and dal and salad and other scrambled eggs,I ate the eggs cause my guy had made them but am still allergic,but since he mad ethem wth!
    See ya tomm.
    Take care:)

  3. they couldnt figure out what was wrong.. rather i have lupus but they were convinced its tb. so they went and did every test under the sun.. tumor huh? wow. hope all is well now?

  4. already seen narnia..loved it…am dl ing the dvd rip now.
    blessed weekend…enjoy.

  5. how can you sound so in spirits for the week ahead. beats me.

  6. hmmm….well absolutely..ind pak match was just so amazing…. i cant forget the way dhoni slammed sami… man it was fun watchin it… 2 sixes in a row… wow…. 2 4s in a row…cool… 77 of 53 balls… unbeatable….
    so howwa that presentation …hope it went fine…chronicles…hmmm its a nice one..and worth watching it…i m starting band of bros on dvd… watching 1st epi now…
    so how the things goin…saurabh

  7. Haven\’t seen Narnia…. 😦
    Hardly have time. All the best for the week ahead.

    Chronicles of Riddick aagey dekhechhi…

  8. woah! u cooked all that? 🙂 awesome.

  9. din see both. bah! i added few more to tat heady mix.. though not of murphy this time.
    u r living alone now? aaaah.. bliss.. i don mind doing all that!

  10. feeling better?
    how much paint do you want?

  11. Hi…
    I saw Narnia yesterday. Real good movie tht one. Hated da witch, loved da lion!!! U must, must watch it!
    And more than one 7 star hotel??! Well, wht do ya knw, many more ppl with more money than they knw wht to do wid i guess!!!!! Can u imagine da kinda money these hotels must gobble up!!! Gosh!!!!
    hope ur weeekend was super!!!
    = ),

  12. ayeee…. slow dowm den !! get well sooon…

  13. secret between u and me I have tried the moonbathing… full moonbathing too… counting those stars … with… ahem ahem !!

  14. hmmm…. you cook AND clean…
    i am IMPRESSED!!
    whts your number???;p our maid just deserted us….j/k
    hallo old horus old boy old borus… you hve to send me the recipies of the above mentioned items….the id is on my blog under diss the claimers….
    soooo how was narnia?? i adore the music…got the whole ost with me right now…its tuessssday and only two more days for the weekend….yippeeeee 😉

  15. yes u could say im home bound. and i dont know how long its going to be. i can move around a bit. it could be worse.. !

  16. how are you now? feeling better..
    tc & hugs

  17. firstly i appologise for not having visited at all these past few weeks, things have been odd around here.
    any way, the story was to point out that her way was death, that life need not necessarily always be the only thing in store for us. though we make our own destinies, there are always many things lying in wait for us to accomplish. she gave up a lot of that joy and happiness because of social restrictions. letting that get in the way of a fuller life wasn\’t an excuse, but only another way of seeing things.
    any way , you weren\’t really rambling, mere concern was the point and the point was taken. thanks.
    for now, take care n caio

  18. ah.. experienced campaigner eh??? nice list for marriage… 😛

  19. guruji … tussi great ho 
    tumi ashombov re indrada 
    ki shundor kolpana tomar
    hats off.

  20. ya always so much to do on weekends 😦
    cant each day of the weekend be 72 hours 😦

  21. Horus what delicacies you cook!! Chomp chomp!
    So Indra doing good na
    take care

  22. match was fun…but the week is over isnt it??

  23. i understand…just got out of there and its been a week. And hey two more days and we will be in next weekend.
    Hmm…weekend. Sweet Weekend!! I even like the sound of it 🙂

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