Life – this one or that one?

He came down from his fourth floor office to take a smoke.
Took out the white stick, lit it and then aimed the little wax matchstick into
the small hole on the sidewalk. The matchstick landed on its end, on the
perimeter of the hole and bounced out. He aimed it perfectly, all the other
butts of cigarette of others have landed in, but his small matchstick failed to
go in.

Why didn’t it go in? Is this an indication of his life? Will
all his sincere efforts come back from the edge of success? Is this what future
holds for him?

Come on, that’s not life. Its just a hole on the pavement.
Look in front. Look at the burkha clad girl coming out of the college, look at
her eyes. Though society has barred her from connecting with the world, she
devouring it all with her crystal gaze. That’s life for you.

But look at the smoke coming out of the light between my
fingers. Isnt it what I am doing to my life? Isn’t my life going all out into
that smoke? Wont it be soon that only few pieces of ash that will remain of me?

Why worry about the smoke and ash when you still have fire
burning? You are giving pleasure with that fire. Look beside you again… the
toddler in her sparkling pink dress, wobbles on her tiny legs, goes and sits
beside the naked son of the sweeper. Both playing with the empty pack of
cigarette and the rock, while both their mothers are busy. Do they mind what
life has in store for them? Does the dust they are sitting on bother them?

But isn’t that important, to think about where we are
headed? Isn’t it a result of all the dust that has settled down on us from our

<>If that’s so, then why is that cobbler still smiling while
mending the lady’s slipper while she bargains with the fruit vendor? Is he
bothered about the dirt stained legs of his or his hair that’s grayed by the
dust? Aren’t we supposed to enact our parts in this drama of life? Don’t we all
know that it’s a comedy we are in. Happiness at the end has been announced in
the very beginning. We have the choice, the choice to take up our role, but we
know the ending – the ending of joy. If we stick to our role till the end, that
is. Those who forgot their lines, has been booed out of the show, eliminated
from the act; they won’t be able to see the end of the act.  But we who are enacting, and chosen to keep
on delivering our part will see the end.

The cigarette has ended; he throws the butt to the ground,
quashes it with his foot, and kicks it towards the hole. The butt slides on the
pavement. Its moving too fast, he thinks, wont make it this time too! The butt
flies over the hole, bounces off the stick jutting out of the hole and neatly
lands inside.

16 responses to “Life – this one or that one?

  1. I agree  with u  that we all have a role to play,but life gives us oppurtunities to change our role if we get bored .or do not like the role, we are playing.The key to turn our life as we want to is in our very own hands ,but mostly we like to assume that the key is with somebody else or we even think that we have lost the key. The end of the play should be what we intended  it to be and not what we are led to believe it should be. Correct me if I am wrong. Rama Ananth .   (thanks for visiting my space)


  2. finally someones comment made me smile. thank u. the paperplanes sound like a good idea. im going to throw some out my window. besides tha im making a painting. really weird one. if i can get over my laziness that is.


  3. everyone plays a role…some chose it on there own others have it thrust upon them…but no body escapes…"all the worlds a stage…etc .etc.
    tomay add request pathiyechi..add kore niyo…ami kintu sudhu rattire online thaki…dine na….boi pathabe..just great…light..light..akhon ami sudhu mar dhar se bharpur..mysteries, thrillers ei sob porchi..
    ami M.P er ekta choto town e thaki….1-2 english bookshop tara sudhu mills & boons type er boi bikri kore and amar boka kheye kheye 3-4 month pore pore 1-2 onno boi aniye day.


  4. very positive.  the butt did go in didnt it? and btw who cares for the dust or dirt or ash for that matter … daag achchein hain.


  5. dan brown and harry potter sob gulo ache….
    may be Manadela of sherlock holmes..or any william dalrymple except city of djinni\’s..
    rattire kotha hobe.


  6. the world is but a stage…and all men and women merely actors…
    i guess tht bout sums it up….;)
    hmmm masks are slowly unravelling i fear… but too many so i would probably be long gone then…
    your theory of relativity got my head reeling….
    ironic when i gave up on talking bout life for a come up with the topic…. but thts life…
    ironic and moronic…. at least for me it is…


  7. U always leave the most encouraging comment thinking I aim everything at you:P
    Why do u think that when i loved this piece of urs and have almost always loved ur poems and ramblings?
    the cigarette and its smoke has engulfed many a lives, like a  sautan lol!
    Anyways,you\’ve alwys reached out to me in my times of needs o dear horus,pls continue being by my side, its strangely comforting…
    I also read ur list below…Your atrotious bargains,all women bargain,arre bhai if u dont bargain,you\’ll end up getting duped!:P
    Its really cute….
    Hoping for such awesum posts frm u.and encouaging words too.
    Take care:)


  8. Hahahah! Thats a very clever idea O\’Horus:P


  9. is everybody tired of playing the role they were given or is just me?


  10. role-play(no pun intended) lol lol……great entry ….peace.


  11. Arcopol Chaudhuri

    Great lines those, where you mention about life being a play with everyone given our own roles. Couldn\’t agree more. Yup…surely the roles are decided and its about how we play the part. I\’d like to add to what you just wrote about here. Even though we\’ve been assigned our roles, there is always room for changing into other roles – maybe through progress, robbery and other anti-social elements…However life in the end will surely conclude in ashes.Brilliant post. I\’m becoming quite a fan of yours now, dada. The last one was touching too and can\’t help but ask for more. Cheers! Bhalo theko.


  12. Saturday night and everything is going over my head. But i guess its a stage and we are merely actors like Pixie said. Everyone has a role. You get up in the morning, go to work, stay late and come back. You do it every other day. The person driving a car beside you does the same but only in a different way. But he plays his role. The cleaner in your office – she may have low esteem but over offices will stink without her. If you stop, you will be replaced by someone else. I had the same thought other day while driving back from work. I will do mine, get paid, marry, raise a family and die. Its a cycle and we all are part of it.
    And mate, i know the evil of holding more responsibility. Yes, everyone has right for information. That day was a longish short of day and hence my rambling. But dont i love my work?? 😛


  13. the scars are real yes. i mean why would i talk of fake ones? a laproscopy.. well u should look it up on the net. its a surgery they do to look into ur stomach.


  14. Hello…………Hows u doing??????
    Take Care…..


  15. I just wanted to sendyou a cheery hello, touched with a littlebit of sunshine, to let you know thatyou\’re in my thoughts.
    I hope all is going wellin your flower garden!!!!
    God Bless


  16. u survived that "gobi ka phool" episode???? man!!!


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